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Welcome to | ආයුබෝවන්

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FAC on Patrol is based on the same wiki engine that drives

Wikipedia, which is rated as one of the most popular website

in the world.

This portal is intended to serve as your Knowledge Source in affairs related to

Sri Lanka Navy. Wiki is based on the concept of collaboration. Therefore if this

effort were to succeed, participation and collaboration of each department in this

endeavour is essential.



Besides, it would be fun to learn new technologies and be part of the change.

The wiki technology allows you to edit the webpage through the web browser

without additional software. However, in order to edit the website, you need to have

a valid username and a password. Please send an email to [] if you wish to become a contributer to this effort.

තොරතුරෑ තාක්ෂණ අංශය සිංහලයෙන් පල කිරීමටද අදහස් කෙරේ.

Access to this website is exclusively

limited to Internal Network. However, no clasified information should be published

on this website.


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