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My Wiki Life[edit]

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I am beginning to enjoy writing articles more, especially if the subject really interests me, but In life I find myself enjoying tasks that center around organization, clean-up, and administration... generally "supporting role" types of jobs. In high-school drama club I was never an actor, but I was a stage hand. I create web content management systems, but never author content. You get the idea. Things I enjoy doing on Wikipedia include:

  • Copy editing existing pages
  • New page patrol
  • Articles for Deletion—review as well as nomination. When I see an article there that I think has a place on Wikipedia, but is currently in such a bad state that deltion seems assured, I have been known to step in and improve the article myself.
  • Tag articles as Candidates for Speedy Deletion—usually as a result of newpage patrolling.
  • Recognizing editors who contribute positivley, through the award of barnstars or just saying nice things on talk pages

I have gotten some Barnstars, Article Awards, and other shiny things.

Some things that I'd like to do, but just haven't gotten around to are:

  • Reviewing articles for WP:GAC and WP:FAC
  • I would like to progress towards being an admin

Articles I would actually like to create:[edit]

Articles I would like to improve:[edit]

My Real Life[edit]

I have been participating on-and-off on Wikipedia for several years. I have been involved in computers and computing since the Apple II and 286 days. I have done everything from run a local BBS and sysop a university VAX cluster, to being a partner in a few Internet/new media companies. My work for the last 10 years has been in IP networking, and managing teams of IP engineers.

I am[edit]

  • A project manager for an international network and service provider focusing mainly on Cisco deployments
  • An adjunct instructor at my local community college, teaching the Cisco Networking Academy
  • A partner in an Internet/New Media company developing (yet another) Social Networking site
  • A Husband and Father
  • A Rabid fan of the Green Bay Packers

My Interests Include[edit]

  • Technology in general, including gaming, programming, and gadgets
  • Photography
  • Prepress processes, especially copyediting and general proofreading (the main emphasis of my Wikipedia contributions)
  • Travel, especially continental Europe
  • Commercial aviation, especially United Airlines
  • The Ruby on Rails web application framework

Other Stuff[edit]


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/references—Useful pages on WP; mostly templates, projects, and special pages I am interested in.
/Essays—Some Wikipedia related essays I have written.

/Start an article right—Aviod Wiki-deletion-drama by starting off on the right foot.
/Deletion FAQ—Summary of questions posted to my talk page about article deletion, and my answers.


Awesome Quotes[edit]

On occaision, while trolling the underbelly of Wikipedia, I'll find comments in discussions, edit logs, whatever, that just make me snort. Here are a few:

  • Until then, editors who can not be flexible in their demands for change will likely find themselves at the receiving end of Arbcom's big 'ole cluebat. Thatcher 20:17, 3 June 2008 (UTC) [1]
  • I could create Wikiproject Sparklecorn, which adds glittery overlays and ponies to articles I think need to be prettier. I could write into the guidelines of Wikiproject Sparklecorn that no one may remove my bedazzling. That doesn't mean that my prohibition has any actual strength, and no one would be expected to go "...sigh. She's bedazzled Death. And yet I'm not permitted to remove the glitter!" A fluffernutter is a sandwich! (talk) 16:22, 13 January 2012 (UTC) [2]