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Hi everybody!

I still don't know what to do with my userpage so I thought I'd just put in a little about my handle.

As some people who read this may already know, Lochaber is a district in Scotland. I'm not actually Scottish (I am in fact Irish national) and when I came across this word many years ago I thought it was some kind of description. Basically there was reference in a David Eddings novel to a Lochaber axe, I thought it was a nice sounding word and started using it as a handle on some BBS's, games and the like. As I mentioned, this was a long time ago and I was living in Singapore at the time, I never come across the district. Of course years later with the advent of the internet and search engines, information was now at my fingertips and I was very surprised to discover the true meaning of Lochaber. But what the hey, I've been using the name for years and I still think it's a nice sounding word!


It's cool, don't worry about it...

By this I mean to Wikipedia... as opposed to human society... ;-)

While I've made lots of edits here and there, the only things that I would say I've contributed significantly to are:

Other pages that, in my opinion, I have made reasonably significant contributions to are:

For a more comprehensive list see here.

Some of those are still a bit stubby but at least they’re better. I suppose Cillian Murphy and Colin Farrell haven’t been around that long so there’s just not that much to say about them... Unless you want to include Colin’s tabloid activity of course!

I hope to expand a few stubs like The Gaiety School of Acting and Islam in Ireland but I'm afraid that these might take more time than I have. Until then I'll keep making expansions like those above and try v. hard to stay away from VfD!... it's such a downer...

I unfortunately went back to the VfD and have become mired in the debates... hopefully I'll get back to actually writing articles soon....

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