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Hi, I am Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton, i very rarely touch a shift key, i use my full name deliberately to avoid the american-biased search engine algorithms something along the lines of "oo look it's three words therefore it must be a name let's apply some brain-dead conventions to it".

i recently noticed that wikipedia has information on protocols with which i am familiar, from my work on Samba TNG. in particular, i noticed that a lot of people just... haven't got a clue: the dozens of different services running over a dozen or so totally distinct protocols that make up windows nt networking are all glommed in people's heads into one of three specific protocols: NetBIOS, NETBEUI or SMB aka CIFS.

this i find particularly irritating, because it's a bit like saying "hi i want an Internet Protocol and i want it to be on HTTP" - the sentence makes absolutely no sense, and will irritate the crap out of any experienced TCP/IP networking guru. it's also a bit like... oh, say... blaming DHCP for the problems associated with Spam, because you can obtain a networking address from a DHCP server, and as soon as you do so, lots of crap email arrives.

anyway, here's a list of the pages i've been involved in editing. i'm maintaining the list at the mo for my own evil purposes and i hope you find it useful too.

lkcl page edits[edit]