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Loadmaster — David R. Tribble

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David R. Tribble
ResidencePlano (Dallas), Texas, US
NationalityAmerican United States
EducationB.S. in Mathematics,
minor in Computer Science
OccupationSoftware Engineer
Known forSoftware Engineer
Photography (amateur)
Home townArlington, Texas
Political partyConservative Libertarian /
Liberal conservative

→ Current date and time: 08:22, Sunday, December 9, 2018 (UTC)
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→ Yes, I am a fan of the original Star Trek TV series
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→ No, I am not actually a loadmaster

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Articles of interest[edit]


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Monkey-typing.jpgThis user is one of an infinite number of monkeys editing Wikipedia right now.
12,000+This user has made more than 12,000 contributions to Wikipedia.

Noia 64 apps karm.svg This user has been on Wikipedia for 12 years, 10 months and 13 days.

→ My current edit count
→ 12,000th edit (2015-12-30): System time
→ 11,501st edit (2014-07-22): American Dream
→ 11,000th edit (2013-12-18): Binary-coded decimal
→ 10,500th edit (2013-06-06): Intel 4040
→ 10,000th edit (2013-01-15): USS Wyandot (AKA-92)
→ 9,500th edit (2012-06-04): S. E. Cupp
→ 9,000th edit (2011-08-29): Brian Clark (September 11 attacks survivor)
→ 8,500th edit (2011-01-12): COT
→ 8,000th edit (2010-05-24): Talk:COBOL
→ 7,500th edit (2009-08-28): User:Loadmaster
→ 7,000th edit (2009-08-28): Eiffel (programming language)
→ 6,000th edit (2009-05-12): Mystery Science Theater 3000
→ 5,000th edit (2008-10-25): Pink noise
→ 4,000th edit (2008-01-17): Template:Chset-tableformat
→ First edit (as user Loadmaster): Controversy over Cantor's theory (2006-04-11)

Using my work[edit]

If you wish to use any of the photographs or images created or uploaded by me, see the "Licensing" section for each image. Also refer to Commons:User:Loadmaster/permissions for more details.

Articles Started by Me[edit]

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See also the images I uploaded to Wikicommons
See also my Google Picasa portfolios    
See also Requesting copyright permission
See also Wikipedia:Moving images to the Commons

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See: User:Loadmaster/Proposed articles

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Better screenshot images[edit]

To get the best screenshot images from DVDs, I use a technique of sampling two or more consecutive frames from the source film and then combining them together into a single image. Most graphics editing programs (I use Paintshop Pro) allow two (or sometimes more) images to be averaged together into a single image. The averaging smooths out the pixel noise of each individual image, making the result much cleaner than any of the source frames. The only trick to using this technique is getting two or more consecutive images that are alike enough so that the resulting combined image does not appear blurred. Non-moving subjects are usually the best to work from.

Example images created using this technique:

Fighting Wikipedia Vandalism[edit]


The approach I take to fighting vandalism on Wikipedia is pretty simple. I check "my watchlist" page periodically, looking for edits made by unregistered users (i.e., users with IP addresses instead of user names). For each one of those edits, I click on the "diff" link for it. This displays the changes made by that user. If it's obviously vandalism, I then click on the user's name or the "contribs" link on the "diff" page, which shows a page listing all the contributions made by that user.

I can then check many edits made from the same IP address. Typically, several edits are made by the same vandal within the span of an hour or so. Reverting the edits is then a straightforward thing to do.

If a user looks like he is vandalizing pages, add a {{test1}} tag to his Talk page. If the vandalism continues, add {{test2}}, {{test3}}, and finally {{test4}} tags. As a last resort, ask for administrator intervention against vandalism.

Another item to check is the inclusion of image Example.jpg within articles, which is a favorite target of vandals.

As an example of vandalism idiocy, see that 98 edits were made to the article on Pythagoras, none of which contributed anything of value.

Example of a blocked abusive vandal: User:Lookaroundyou (Oct 2007).

I am of the opinion that vandalism could be greatly reduced by simply limiting editing access to Wikipedia articles to only registered users, but apparently this goes against the current policy.

Marking bad new articles for deletion

A small percentage of new articles are simply nonsense or vandalism. These articles should be tagged with {{db}} tags so that they can be deleted:

See also

Cool signatures[edit]

Interesting, but typically HTML-intensive, signature graphics by some Wikipedia users that I've collected:

Possible signatures that I could use:

Selected articles/categories nominated for deletion (AfD)[edit]

renamed, wasNotable Usenet personalities
AP has edited pages such as Talk:Archimedes Plutonium‎ from IP addresses in the range 216.16.55.* (
renamed toUsenet celebrity

Notable People I Have Met or Interacted with[edit]

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Other Stuff[edit]

1.72 million as of 2007-04-02
1.73 million as of 2007-04-12
1.74 million as of 2007-04-16
1.75 million as of 2007-04-23
1.76 million as of 2007-04-29
1.77 million as of 2007-05-06
1.80 million as of 2007-05-25
1.90 million as of 2007-07-23
2.00 million as of 2007-09-10
2.10 million as of 2007-11-24
2.15 million as of 2007-12-29
2.18 million as of 2008-01-18
2.21 million as of 2008-02-06
2.24 million as of 2008-02-20
2.25 million as of 2008-02-24
2.30 million as of 2008-03-24
2.35 million as of 2008-04-27
2.50 million as of 2008-08-13
2.60 million as of 2008-10-29
2.70 million as of 2009-01-20
2.80 million as of 2009-03-20
2.90 million prior to 2009-06-05
3.00 million prior to 2009-09-01
3.10 million as of 2009-11-20
3.30 million as of 2010-05-22
3.40 million prior to 2010-09-06
3,555,555 on 2011-02-10 at 22:32Z
3.65 million as of 2011-06-05
3.666 million as of 2011-06-23
3.70 million prior to 2011-08-08
3.80 million circa 2011-11-25
4.00 million as of 2012-07-13 (approx 2012-07-13 09:15:09 Z)
4.10 million as of 2012-11-19
4.19 million as of 2013-03-21 (approx 2013-03-21 08:31:22 Z)
4.50 million as of 2014-04-29
4.90 million circa 2015-06-25
5.0 million some time in Aug 2015
Current number of articles: 5,765,183 (stats)
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