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Name Ryan Jenkins
Handle LockeShocke
Birth November 3, St. Petersburg, Florida
Political Leanings Anarcho-syndicalism, Participatory
Moral Philosophy Rule-consequentialism

Personal Info[edit]

That's me, LockeShocke, a play on the philosopher John Locke. My hometown is St. Petersburg, Florida.

I have online a report entitled, Why did Socialism fail in early 20th century America?. It has now become Socialism in the United States.

I have another report online entitled, "Calming the Waters of a Troubled World: President George W. Bush and Senator John F. Kerry on National Security in the 2004 Presidential Campaign". It's a 5000 word, well-documented report that needs serious wikification. Perhaps, like my above report, it can be made into an article someday.

Pet Projects[edit]

  • I created the Web Development Wikibook. Feel free to contribute.
  • I'd like to contribute text and images to the Graphic Design Wikibook as well.
  • I highly recommend the Literary Criticism Wikicity. Sort of a WikiSparkNotes. I can't wait until it's got some substance.
  • I created the page on the paper paradigm, can't believe it didn't exist before.
  • Hovering around Special:Newpages - monitoring pages made by IP addresses and wikifying, VFDing, etc.
  • My Halo side project - sadly, all but mothballed
  • Social software - adding screenshots, expanding
  • Please PM me if you're interested in a WikiProject: Statistics to standardize the appearance of graphs and charts used on Wikipedia by choosing a format (fonts, sizes, etc.) and application to create them in. It would require a lot of data mining and redoing of current pictures, but I think it would increase the professionalism of the site a great deal. LockeShocke 05:19, 3 March 2006 (UTC)

My interests[edit]

I hope to make contributions to Wikipedia in these fields, anything else I know a little about, as well as other minor grammar, etc. Here are the contributions I have made so far:

My Contributions