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ECCO2 Corp. is a Texas based non-profit organization dedicated to assisting in climate control in the US and globally. The company recently gained accreditation from the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. Under the sister company of DBS Distributor the product lines of ECCO2 and ECO Systems are manufactured and distributed. For the past 9 years, government agencies worldwide have used ECCO2's patent technology to reduce greenhouse gases output by all motor vehicles, fossil fuel generators, and boilers. Major carbon emission reduction projects are in development in Haiti, Austria and Nigeria. (

ECCO2 Haiti: A program developed to reduce greenhouse gases, create employment and help to rebuild the nation of Haiti. Working in conjunction with the Prime Minister to accomplish mission of economy restructure.

ECCO2 Nigeria: A program developed in efforts to reduce greenhouse gases, carbon emissions, stimulate the Nigerian economy, and increase confidence in Kyoto Protocol. Working with Nigeria Minister of Environment John Ogar Odey to achieve goals.