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Where Same As It Ever Was Ended...Live and Die 4 Hip Hop Begins!


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For your contributions to Hip Hop music related articles. Keep up the good work. OlEnglish (talk) 23:22, 3 February 2009 (UTC)
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Articles Created[edit]

  1. Music for the People- Album by Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch
  2. Legend- EP By House of Pain
  3. You Gotta Believe- Album by Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch
  4. Prime Time- Album by Deion Sanders
  5. Sway & King Tech- Hip Hop Duo
  6. BWP- American rap group
  7. Represent- Album by Compton's Most Wanted
  8. Shade Business- Album by PMD
  9. Business is Business- Album by PMD
  10. Six- Album By Whodini
  11. The Awakening- Album by PMD
  12. Shaq-Fu: Da Return- Album by Shaq
  13. You Can't Stop the Reign- Album by Shaq
  14. Respect- Album by Shaq
  15. Make It Reign- Album by Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz
  16. The Encore Remix- Album by Deion Sanders
  17. 2 Much Drama- Album by Chris Webber
  18. Best of Kris Kross Remixed '92 '94 '96- Album by Kris Kross
  19. Gonna Make U Jump- Album by Kris Kross
  20. Concrete Jungle- Album by Sway & King Tech
  21. This or That- Album by Sway & King Tech
  22. Make Way For the Motherlode- Album by Yo-Yo
  23. Black Pearl- Album by Yo-Yo
  24. You Better Ask Somebody- Album by Yo-Yo
  25. Total Control- Album By Yo-Yo
  26. Bad Newz Travels Fast- Album by DJ Pooh
  27. Back 2 Basics- Album by Sway & King Tech
  28. Classic- Album by Eric B. & Rakim
  29. Move Somethin'- Album by 2 Live Crew
  30. Last Man Standing- Album by MC Eiht
  31. When We Wuz Bangin' 1989-1999: The Hitz- Album by Compton's Most Wanted
  32. Undrafted- Album by Troy Hudson
  33. Steel- Soundtrack for Steel
  34. Bag-a-Trix- Album by Whodini
  35. Whodini- Album By Whodini
  36. Middle Finger U- Album by Sauce Money
  37. Hispanic Causing Panic- Album by Kid Frost
  38. East Side Story- Album by Kid Frost
  39. Smile Now, Die Later- Album by Frost
  40. When Hell.A. Freezes Over- Album by Frost
  41. Still Up In This Shit- Album by Frost
  42. New Funky Nation- Album by Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E.
  43. West Koastra Nostra- Album by Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E.
  44. I Got It Goin' On- Single by Tone Loc
  45. Who's the Man?- Single by House of Pain
  46. Pioneers- Album by Spice 1 & MC Eiht
  47. Keep It Gangsta- Album by Spice 1 & MC Eiht
  48. Live in Concert- Album by 2 Live Crew
  49. Latin Alliance- Album by Latin Alliance
  50. Chief Boot Knocka- Album by Sir Mix-a-Lot
  51. Return of the Bumpasaurus- Album by Sir Mix-a-Lot
  52. Daddy's Home- Album by Sir Mix-a-Lot
  53. Brainstorm- Album by Young MC
  54. What's the Flavor?- Album by Young MC
  55. Return of the 1 Hit Wonder- Album by Young MC
  56. Ain't Goin' Out Like That- Album by Young MC
  57. Engage the Enzyme- Album by Young MC
  58. Young Black Teenagers- Album by the Young Black Teenagers
  59. Dead Enz Kidz Doin' Lifetime Bidz- Album by the Young Black Teenagers
  60. Back 2 Back Hits- Album by Vanilla Ice & MC Hammer
  61. Spiceberg Slim- Album by Spice 1
  62. Thug Disease- Album by Spice 1
  63. The Ridah- Album by Spice 1
  64. Thug Association- Album by Spice 1
  65. A Salt With a Deadly Pepa- Album by Salt-N-Pepa
  66. Blacks' Magic- Album by Salt-N-Pepa
  67. Criminal Activity- Album by The Criminalz
  68. Criminalz- American hip hop group
  69. Polo's Playhouse- Album by DJ Polo
  70. Back 'n the Day- Album by Dr. Dre
  71. Heat 4 Yo Azz- Album by Celly Cel
  72. Killa Kali- Album by Celly Cel
  73. The G Filez- Album by Celly Cel
  74. The Best of Celly Cel- Album by Celly Cel
  75. Deep Conversation- Album by Celly Cel
  76. It'z Real Out Here- Album by Celly Cel
  77. Prince Ital Joe- Reggae Musician
  78. Life in the Streets- Album by Marky Mark & Prince Ital Joe
  79. The Remix Album- Album by Marky Mark & Prince Ital Joe
  80. First Round Knock Out- Album by Dr. Dre
  81. Straight Outta Compton: N.W.A 10th Anniversary Tribute- Tribute to N.W.A
  82. Take a Ride- Album by Jayo Felony
  83. Whatcha Gonna Do?- Album by Jayo Felony
  84. Underground- Album by Jayo Felony
  85. Crip Hop- Album by Jayo Felony
  86. Sugarhill Gang- Album by The Sugarhill Gang
  87. 8th Wonder- Album by Sugarhill Gang
  88. Jump On It!- Album by Sugarhill Gang
  89. Schoolly D- Album by Schoolly D
  90. Smoke Some Kill- Album by Schoolly D
  91. Am I Black Enough For You?- Album by Schoolly D
  92. How A Black Man Feels- Album by Schoolly D
  93. Welcome To America- Album by Schoolly D
  94. Reservoir Dog- Album by Schoolly D
  95. Funk 'N Pussy- Album by Schooly D
  96. Back to the Hotel- Album by N2Deep
  97. 24-7-365- Album by N2Deep
  98. The Golden State- Album by N2Deep
  99. The Rumble- Album by N2Deep
  100. The Best of N2Deep- Album by N2Deep
  101. Slightly Pimpish/Mostly Doggish- Album by N2Deep
  102. Unreleased Game 1993: The Lost Album- Album by N2Deep
  103. Warm It Up- Single by Kris Kross
  104. I Missed the Bus- Single by Kris Kross
  105. It's A Shame- Single by Kris Kross
  106. Alright- Single by Kris Kross
  107. I'm Real- Single by Kris Kross
  108. Da Bomb- Single by Kris Kross
  109. Tonite's Tha Night- Single by Kris Kross
  110. Live and Die for Hip Hop- Single by Kris Kross
  111. 360 Degrees of Power‎- Album by Sista Souljah
  112. The Bytches- Album by Bytches With Problems
  113. The Best of Shaquille O'Neal- Album by Shaquille O'Neal
  114. Kazaam- Soundtrack by Shaq
  115. Gold- Album by Eric B. & Rakim
  116. Cold As Ice- Album by Charli Baltimore
  117. Da King & I- American Rap Duo
  118. Flip Da Scrip- Maxi single by Da King & I
  119. Contemporary Jeep Music- Album by Da King & I
  120. X-Pressions- Album by The X-Ecutioners
  121. Scratchology- Album by X-Ecutioners
  122. Revolutions- Album by X-Ecutioners
  123. Muzical Madness- Album by Jimmy Z
  124. Living Large- Album by Heavy D & the Boyz
  125. Big Tyme- Album by Heavy D & the Boyz
  126. Peaceful Journey- Album by Heavy D & the Boyz
  127. Blue Funk- Album by Heavy D & the Boyz
  128. Nuttin' But Love- Album by Heavy D & the Boyz
  129. Waterbed Hev- Album by Heavy D
  130. Heavy- Album by Heavy D
  131. Heavy Hitz- Album by Heavy D & the Boyz
  132. Ain't No Shame in My Game- Album by Candyman
  133. Playtime is Over- Album by Candyman
  134. I Thought U Knew- Album by Candyman
  135. Phukk Watcha Goin' Thru- Album by Candyman
  136. Knockin' Boots 2001: A Sex Odyssey- Album by Candyman
  137. Platinum Hits- Album by Candyman
  138. One Track Mind- Album by Egyptian Lover
  139. Filthy- Album by Egyptian Lover
  140. King of Ecstasy- Album by Egyptian Lover
  141. Back from the Tomb- Album by Egyptian Lover
  142. Pyramix- Album by Egyptian Lover
  143. Get Into It- Album by Egyptian Lover
  144. Platinum Pyramids- Album by Egyptian Lover
  145. Jewel of the Nile- Album by Nice & Smooth
  146. Blazing Hot, Vol. 4‎- Album by Nice & Smooth
  147. Penthouse Players Clique- Rap Group
  148. Paid the Cost- Album by Penthouse Players Clique
  149. Layin' Hands‎- Album by Playa Hamm
  150. Cha-Licious- Album by Menajahtwa
  151. All Through the Night- Song by Tone Loc
  152. Are U Xperienced?- Album by Yomo & Maulkie
  153. Whoomp! (There It Is): The Album- Album by Tag Team
  154. Audio Entertainment- Album by Tag Team
  155. The Best of Tag Team- Album by Tag Team
  156. Here Come the Lords- Album by Lords of the Underground
  157. Keepers of the Funk‎- Album by Lords of the Underground
  158. Resurrection- Album by Lords of the Underground
  159. House of Lords- Album by Lords of the Underground
  160. H.W.A.- Female Rap Group
  161. Livin' in a Hoe House- Album by H.W.A.
  162. Az Much Ass Azz U Want- EP by H.W.A.
  163. Power of a Woman- Album by Tairrie B
  164. Martin Lawrence Live Talkin' Shit!- Album by Martin Lawrence
  165. Funk It- Album by Martin Lawrence
  166. How Could It Be- Album by Eddie Murphy
  167. So Happy- Album by Eddie Murphy
  168. Love's Alright- Album by Eddie Murphy
  169. Greatest Comedy Hits- Album by Eddie Murphy
  170. All I Fuckin' Know- Album by Eddie Murphy
  171. II D Extreme- Album by II D Extreme
  172. From I Extreme II Another- Album by II D Extreme
  173. Matthew- Album by Kool Keith
  174. Spankmaster- Album by Kool Keith
  175. Niggaz4Life: The Only Home Video- Film by N.W.A
  176. Game- Album by Kool Keith
  177. The Personal Album- Album by Kool Keith
  178. In High Definition- Album Kool Keith
  179. Sex Style: The Un-Released Archives- Album by Kool Keith
  180. Diesel Truckers- Album by Kool Keith & Kutmasta Kurt
  181. Kool Keith Presents Thee Undatakerz- Album by Thee Undatakerz
  182. Thee Undatakerz- Rap Group
  183. Clayborne Family- Album by the Clayborne Family
  184. The Clayborne Family- Rap Group
  185. Pawns in the Game- Album by Professor Griff
  186. Kao's II Wiz-7-Dome- Album by Professor Griff
  187. Disturb N Tha Peace- Album by Professor Griff
  188. And The Word Became Flesh- Album by Professor Griff
  189. Hung Jury- Album by Michel'le
  190. The Player's Club (soundtrack)
  191. Muscles- Album by Mele Mel
  192. Right Now- Album by Mele Mel & Scorpio
  193. Soulful Fruit- Album by Rob Swift
  194. The Ablist- Album by Rob Swift
  195. Sound Event- Album by Rob Swift
  196. Airwave Invasion- Album by Rob Swift
  197. DJ Richie Rich- DJ for 3rd Bass
  198. Who Sampled This?‎- Album by Rob Swift
  199. Under the Influence- Album by Rob Swift
  200. OuMuPo 2‎- Album by Rob Swift
  201. War Games- Album by Rob Swift
  202. Back to the Beat- Album by Rob Swift
  203. Dust to Dust- Album by Pete Nice, DJ Richie Rich
  204. Terminator X & The Valley of Jeep Beats‎- Album by Terminator X
  205. Super Bad- Album by Terminator X
  206. The Hell EP‎- EP by Gravediggaz, Tricky
  207. U.S.A.- Album by The Flatlinerz
  208. Playaz n' the Game‎- Album by JT the Bigga Figga
  209. Dwellin' in tha Labb- Album by JT the Bigga Figga
  210. Don't Stop Til We Major‎ - Album by JT the Bigga Figga
  211. Something Crucial‎- Album by JT the Bigga Figga
  212. Puttin' It on the Map‎- Album by JT the Bigga Figga
  213. Operation Takeover- Album by JT the Bigga Figga
  214. Game for Sale- Album by JT the Bigga Figga and Daz Dillinger
  215. Bay Area Bosses‎- Album by JT the Bigga Figga
  216. Gotta Get It- Album by JT the Bigga Figga, Juvenile
  217. Album by Coolio
  218. Hustle Relentless- Album by JT the Bigga Figga
  219. Project Poetry- Album by JT the Bigga Figga
  220. Neighborhood Supastarz‎ - Album by JT the Bigga Figga
  221. True Crime: Streets of LA- Video Game Soundtrack
  222. Bang'n on Wax: The Best of the Damu's- Album by Damu Ridas
  223. Bang'n on Wax: The Best of the Crips- Album by Nationwide Rip Ridaz
  224. Bloods & Crips- Hip hop group
  225. Bangin' on Wax: Greatest Hits- Album by Bloods & Crips
  226. Eyedollartree- Album by Blood of Abraham
  227. My Melody- Album by Queen Pen
  228. Conversations With Queen- Album by Queen Pen
  229. Call Me D-Nice- Album by D-Nice
  230. To tha Rescue- album by D-Nice
  231. Men of Steel
  232. 2 Hype- Album by Kid 'n Play
  233. Kid 'n Play's Funhouse- Album by Kid 'n Play
  234. Face the Nation- Album by Kid 'n Play
  235. Just Cruisin'- Single by Will Smith
  236. Any Last Werdz- Single by Eazy-E
  237. Luv 4 Dem Gangsta'z- Single by Eazy-E
  238. Explicit Game- Album by Dru Down
  239. Pimpin' Phernelia- Album by Dru Down
  240. Gangsta Pimpin'- Album by Dru Down
  241. Bootlegs & B-Sides- Album by Luniz
  242. Greatest Hits- Album by Luniz
  243. Systa- Album by Terri & Monica
  244. Suga- Album by Terri & Monica
  245. It Takes Two- Album Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock
  246. The Incredible Base- Album by Rob Base
  247. Break of Dawn- Album by Rob Basae and DJ E-Z Rock
  248. The Archive: Live, Lost & Found- Album by Rakim
  249. Young Murder Squad- Rap Group
  250. Murder Squad Nationwide- Album by South Central Cartel
  251. How We Livin'- Album by Young Murder Squad
  252. Don't B Scared- Album by Young Murder Squad
  253. Ear to the Street- Album by The Conscious Daughters
  254. Gamers- Album by The Conscious Daughters
  255. America's Most Wanted- Rap Group
  256. Criminals- Album by America's Most Wanted
  257. The Real Mobb- Album by America's Most Wanted
  258. Time's Runnin' Out- Album by Brand Nubian
  259. Sick-O- Album by 3X Krazy
  260. Stackin' Chips- Album by 3X Krazy
  261. Immortalized- Album by 3X Krazy
  262. Real Talk 2000- Album by 3X Krazy
  263. 20th Century- Album by 3X Krazy
  264. Best of 3X Krazy, Vol. 2- Album by 3X Krazy
  265. Flowamatic-9- Album by 3X Krazy
  266. Grass Roots- Album by Atban Klann
  267. Beware of Those- Album by JT the Bigga Figga & Mac Mall
  268. Roc Raida- World Famous DJ
  269. The Adventures Of Roc Raida ...One Too Many!- Album by Roc Raida
  270. Crossfaderz- Album by Roc Raida
  271. We Them Niggas- Album by Roc Raida
  272. Champion Sounds- Album by Roc Raida
  273. Rock Phenomenon- Album by Roc Raida
  274. Beats, Cuts and Skits- Album by Roc Raida
  275. Soul Food- Album by Def Jef
  276. Gang Affiliated- Album by Gospel Gangstaz
  277. Do or Die- Album by Gospel Gangstaz
  278. I Can See Clearly Now- Album by Gospel Gangstaz
  279. The Exodus- Album by Gospel Gangstaz
  280. All Mixed Up- Album by Gospel Gangstaz
  281. The Flood- Album by Gospel Gangstaz
  282. Good Girl Gone Bad- Album by Mia X
  283. Unlady Like- Album by Mia X
  284. Mama Drama- Album by Mia X
  285. Wrecks-N-Effect- Album by Wreckx-n-Effect
  286. Hard or Smooth- Album by Wreckx-n-Effect
  287. Raps New Generation- Album by Wreckx-n-Effect
  288. Boxcar Sessions- Album by Saafir
  289. Trigonometry- Album by Saafir
  290. Ghetto Twiinz- Rap Duo
  291. Surrounded By Criminals- Album by Ghetto Twiinz
  292. In That Water- Album by Ghetto Twiinz
  293. No Pain No Gain- Album by Ghetto Twiinz
  294. Got It on My Mind- Album by Ghetto Twiinz
  295. I'm Bad- Single by LL Cool J
  296. Go Cut Creator Go‎- Single by LL Cool J
  297. Hey Lover‎- Single by LL Cool J
  298. Doin It‎- Single by LL Cool J
  299. 6 Minutes of Pleasure‎- Single by LL Cool J
  300. The Boomin' System- Single by LL Cool J
  301. I'm That Type of Guy‎ - Single by LL Cool J
  302. Back Seat (Of My Jeep)‎- Single by LL Cool J
  303. Pink Cookies In a Plastic Bag Getting Crushed By Buildings- Single by LL Cool J
  304. Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?- Single by LL Cool J
  305. Stand By Your Man- Single by LL Cool J
  306. Deepest Bluest‎- Single by LL Cool J
  307. How I'm Comin'‎- Single by LL Cool J
  308. One Shot at Love‎- Single by LL Cool J
  309. Unforgiven- Album by X-Raided
  310. Vengeance Is Mine- Album by X-Raided
  311. The Initiation- Album by X-Raided
  312. And He Shall Appear- Album by X-Raided
  313. X-Ology: The Best of X-Raided- Album by X-Raided
  314. Deadly Game- Album by X-Raided
  315. These Walls Can Talk- Album by X-Raided
  316. City of Kings- Album by X-Raided
  317. Troubled Man- Album by X-Raided
  318. The X-Filez, Vol. 1- Album by X-Raided
  319. The X-Filez, Vol. 2- Album by X-Raided
  320. The X-Filez, Vol. 3- Album by X-Raided
  321. Big Ole Butt- Single by LL Cool J
  322. Strictly Business- Single by LL Cool J
  323. Loungin- Single by LL Cool J
  324. Jingling Baby- Single by LL Cool J
  325. To Da Break of Dawn- Single by LL Cool J
  326. Ain't Nobody- Single by LL Cool J
  327. 4, 3, 2, 1- Single by LL Cool J
  328. Father- Single by LL Cool J
  329. Imagine That- Single by LL Cool J
  330. Shut 'Em Down- Single by LL Cool J
  331. You and Me- Single by LL Cool J
  332. Amazin'- Single by LL Cool J
  333. Headsprung- Single by LL Cool J
  334. Freeze- Single by LL Cool J
  335. I Can't Live Without My Radio- Single by LL Cool J
  336. I Need A Beat- Single by LL Cool J
  337. I Can Give You More- Single by LL Cool J
  338. Rock the Bells- Single by LL Cool J
  339. You'll Rock- Single by LL Cool J
  340. It's LL And Santana- Single by LL Cool J
  341. Candy- Single by LL Cool J
  342. Hot Hot Hot- Single by LL Cool J
  343. Violator: The Album- Album by Violator Records
  344. Violator: The Album, V2.0- Album by Violator Records
  345. Say What- Single by LL Cool J
  346. Put Your Hands Up- Single by LL Cool J
  347. Blink Blink- Single by LL Cool J
  348. The Minister of Defense- Album by Mac Minister
  349. Criminal Nation- Rap Group
  350. Release the Pressure- Album by Criminal Nation
  351. Trouble in the Hood- Album by Criminal Nation
  352. Resurrection- Album by Criminal Nation
  353. Call Me a Mack- Single by Usher Raymond
  354. 11/5- Rap Group
  355. Fiendin' 4 tha Funk- Album by 11/5
  356. A-1 Yola- Album by 11/5
  357. Bootlegs & G-Sides- Album by 11/5
  358. The Overdose- Album by 11/5
  359. Bootlegs & G-Sides, Vol. 2‎- Album by 11/5
  360. After the Drama- Album by 11/5
  361. We Are The Luniz- Album by Luniz
  362. A Tear for the Ghetto- Album by Group Home
  363. The New Jim Jones- Album by Dre Dog
  364. I Hate You With a Passion- Album by Dre Dog
  365. Cocaine Raps- Album by Andre Nickatina
  366. Raven in My Eyes- Album by Andre Nickatina
  367. Tears of a Clown- Album by Andre Nickatina
  368. Daiquiri Factory: Cocaine Raps, Vol. 2‎ - Album by Andre Nickatina
  369. These R the Tales- Album by Andre Nickatina
  370. Unreleased- Album by Andre Nickatina
  371. Hell's Kitchen- Album by Andre Nickatine
  372. Midnight Machine Gun Rhymes and Alibis- Album by Andre Nickatina
  373. Conversation with a Devil- Album by Andre Nickatina
  374. Bullets, Blunts In Ah Big Bankroll‎- Album by Andre Nickatina
  375. The Gift- Album by Andre Nickatina
  376. Horns and Halos- Album by Andre Nickatina
  377. Gun-Mouth 4 Hire: Horns and Halos, Vol. 2‎- Album by Andre Nickatina
  378. Bullet Symphony: Horns and Halos 3‎- Album by Andre Nickatina
  379. Booty Star: Glock Tawk- Album by Andre Nickatina
  380. Dana Dane with Fame- Album by Dana Dane
  381. Dana Dane 4 Ever- Album by Dana Dane
  382. Rollin' Wit Dana Dane- Album by Dana Dane
  383. Best of Dana Dane- Album by Dana Dane
  384. Young Soldierz- Album by Young Soldierz
  385. What More Can I Say?- Album by Audio Two
  386. I Don't Care: The Album- Album by Audio Two
  387. Mr. Lunasicc- Album by Lunasicc
  388. A Million Words, A Million Dollars- Album by Lunasicc
  389. Total Recall- Album by Luni Coleone
  390. In the Mouth of Madness- Album by Luni Coleone
  391. Album by Luni Coleone
  392. Ground Xero- Album by Ill Insanity
  393. Back Up Off Me!- Album by Doctor Dre & Ed Lover
  394. Weightless- Album by The Skinny Boys
  395. Skinny (They Can't Get Enough)- Album by The Skinny Boys
  396. Skinny & Proud- Album by The Skinny Boys
  397. Sean T- Rapper & Producer
  398. Straight from the Streets- Album by Sean T
  399. Pimp Lyrics & Dollar Signs- Album by Sean T
  400. Heated- Album by Sean T
  401. Can I Shine?- Album by Sean T
  402. Familiar Ground- Album by Sean T
  403. Terrain Boss- Album by Sean T
  404. Ain't Playin'- Album by Sean T
  405. PSD- Rapper
  406. Game Costs- Album by PSD
  407. Bread Head- Album by PSD
  408. What It Is- Album by PSD
  409. You Ain't Heard of Me?- Album by PSD
  410. The Guru- Album by PSD
  411. PSD Classic- Album by PSD
  412. Da Bidness- Album by PSD, Keak da Sneak & Messy Marv
  413. The Treacherous Three- Album by Treacherous Three
  414. Turn It Up- Album by Treacherous Three
  415. Totally Insane- Rap Group
  416. Goin' Insane- Album by Totally Insane
  417. Direct from the Backstreet- Album by Totally Insane
  418. Backstreet Life‎- Album by Totally Insane
  419. Totally Insane- Album by Totally Insane
  420. Da Game of Life- Album by Totally Insane
  421. Funk Mobb- Rap Group
  422. It Ain't 4 Play- Album by Funk Mobb
  423. Hoodratz- Rap Group
  424. Sneeke Muthafukaz- Album by Hoodratz
  425. Use What U Got 2 Get What U Want- Album by Hoodratz
  426. Dual Committee- Album by 3X Krazzy
  427. Underground Connections- Album by PMD & DJ Honda
  428. PNC 3- Album by Partners-N-Crime
  429. Whatcha Wanna Do?- Album by Partners-N-Crime
  430. Duck Tape'n- Album by Partners-N-Crime
  431. We Be Hound'n- Album by Partners-N-Crime
  432. World Premiere- Album by Partners-N-Crime
  433. Club Bangaz- Album by Partners-N-Crime
  434. Who's Da Killer?- Album by TRU
  435. Understanding the Criminal Mind- Album by TRU
  436. True- Album by TRU
  437. Tru 2 da Game- Album by TRU
  438. Da Crime Family- Album by TRU
  439. The Truth- Album by TRU
  440. The Best of TRU- Album by TRU
  441. Eyes on This- Album by MC Lyte
  442. Act Like You Know- Album by MC Lyte
  443. Ain't No Other- Album by MC Lyte
  444. Bad As I Wanna B- Album by MC Lyte
  445. Seven & Seven- Album by MC Lyte
  446. Badder Than B-Fore- Album by MC Lyte
  447. The Very Best of MC Lyte- Album by MC Lyte
  448. Da Undaground Heat, Vol. 1‎- Album by MC Lyte
  449. The Shit I Never Dropped- Album by MC Lyte
  450. Rhyme Masters- Album by MC Lyte
  451. MC Breed & DFC- Album by MC Breed & DFC
  452. 20 Below- Album by MC Breed
  453. The New Breed- Album by MC Breed
  454. Funkafied- Album by MC Breed
  455. Big Baller- Album by MC Breed
  456. The Best of Breed- Album by MC Breed
  457. To Da Beat Ch'all- Album by MC Breed
  458. Saucy- Album by MC Breed
  459. Flatline- Album by MC Breed
  460. It's All Good- Album by MC Breed
  461. 2 for the Show- Album by MC Breed
  462. The Thugz, Vol. 1- Album by MC Breed
  463. Rare Breed- Album MC Breed
  464. The Fharmacist- Album by MC Breed
  465. Chopped and Screwed- Album by MC Breed
  466. The Mix Tape- Album by MC Breed
  467. The Hits- Album by MC Breed
  468. Tryin' to Get a Buck‎- Album by B-Legit
  469. Hemp Museum- Album by B-Legit
  470. Hempin' Ain't Easy- Album by B-Legit
  471. Hard 2 B-Legit- Album by B-Legit
  472. Block Movement- Album by B-Legit
  473. Throwblock Muzic- Album by B-Legit
  474. A Lesson to Be Learned- Album by RBL Posse
  475. Ruthless by Law- Album by RBL Posse
  476. An Eye for an Eye (album)- Album by RBL Posse
  477. Bootlegs & Bay Shit: The Resume- Album by RBL Posse
  478. Hostile Takeover (album)- Album by RBL Posse
  479. It's All Bad- Album by Big Lurch
  480. Domino- Album by Domino
  481. Physical Funk- Album by Domino
  482. D-Freaked It- Album by Domino
  483. The Riddler- Single by Method Man
  484. Brown & Proud- Album by A Lighter Shade of Brown
  485. Hip Hop Locos- Album by A Lighter Shade of Brown
  486. Layin' in the Cut- Album by A Lighter Shade of Brown
  487. A Lighter Shade of Brown- Album by A Lighter Shade of Brown
  488. If You Could See Inside Me- Album by A Lighter Shade of Brown
  489. Greatests Hits- Album by A Lighter Shade of Brown
  490. Mystikal- Album by Mystikal
  491. Prince of the South... The Hits- Album by Mystikal
  492. Chopped & Screwed- Album by Mystikal
  493. How the West Was One- Album by Cali Agents
  494. Head of the State- Album by Cali Agents
  495. Fire & Ice- Album by Cali Agents
  496. Who?- Album by Tony! Toni! Toné!
  497. The Revival‎- Album by Tony! Toni! Toné!
  498. Sons of Soul‎- Album by Tony! Toni! Toné!
  499. House of Music- Album by Tony! Toni! Toné!
  500. Hits- Album by Tony! Toni! Toné!
  501. 7 Sins- Album by Kane & Abel
  502. Am I My Brother's Keeper‎- Album by Kane & Abel
  503. Rise to Power- Album by Kane & Abel
  504. Most Wanted- Album by Kane & Abel
  505. ‎The Last Ones Left- Album by Kane & Abel
  506. Welcome Home- Album by Kane & Abel
  507. Street Legends: The Underground Tapes- Album by Kane & Abel
  508. Lords of the Street- Film starring DMX
  509. Death Toll- Film starring DMX
  510. The Biz Never Sleeps- Album by Biz Markie
  511. I Need a Haircut‎- Album by Biz Markie
  512. All Samples Cleared!‎- Album by Biz Markie
  513. Biz's Baddest Beats- Album by Biz Markie
  514. On the Turntable- Album by Biz Markie
  515. On the Turntable 2- Album by Biz Markie
  516. Greatest Hits- Album by Biz Markie
  517. Weekend Warrior- Album by Biz Markie
  518. Make the Music with Your Mouth, Biz‎- Album by Biz Markie
  519. Scout's Honor... By Way of Blood- Album by Rampage
  520. Night Life- Album by Outsidaz
  521. Westside Story- Album by The Game
  522. Sneakacydal- Album by Keak da Sneak
  523. Hi-Tek- Album by Keak da Sneak
  524. The Appearances of Keak da Sneak- Album by Keak da Sneak
  525. Retaliation- Album by Keak da Sneak
  526. The Farm Boyz- Album by Keak da Sneak
  527. Copium- Album by Keak da Sneak
  528. Counting Other Peoples Money- Album by Keak da Sneak
  529. Keak da Sneak- Album by Keak da Sneak
  530. Town Business- Album by Keak da Sneak
  531. That's My Word- Album by Keak da Sneak
  532. On One- Album by Keak da Sneak
  533. Contact Sport- Album by Keak da Sneak
  534. Kunta Kinte- Album by Keak da Sneak
  535. Thizz Iz Allndadoe- Album by Keak da Sneak
  536. King of tha Supa Dupa Hyphy- Album by Keak da Sneak
  537. ..Cuz A D.U. Party Don't Stop!!- Album by Digital Underground
  538. Raw Sylk- Album by Sylk-E. Fyne
  539. Tha Cum Up- Album by Sylk-E. Fyne
  540. Oh, My God!- Album by Doug E. Fresh
  541. The World's Greatest Entertainer- Album by Doug E, Fresh
  542. Doin' What I Gotta Do- Album by Doug E. Fresh
  543. Play- Album by Doug E. Fresh
  544. Bad Sister- Album by Roxanne Shanté
  545. Made in America- Album by Kam
  546. Kamnesia- Album by Kam
  547. Fiend- American rapper
  548. I Won't Be Denied- Album by Fiend
  549. There's One in Every Family- Album by Fiend
  550. Street Life- Album by Fiend
  551. Can I Burn? 2- Album by Fiend
  552. Go Hard or Go Home- Album by Fiend
  553. The Addiction- Album by Fiend
  554. My Life as a Snypa- Album by Snypaz
  555. Livin' in the Scope- Album by Snypaz
  556. Snypaz- Album by Snypaz
  557. Deal with This- Album by 2 Live Crew
  558. The Original 2 Live Crew- Album by 2 Live Crew
  559. The Shocker- Album by Silkk the Shocker
  560. Charge It 2 da Game- Album by Silkk the Shocker
  561. My World, My Way- Album by Silkk the Shocker
  562. The Best of Silkk the Shocker- Album by Silkk the Shocker
  563. My Own- Album by Young Bleed
  564. Shaquille O'Neal discography
  565. Rise Thru da Ranks from Earner Tugh Capo- Album by Young Bleed
  566. Once Upon a Time in Amedica- Album by Young Bleed
  567. We Mean Business- Album by EPMD
  568. Child of the Ghetto- Album by G. Dep
  569. Lil' Italy- American rapper
  570. On Top of da World- Album by Lil' Italy
  571. Full Blown- Album by Lil' Italy
  572. Vagina Diner- Album by Akinyele
  573. Put it in Your Mouth- Album by Akinyele
  574. Aktapuss- Album by Akinyele
  575. Anakonda- Album by Akinyele
  576. The New Prescription- Album by Breed
  577. 2 Low Life Muthas- Album by Poison Clan
  578. Poisonous Mentality- Album by Poison Clan
  579. Ruff Town Behavior- Album by Poison Clan
  580. Strait Zooism- Album by Poison Clan
  581. The Best of JT Money & Poison Clan- Album by Poison Clan
  582. Downtown Science- Album by Downtown Science
  583. Swing Batta Swing- Album by K7
  584. Fades Em All- Single by Jamal
  585. Keep It Real- Single by Jamal
  586. Havoc & Prodeje- Rap duo
  587. Livin' in a Crime Wave- Album by Havoc & Prodeje
  588. Kickin' Game- Album by Havoc & Prodeje
  589. Truez Neva Stop- Album by Havoc & Prodeje
  590. The Luke LP- Album by Luke
  591. I Got Shit on My Mind- Album by Luke
  592. In the Nude- Album by Luke
  593. Freak for Life- Album by Luke
  594. Uncle Luke- Album by Luke
  595. Changin' the Game- Album by Luke
  596. Somethin' Nasty- Album by Luke
  597. My Life & Freaky Times- Album by Luke
  598. Greatest Hits- Album by Luke
  599. Luke's Freak Fest 2000- Album by Luke
  600. Scandalous: The All Star Compilation- Album by Luke
  601. The Dogs- Album by The Dogs
  602. Beware of The Dogs- Album by The Dogs
  603. K-9 Bass- Album by The Dogs
  604. Down with the King- Single by Run-D.M.C.
  605. Ooh, Whatcha Gonna Do- Single by Run-D.M.C.
  606. Faces- Single by Run-D.M.C.
  607. What's It All About- Single by Run-D.M.C.
  608. Pause- Single by Run-D.M.C.
  609. Run's House- Single by Run-D.M.C.
  610. Mary, Mary- Single by Run-D.M.C.
  611. I'm Not Going Out Like That- Single by Run-D.M.C.
  612. Christmas in Hollis- Single by Run-D.M.C.
  613. You Be Illin'- Single by Run-D.M.C.
  614. My Adidas- Single by Run-D.M.C.
  615. Hey Young World- Single by Slick Rick
  616. Teenage Love- Single by Slick Rick
  617. I Shouldn't Have Done It- Single by Slick Rick
  618. Mistakes of a Woman in Love with Other Men- Single by Slick Rick
  619. It's a Boy- Single by Slick Rick
  620. Behind Bars- Single by Slick Rick
  621. Sittin' in My Car- Single by Slick Rick
  622. Quo- Rap Group
  623. Quo- Album by Quo
  624. Smooth & Legit- Album by Smooth
  625. You Been Played- Album by Smooth
  626. Smooth- Album by Smooth
  627. Reality- Album by Smooth
  628. Lil' Cease- American rapper
  629. The Wonderful World of Cease A Leo- Album by Lil' Cease
  630. The Fabulous Chi-Ali- Album by Chi Ali
  631. Judgment Night- Soundtrack for Judgment Night
  632. Cold Case Files- Album by Onyx
  633. Black and White (soundtrack)- Soundtrack for Black and White
  634. Gotta Get a Grip- Album by MC Trouble
  635. Choppa Style- Album by Choppa
  636. Back in the Day (film)- Film starring Ja Rule, Ving Rhames
  637. Straight from the N.O.- Album by Choppa
  638. Da Real Choppa- Album by Choppa
  639. Comin' Back Home- Album by Choppa
  640. Psychic Thoughts- Album by Ganksta N-I-P
  641. Interview with a Killa- Album Ganksta N-I-P
  642. Psycho Thug- Album by Ganksta N-I-P
  643. The Return of the Psychopath- Album by Ganksta N-I-P
  644. Still Psycho- Album by Ganksta N-I-P
  645. Country Versatile- Album by Dirty
  646. The Pimp & da Gangsta- Album by Dirty
  647. Keep It Pimp & Gangsta- Album by Dirty
  648. Love Us or Hate Us- Album by Dirty
  649. Hood Stories- Album by Dirty
  650. The Art of Storytelling (Dirty album)- Album by Dirty
  651. Men in Black: The Album- Soundtrack from Men in Black
  652. React- Song by Onyx
  653. Who's the Boss?- Album by Antoinette
  654. Burnin' at 20 Below- Album by Antoinette
  655. The Best of C-Murder- Album by C-Murder
  656. Remix Classics- Album by Master P
  657. The Best of Master P- Album by Master P
  658. Lil' Soldiers- Rap group
  659. Boot Camp- Album b Lil' Soldiers
  660. Skin Deep- Album by Solé
  661. The Ultimate Master P- Album by Master P
  662. Skull Duggery- American rapper
  663. Hoodlum Fo' Life- Album by Skull Duggery
  664. These Wicked Streets- Album by Skull Duggery
  665. 3rd Ward Stepper- Album by Skull Duggery
  666. Controversy- Album by Skull Duggery
  667. Ghetto Commission- American hip hop group
  668. Wise Guys- Album by Ghetto Commission
  669. Prime Suspects- American hip hop group
  670. Guilty Til Proven Innocent- Album by Prime Suspects
  671. Steady Mobb'n- American hip hop group
  672. Pre-Meditated Drama- Album by Steady Mobb'n
  673. Black Mafia- Album by Steady Mobb'n
  674. Crime Buddies- Album by Steady Mobb'n
  675. Espionage- Album by Steady Mobb'n
  676. Shake Ya Ass- Single by Mystikal
  677. Bouncin' Back (Bumpin' Me Against the Wall)- Single by Mystikal
  678. Tarantula- Single by Mystikal
  679. Oochie Pop- Single by Mystikal
  680. The Man Right Chea- Single by Mystikal
  681. Full Blooded- American rapper
  682. Memorial Day- Album by Full Blooded
  683. Big Ed- American rapper
  684. The Assassin- Album by Big Ed
  685. Special Forces- Album by Big Ed
  686. Edward Lee Knight 1971-2001- Album by Big Ed
  687. Mr. Serv-On- American rapper
  688. Life Insurance- Album by Mr. Serv-On
  689. Da Next Level- Album by Mr. Serv-On
  690. War Is Me, Pt. 1: Battle Decisions- Album by Mr. Serv-On
  691. Take a Sip- Album by Mr. Serv-On
  692. No More Questions
  693. Rottin Razkals- American hip hop group
  694. Rottin ta da Core- Album by Rottin Razkals
  695. Gambino Family- American hip hop group
  696. Ghetto Organized- Album by Gambino Family
  697. College Boyz- American hip hop group
  698. Radio Fusion Radio- Album by College Boyz
  699. Nuttin' Less Nuttin' Mo'- Album by College Boyz
  700. Exit Wounds- Soundtrack to Exit Wounds
  701. Belly- Soundtrack to Belly
  702. Higher Learning- Soundtrack to Higher Learning
  703. Goodfellas- Album by 504 Boyz
  704. Ballers- Album by 504 Boyz
  705. Hurricane Katrina: We Gon Bounce Back- Album by 504 Boyz
  706. Mr. Marcelo- American rapper
  707. Brick Livin'- Album by Mr. Marcelo
  708. White Eyes- Album by Magic
  709. On My Own- Album by Magic
  710. Sons of Funk- R&B group
  711. The Game of Funk- Album by Sons of Funk
  712. Tre-8- American rapper
  713. Ghetto Stories- Album by Tre-8
  714. Dangerous Dame- American rapper
  715. Escape from the Mental Ward- Album by Dangerous Dame
  716. West Coast Bad Boyz: High Fo Xmas- Album by West Coast Bad Boyz
  717. West Coast Bad Boyz, Vol. 1: Anotha Level of the Game- Album by West Coast Bad Boyz
  718. West Coast Bad Boyz II- Album by West Coast Bad Boyz
  719. West Coast Bad Boyz, Vol. 3: Poppin' Collars- Album by West Coast Bad Boyz
  720. Sonya C- American rapper
  721. Married to the Mob- Album by Sonya C
  722. 1 Step Ahead of Yall- Album by E-A-Ski
  723. MP Da Last Don- Film starring Master P
  724. No Tomorrow- Film starring Master P
  725. Foolish- Film starring Eddie Griffin & Master P
  726. Lil Ric- American rapper
  727. Deep N tha Game- Album by Lil Ric
  728. Mo B. Dick- Singer/Producer
  729. Gangsta Harmony- Album by Mo B. Dick
  730. Down South Hustlers: Bouncin' and Swingin'- Album by No Limit Records
  731. Mean Green: Major Players Compilation- Album by No Limit Records
  732. No Limit Soldiers Compilation: We Can't Be Stopped- Album by No Limit Records
  733. No Limit All Stars: Who U Wit?- Album by No Limit Records
  734. Foolish- Soundtrack to Foolish
  735. Krazy- American rapper
  736. Breather Life- Album by Krazy
  737. Blade- Soundtrack to Blade
  738. Blade II- Soundtrack to Blade II
  739. Blade: Trinity- Soundtrack to Blade: Trinity
  740. Bad Boys- Soundtrack to Bad Boys
  741. Undisputed- Soundtrack to Undisputed
  742. Boyz n the Hood- Soundtrack to Boyz n the Hood
  743. Dangerous Ground- Soundtrack to Dangerous Ground
  744. Bulletproof- Soundtrack to Bulletproof
  745. Training Day- Soundtrack to Training Day
  746. In Too Deep- Soundtrack to In Too Deep
  747. Nine Livez- Album by Nine
  748. Cloud 9- Album by Nine
  749. Rumpletilskinz- American hip hop group
  750. What Is a Rumpletilskin?- Album by Rumpletilskinz
  751. Daddy's Little Girl- Album by Nikki D
  752. Riders of the Storm: The Underwater Album- Album by Boogiemonsters
  753. God Sound- Album by Boogiemonsters
  754. Still Serious- Album by Big Mike
  755. Hard to Hit- Album by Big Mike
  756. Satanic Verses- Single by Flatlinerz
  757. Live Evil- Single by Flatlinerz
  758. Apache Ain't Shit- Album by Apache
  759. Figgas 4 Life- Album by Major Figgas
  760. High School High- Soundtrack to High School High
  761. Tales from the Hood- Soundtrack to Tales from the Hood
  762. CB4- Soundtrack to CB4
  763. Set It Off- Soundtrack to Set It Off
  764. Backstage- 2000 film
  765. Backstage: A Hard Knock Life- Soundtrack to Backstage
  766. New Jersey Drive, Vol. 1- Soundtrack to New Jersey Drive
  767. New Jersey Drive, Vol. 2- Soundtrack to New Jersey Drive
  768. Rhyme & Reason- Soundtrack to Rhyme & Reason
  769. The Wood- Soundtrack to The Wodd
  770. Deep Blue Sea- Soundtrack to Deep Blue Sea
  771. Bait- Soundtrack to Bait
  772. Street Fighter- Soundtrack to Street Fighter
  773. The Nutty Professor- Soundtrack to The Nutty Professor
  774. The Substitute- Soundtrack to The Substitute
  775. Caught Up- 1998 film
  776. Caught Up- Soundtrack to Caught Up
  777. Ride- Soundtrack to Ride
  778. Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood
  779. 3 Strikes- Soundtrack to 3 Strikes
  780. Money Talks- Soundtrack to Money Talks
  781. All About the Benjamins- Soundtrack to All About the Benjamins
  782. Any Given Sunday- Soundtrack to Any Given Sunday
  783. Baby Boy- Soundtrack to Baby Boy
  784. Bad Company- Soundtrack to Bad Company
  785. Barbershop- Soundtrack to Barbershop
  786. Barbershop 2- Soundtrack to Barbershop 2
  787. Biker Boyz- Soundtrack to Biker Boyz
  788. How to Be a Player- Soundtrack to How to Be a Player
  789. A Low Down Dirty Shame- Soundtrack to A Low Down Dirty Shame
  790. Fled- Soundtrack to Fled
  791. Gone in 60 Seconds- Soundtrack to Gone in 60 Seconds
  792. Hardball- Soundtrack to Hardball
  793. Juice- Soundtrack to Juice
  794. Light It Up- Soundtrack to Light It Up
  795. Original Gangstas- Soundtrack to Original Gangstas
  796. Rush Hour 2- Soundtrack to Rush Hour 2
  797. Save the Last Dance- Soundtrack to Save the Last Dance
  798. Shaft- Soundtrack to Shaft
  799. South Central- Soundtrack to South Central
  800. The Return of Superfly- 1990 film
  801. The Return of Superfly- Soundtrack to The Return of Superfly
  802. Wild Wild West- Soundtrack to Wild Wild West
  803. xXx- Soundtrack to xXx
  804. xXx: State of the Union- Soundtrack to xXx: State of the Unionr
  805. Zebrahead- Soundtrack to Zebrahead
  806. Woo- Soundtrack to Woo
  807. Blowin' Up (Don't Stop the Music)- Single by Quo
  808. Huh What- Single by Quo
  809. Quo Funk- Single by Quo
  810. Who's the Man?- Soundtrack to Who's the Man
  811. WBBD-Bootcity!: The Remix Album- Album by Bell Biv DeVoe
  812. Hootie Mack- Album by Bell Biv DeVoe
  813. Pimpin' on Wax- Album by JT Money
  814. Blood Sweat and Years- Album by JT Money
  815. NFL Country- Album by NFL
  816. Judgment Night- Single by Biohazard and Onyx
  817. Just Another Victim- Single by Helmet and House of Pain
  818. 21 & Up- Album by Lil Ru
  819. A Thin Line Between Love and Hate- Soundtrack to A Thin Line Between Love and Hate
  820. Brown Sugar- Soundtrack to Brown Sugar
  821. Duke Nukem: Music to Score By- Soundtrack to Duke Nukem
  822. Ruthless Records Tenth Anniversary: Decade of Game- Compilation album bu Ruthless Records
  823. Certified- Album by Unladylike
  824. Mystikal discography- Discography of Mystikal
  825. Fresh- Soundtrack to Fresh
  826. Godzilla: The Album- Soundtrack to Godzilla
  827. Silkk the Shocker discography- Discography of Silkk the Shocker
  828. Grind- Soundtrack to Grind
  829. Hav Plenty- Soundtrack to Hav Plenty
  830. Da Game of Life- Film starring Snoop Dogg
  831. Honey- Soundtrack to Honey
  832. Hoodlum- Soundtrack to Hoodlum
  833. Nothing to Lose- Soundtrack to Nothing to Lose
  834. Oz- Soundtrack to Oz
  835. Pootie Tang- Soundtrack to Pootie Tang
  836. Ringmaster- Soundtrack to Ringmaster
  837. Scary Movie- Soundtrack to Scary Movie
  838. Scooby-Doo- Soundtrack to Scooby-Doo
  839. Soul Food- Soundtrack to Soul Food
  840. Supercop- Soundtrack to Supercop
  841. The Original Kings of Comedy- Soundtrack to the Orignal Kings of Comedy
  842. The 6th Man- Soundtrack to the 6th Man
  843. Thicker than Water- Soundtrack to Thicker than Water
  844. Relativity Urban Assault- Compilation by Relativity Records
  845. Harlem World (group)- American rap group
  846. The Movement (Harlem World album)- Album by Harlem World
  847. I Really Like It- Single by Harlem World
  848. Cali Chronic- Single by Harlem World
  849. Sa-Deuce- American R&B group
  850. Sa-Deuce (album)- Album by Sa-Deuce
  851. Daydreamin'- Album by Before Dark
  852. Pronounced Jah-Nay - Album by Zhané
  853. Saturday Night- Album by Zhané
  854. Out-of-Sync- Film starring LL Cool J
  855. If You Think I'm Jiggy- Single by The LOX
  856. Money, Power & Respect (song)- Single by The LOX
  857. Ryde or Die, Bitch- Single by The LOX
  858. Recognize- Single by The LOX
  859. Wild Out- Single by The LOX
  860. Woof- Single by Snoop Dogg
  861. Juice- Album by Oran "Juice" Jones
  862. GTO: Gangsters Takin' Over- Album by Oran "Juice" Jones
  863. To Be Immortal- Album by Oran "Juice" Jones
  864. Player's Call- Album by Oran "Juice" Jones
  865. Feel So Good- Single by Mase
  866. What You Want- Single by Mase
  867. Lookin' at Me- Single by Mase
  868. Get Ready- Single by Mase
  869. Breathe, Stretch, Shake- Single by Mase
  870. The Way We Do- Album by Isyss
  871. Revenge of da Badd Boyz- Album by Almighty RSO
  872. You Could Be My Boo- Single by Almighty RSO
  873. Scuffin' Those Knees- Single by The New Style
  874. Everything's Gonna Be Alright (Naughty by Nature song)- Single by Naughty by Nature
  875. It's On- Single by NBN
  876. Written on Ya Kitten- Single by NBN
  877. Clap Yo Hands- Single by NBN
  878. Craziest- Single by NBN
  879. Mourn You Til I Join You- Single by NBN
  880. Dirt All By My Lonely- Single by NBN
  881. Live or Die- Single by NBN
  882. Holiday- Single by NBN
  883. Feels Good (Don't Worry Bout a Thing)- Single by NBN
  884. Naughty by Nature discography- Discography of NBN
  885. Oh Yeah- Single by Rottin Razkals
  886. Hey Alright- Single by Rottin Razkals
  887. Smoothe da Hustler- American rapper
  888. Once Upon a Time in America- Album by Smoothe da Hustler
  889. Takin' Mine- Album by Heather B.
  890. Eternal Affairs- Album by Heather B.
  891. The Show- 1995 film
  892. Kausion- American rap group
  893. South Central Los Skanless- Album by Kausion
  894. All Glocks Down- Single by Heather B.
  895. If Headz Only Knew- Single by Heather B.
  896. Made Men- American rap group
  897. Classic Limited Edition- Album by Made Men
  898. Love and a Bullet- 2002 film
  899. Love and a Bullet (soundtrack)
  900. A Good Day to Be Black and Sexy- 2008 film
  901. Love Don't Cost a Thing (soundtrack)
  902. Panther
  903. How Stella Got Her Groove Back (soundtrack)
  904. New York Undercover (soundtrack)
  905. New York Undercover: A Night at Natalie's
  906. Slam (soundtrack)
  907. Strictly Business (soundtrack)
  908. White Men Can't Jump (soundtrack)
  909. White Men Can't Rap
  910. Why Do Fools Fall in Love (soundtrack)
  911. (I Know I Got) Skillz- Single by Shaq
  912. I'm Outstanding- Single by Shaq
  913. Shoot Pass Slam- Single by Shaq
  914. Biological Didn't Bother- Single by Shaq
  915. No Hook- Single by Shaq
  916. You Can't Stop the Reign- Single by Shaq
  917. Strait Playin'- Single by Shaq
  918. The Way It's Goin' Down- Single by Shaq
  919. Y?N-Vee- Album by Y?N-Vee
  920. Final Frontier- Single by MC Ren
  921. May Day on the Front Line- Single by MC Ren
  922. Same Ol' Shit- Single by MC Ren
  923. Fuck What Ya Heard- Single by MC Ren
  924. Mad Scientist- Single by MC Ren
  925. Keep It Real- Single by MC Ren
  926. Tap the Bottle- Single by Young Black Teenagers
  927. Head or Gut- Single by Illegal
  928. We Getz Busy- Single by Illegal
  929. Back in the Day- Single by Illegal
  930. Big Momma's House (soundtrack)
  931. 187 (soundtrack)
  932. Colors (soundtrack)
  933. Dead Presidents (soundtrack)
  934. Dead Presidents, Vol. 2
  935. Dysfunktional Family (soundtrack)
  936. Girls Town (soundtrack)
  937. What's the Worst That Could Happen? (soundtrack)
  938. Stay Tuned (soundtrack)
  939. Small Soldiers (soundtrack)
  940. Like Mike (soundtrack)
  941. Soul in the Hole (soundtrack)
  942. Amongst Friends (soundtrack)
  943. Bringing Down the House (soundtrack)
  944. Down to Earth (soundtrack)
  945. Kiss of the Dragon (soundtrack)
  946. Beverly Hills Cop III (soundtrack)
  947. House Party (soundtrack)
  948. House Party 2 (soundtrack)
  949. House Party 3 (soundtrack)
  950. Dr. Dolittle (soundtrack)
  951. Dr. Dolittle 2 (soundtrack)
  952. Gladiator (1992 soundtrack)
  953. The Fan (soundtrack)
  954. Life (soundtrack)
  955. Butter (film)
  956. Butter (soundtrack)
  957. Dark Angel (soundtrack)
  958. Mi Vida Loca (soundtrack)
  959. Osmosis Jones (soundtrack)
  960. Less Than Zero (soundtrack)
  961. Held Up (soundtrack)
  962. State Property (soundtrack)
  963. Paid in Full (soundtrack)
  964. Phat Beach (soundtrack)
  965. Marked for Death (soundtrack)
  966. Whiteboys (soundtrack)
  967. Bamboozled (soundtrack)
  968. Celebrity Deathmatch (soundtrack)
  969. Eddie (soundtrack)
  970. Stomp the Yard (soundtrack)
  971. Cru (group)- American hip hop group
  972. Da Dirty 30- Album by Cru
  973. Just Another Case- Single by Cru
  974. Bubblin'- Single by Cru
  975. Just Be Straight with Me- Single by Silkk the Shocker
  976. It Ain't My Fault- Single by Silkk the Shocker
  977. Somebody Like Me- Single by Silkk the Shocker
  978. He Did That- Single by Silkk the Shocker
  979. Malibu's Most Wanted (soundtrack)
  980. Good Burger (soundtrack)
  981. The Walking Dead (soundtrack)
  982. Mr. Scarface- Single by Scarface
  983. A Minute to Pray and a Second to Die- Single by Scarface
  984. Hand of the Dead Body- Single by Scarface
  985. I Seen a Man Die- Single by Scarface
  986. Among the Walking Dead- Single by Scarface
  987. Smile- Single by Scarface
  988. Mary Jane- Single by Scarface
  989. Game Over- Single by Scarface
  990. It Ain't, Pt. 2- Single by Scarface
  991. My Block- Single by Scarface
  992. Scarface discography- Single by Scarface
  993. Deeper- Single by Boss
  994. Recipe of a Hoe- Single by Boss
  995. Progress of Elimination- Single by Boss
  996. Throw Ya Gunz- Single by Onyx
  997. Slam- Single by Onyx
  998. Shiftee- Single by Onyx
  999. Live!!!- Single by Onyx
  1000. Last Dayz- Single by Onyx
  1001. The Worst- Single by Onyx and Wu-Tang Clan
  1002. Shut 'Em Down- Single by Onyx and DMX
  1003. The Shot Calla- Album by D-Shot
  1004. Many Facez- Single by Tracey Lee
  1005. The Theme (It's Party Time)- Single by Tracey Lee
  1006. Piece of Mind- Album by Tela
  1007. Now or Never- Album by Tela
  1008. The World Ain't Enuff- Album by Tela
  1009. Double Dose- Album by Tela
  1010. Whutcha Want?- Single by Nine
  1011. Any Emcee- Single by Nine
  1012. Lyin' King- Single by Nine
  1013. Who Dat- Single by JT Money
  1014. Strictly Business- Single by EPMD
  1015. I'm Housin- Single by EPMD
  1016. So Wat Cha Sayin'- Single by EPMD
  1017. Gold Digger- Single by EPMD
  1018. Rampage- Single by EPMD
  1019. Give the People- Single by EPMD
  1020. Head Banger- Single by EPMD
  1021. Da Joint- Single by EPMD
  1022. Richter Scale- Single by EPMD
  1023. Symphony 2000- Single by EPMD
  1024. The Other Side of the Law- Album by Facemob
  1025. I Saw It Cummin'- Single by PMD
  1026. Swing Your Own Thing- Single by PMD
  1027. Rugged-n-Raw- Single by PMD
  1028. It's the Pee- Single by PMD
  1029. EPMD discography- Discography by EPMD
  1030. Round & Round- Single by Twinz
  1031. Eastside LB- Single by Twinz
  1032. Mr. Tung Twista- Single by Tung Twista
  1033. Emotions- Single by Twista
  1034. Get It Wet- Single by Twista
  1035. So Sexy- Single by Twista
  1036. Sunshine- Single by Twista
  1037. So Sexy: Chapter II (Like This)- Single by Twista
  1038. Greatest Hits: Naughty's Nicest- Album by Naughty by Nature
  1039. Gangsta Bitch- Single by Apache
  1040. Indo Smoke- Single by Mista Grimm
  1041. Situation: Grimm- Single by Mista Grimm
  1042. Steady Dippen- Single by Mista Grimm
  1043. Mind Blowin'- Single by Smooth
  1044. Strawberries- Single by Smooth
  1045. Only If You Want It- Single by Eazy-E
  1046. Quinine- Album by Nine
  1047. Sparkle- Album by Sparkle
  1048. Told You So- Album by Sparkle
  1049. Hay- Single by Crucial Conflict
  1050. The Good Life- Album by FUBU
  1051. 54th Platoon- American rap group
  1052. All or Nothin'- Album by 54th Platoon
  1053. Realms 'n Reality- Album by Cella Dwellas
  1054. The Last Shall Be First- Album by Dwellas
  1055. Deja Vu (Uptown Baby)- Single by Lord Tariq and Peter Gunz
  1056. Onyx discography- Discography of Onyx
  1057. The Most Beautifullest Thing in This World- Single by Keith Murray
  1058. Get Lifted- Single by Keith Murray
  1059. The Rhyme- Single by Keith Murray
  1060. Incredible- Single by Keith Murray
  1061. Yeah Yeah U Know It- Single by Keith Murray
  1062. Keith Murray discography- Discography of Keith Murray
  1063. Anything Goes- Single by Ras Kass
  1064. Soul on Ice- Single by Ras Kass
  1065. Ghetto Fabulous- Single by Ras Kass
  1066. It's Your Thing- Single by Mercedes
  1067. The Great White Hype (soundtrack)
  1068. The Longest Yard (soundtrack)
  1069. Booty Call (soundtrack)
  1070. Moods...Moments- Album by Monifah
  1071. Mo'hogany- Album by Monifah
  1072. Home- Album by Monifah
  1073. Run–D.M.C. discography- Discography of Run–DMC
  1074. Psycho- Single by L.O.T.U.G.
  1075. Funky Child- Single by L.O.T.U.G.
  1076. Chief Rocka- Single by L.O.T.U.G.
  1077. Flow On- Single by L.O.T.U.G.
  1078. Tic Toc- Single by L.O.T.U.G.
  1079. What I'm After- Single by L.O.T.U.G.
  1080. Faith- Single L.O.T.U.G.
  1081. In a Word or 2- Album by Monie Love
  1082. Keep It Movin'- Album by Ill Al Skratch
  1083. Diary of a Madman- Single by Gravediggaz
  1084. Nowhere to Run, Nowhere to Hide- Single by Gravediggaz
  1085. 1-800 Suicide- Single by Gravediggaz
  1086. Dangerous Mindz- Single by Gravediggaz
  1087. The Night the Earth Cried- Single by Gravediggaz
  1088. Demon Knight (soundtrack)
  1089. B-Ball's Best Kept Secret
  1090. Here I Go- Single by Infamous Syndicate
  1091. DMG- American rapper
  1092. Rigormortiz- Album by DMG
  1093. Black Roulette- Album by DMG
  1094. Do You See- Single by Warren G
  1095. What's Love Got to Do with It- Single by Warren G
  1096. I Shot the Sheriff- Single by Warren G
  1097. Smokin' Me Out- Single by Warren G
  1098. I Want It All- Single by Warren G
  1099. Game Don't Wait- Single by Warren G
  1100. Lookin' at You- Single by Warren G
  1101. I Need You Tonight- Single by Junior M.A.F.I.A.
  1102. Surrender- Album by Kut Klose
  1103. Tricks of the Shade- Album by The Goats
  1104. No Goats, No Glory- Album by the Goats
  1105. Montell Jordan discography- Discography of Montell Jordan
  1106. Armaghetto- Album by Channel Live
  1107. Somethin' 4 da Honeyz- Single by Montell Jordan
  1108. I Like- Single by Montell Jordan
  1109. Falling- Single by Montell Jordan
  1110. What's on Tonight- Single by Montell Jordan
  1111. I Can Do That- Single by Montell Jordan
  1112. Wataz- American rap group
  1113. Natural High- Album by Wataz
  1114. Ghetto Mafia- American rap group
  1115. Draw the Line- Album by Ghetto Mafia
  1116. Full Blooded Niggaz- Album by Ghetto Mafia
  1117. Straight from the Dec- Album by Ghetto Mafia
  1118. On da Grind- Album by Ghetto Mafia
  1119. Hard Boyz- American rap group
  1120. A-Town Hard Heads- Album by Hard Boyz
  1121. Trapped in the Game- Album by Hard Boyz
  1122. Roll Out the Red Carpet- Album by Royal C
  1123. Potential Murder Suspects- Album by Hard Boyz
  1124. Moving Forward- Album by Bernie Williams
  1125. Soulbook- Album by Rod Stewart
  1126. 4, 5, 6- Single by Solé
  1127. DFC American rap group
  1128. Things in tha Hood- Album by DFC
  1129. The Whole World's Rotten- Album by DFC
  1130. Baby DC- American rapper
  1131. School Dayz- Album by Baby DC
  1132. Crime Boss- American rapper
  1133. All in the Game- Album by Crime Boss
  1134. Conflicts & Confusion- Album by Crime Boss
  1135. Still at Large- Album by Crime Boss
  1136. The Points- Single by various artists
  1137. Shit's Real- Single by Mic Geronimo
  1138. Masta I.C.- Single by Mic Geronimo
  1139. The Natural- Single by Mic Geronimo
  1140. Wherever You Are- Single by Mic Geronimo
  1141. Nothin' Move But the Money- Single by Mic Geronimo
  1142. Cheapskate (You Ain't Gettin' Nada)- Single by Mic Geronimo
  1143. Getto Jam- Single by Domino
  1144. Sweet Potatoe Pie- Single by Domino
  1145. Tales from the Hood- Single by Domino
  1146. Physical Funk- Single by Domino
  1147. I'll Be- Single by Foxy Brown
  1148. Big Bad Mamma- Single by Foxy Brown
  1149. Adriana Evans- Album by Adriana Evans
  1150. The Other Woman- Album by Miss Jones
  1151. Romeo and Juliet- Single by Sylk-E. Fyne
  1152. Serious- Album by Whitehead Bros.
  1153. South Circle- American hip hop group
  1154. Anotha Day Anotha Balla- Album by South Circle
  1155. The Album of the Year- Compilaiton by Suave House
  1156. McGruff- American rapper
  1157. Destined to Be- Album by McGruff
  1158. Let Me Clear My Throat- Album by DJ Kool
  1159. Mars/Venus- Album by Koffee Brown
  1160. Reel Tight- American R&B group
  1161. Back to the Real- Album by Reel Tight
  1162. Passion- American rapper
  1163. Baller's Lady- Album by Passion
  1164. Best of Both Worlds- Album by Davina
  1165. Dis-n-Dat- American rap group
  1166. Bumpin'- Album by Dis-n-Dat
  1167. Simple E- American R&B singer
  1168. Colouz Uv Sound- Album by Simple E
  1169. Cha Cha- American rapper
  1170. Dear Diary- Album by Cha Cha
  1171. Heavy D discography- Discography of Heavy D
  1172. Grey Skies- Album by Crooked Lettaz
  1173. Extra Prolific- American hip hop group
  1174. Like It Should Be- Album by Extra Prolific
  1175. Top Quality- American rapper
  1176. Magnum Opus- Album by Top Quality
  1177. Shae Jones- American R&B singer
  1178. Talk Show- Album by Shae Jones
  1179. Nationwide: Independence Day- Compilation by Too Short
  1180. 5th Ward Juvenilez- American hip hop group
  1181. Deadly Groundz- Album by 5th Ward Juvenilez
  1182. Geto Boys discography- Discography of the Geto Boys
  1183. The World Is a Ghetto- Single by Geto Boys
  1184. Uncut Dope: Geto Boys' Best- Album by Geto Boys
  1185. Ghetto Dope- Album by 5th Ward Boyz
  1186. Sir Mix-a-Lot discography- Discography of Sir Mix-a-Lot
  1187. Gangsta Funk- Album by 5th Ward Boyz
  1188. Rated G- Album by 5th Ward Boyz
  1189. Usual Suspects- Album by 5th Ward Boyz
  1190. Keep It Poppin'- Album by 5th Ward Boyz
  1191. Lost Boyz discography- Discography of the Lost Boyz
  1192. Wicked Wayz- Album by Mr. Mike
  1193. Rhapsody- Album by Mr. Mike
  1194. 3-2- American rapper
  1195. Wicked Buddah Baby- Album by 3-2
  1196. 10th Anniversary: Rap-a-Lot Records- Album by Rap-a-Lot Records
  1197. The Day After Hell Broke Loose- Album by Rap-a-Lot
  1198. Don't Be Saprize- Album by Road Dawgs
  1199. UTP- American rap group
  1200. The Compilation- Album by UTP
  1201. The Beginning of the End- Album by UTP
  1202. Nolia Clap- EP by UTP
  1203. Back Like We Left Something- Album by UTP
  1204. Anotha Level- American rap group
  1205. On Anotha Level- Album by Anotha Level
  1206. Back Again!- Album by Mr. Cheeks
  1207. Still Po Pimpin- Single by Do or Die
  1208. 12 Gauge- Album by 12 Gauge
  1209. Dunkie Butt- Single by 12 Gauge
  1210. Dazzey Duks- Album by Duice
  1211. Dazzey Duks- Single by Duice
  1212. Until the Day- Album by Nonchalant
  1213. 5 O'Clock- Single by Nonchalant
  1214. The Piece Maker- Album by Tony Touch
  1215. The Piece Maker 2- Album by Tony Touch
  1216. A New Breed of Female- Album by II Tru
  1217. II Tru- Amercian rap group
  1218. Knockin' Boots- Single by Candyman
  1219. Mentirosa- Single by Mellow Man Ace
  1220. Funkdafied - Single by Da Brat
  1221. Fa All Y'all - Single by Da Brat
  1222. Give It 2 You - Single by Da Brat
  1223. What'chu Like - Single by Da Brat
  1224. In Love wit Chu - Single by Da Brat
  1225. Get Down - Single by Craig Mack
  1226. Sex Down - Album by Link
  1227. It's All Good - Album by Suga-T
  1228. Paper Chasin' - Album by Suga-T
  1229. Down 4 U - Single by Ja Rule
  1230. The Party Continues - Single by Jermaine Dupri
  1231. All Cried Out - Allure
  1232. My Baby Daddy - Single by B-Rock & the Bizz
  1233. Theme from Mission: Impossible - Single by Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen
  1234. Westside - Single by TQ
  1235. I Do!! - Single by Toya
  1236. Big Daddy - Single by Heavy D
  1237. Westside Connection discography
  1238. What's Up Doc? (Can We Rock) - Single by Fu-Schnickens
  1239. Eric B. & Rakim discography
  1240. It's All the Way Live (Now) - Single by Coolio
  1241. Tha Eastsidaz discography
  1242. Goodie Mob discography
  1243. Gunz n' Butta - Album by Cam'ron and Vado
  1244. 2 Live Crew discography
  1245. React - Single by Erick Sermon
  1246. Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like Dat) - Single by Digable Planets
  1247. |Ruffneck - Single by MC Lyte
  1248. DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince discography‎
  1249. Mo Thugs discography
  1250. Second Round K.O. - Single by Canibus
  1251. I Go the Hook Up - Single by Master P
  1252. Come and Get with Me - Single by Keith Sweat
  1253. Whoot, There It Is - Single by 95 South
  1254. Nothin' But the Cavi Hit - Single by Mack 10 and Tha Dogg Pound
  1255. House of Pain discography
  1256. Boogie Down Productions discography
  1257. Kiss You Back - Single by Digital Underground
  1258. Ring My Bell - Single by DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
  1259. Luchini AKA This Is It - Single by Camp Lo
  1260. This Lil' Game We Play - Single by Subway
  1261. I Wish - Album by Skee-Lo
  1262. History in the Making - Album by J.R. Writer
  1263. All Woman - Album by Hurricane G
  1264. Miilkbone - American rapper
  1265. Da' Miilkrate - Album by Miilkbone
  1266. Gang Starr discography
  1267. Diplomatic Immunity 2 - Album by The Diplomats
  1268. The Mix Tape, Vol. 1 - Album by Funkmaster Flex
  1269. The Mix Tape, Vol. II - Album by Funkmaster Flex
  1270. The Mix Tape, Vol. III - Album by Funkmaster Flex
  1271. The Tunnel - Album by Funkmaster Flex
  1272. The Mix Tape, Vol. IV - Album by Funkmaster Flex
  1273. Car Show Tour- Album by Funkmaster Flex
  1274. Funkmaster Flex discography
  1275. The LOX discography
  1276. Boo & Gotti‎ - American rap group
  1277. Perfect Timing - Album by Boo & Gotti
  1278. Luniz discography
  1279. Das EFX discography
  1280. The Album - Album by The Federation
  1281. Crucial Conflict discography
  1282. Smooth Assassin - Album by Grand Daddy I.U.
  1283. Lead Pipe - Album by Grand Daddy I.U.
  1284. Black Rob discography
  1285. Whodini discography
  1286. Kool Moe Dee discography
  1287. Philly's Most Wanted - American rap group
  1288. Get Down or Lay Down - Album by Philly's Most Wanted
  1289. Ring the Alarm - Album by Philly's Most Wanted
  1290. Cuts for Luck and Scars for Freedom - Album by Mystic
  1291. Informal Introduction - Album by Shade Shiest
  1292. Menace Clan - American rap group
  1293. Da Hood - Album by Menace Clan
  1294. Vicious - American rapper/reggae artist
  1295. Destination Brooklyn - Album by Vicious
  1296. Left, Right, Left - Single by Drama
  1297. Cross the Border - Single by Philly's Most Wanted
  1298. Bad Boyz - Single by Shyne
  1299. Wobble Wobble - Single by 504 Boyz
  1300. G'd Up - Single by Tha Eastsidaz
  1301. I Always Feel Like - Single by TRU
  1302. Sho Nuff - Single by Tela
  1303. Lifestyles of the Rich & Shameless - Single by Lost Boyz
  1304. Jeeps, Lex Coups, Bimaz & Benz - Single by Lost Boyz
  1305. Music Makes Me High - Single by Lost Boyz
  1306. Get Up - Single by Lost Boyz
  1307. Me and My Crazy World - Single by Lost Boyz
  1308. Hurricane - Single by The Click
  1309. Disturbed - Album by Coo Coo Cal

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