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It's a wonder wikipedia has survived and come this far. We should be proud. Mazel tov.

Liberty in Distress[edit]

Liberty in Distress and her casualties stand in a Carrère and Hastings-designed temple as a leftover from Atlantic City's comparatively glorious past. With exceptional foresight the fathers and authorities of Atlantic City commissioned their World War I memorial before the war even started.

Controversy kicked up when the fathers and authorities of Atlantic City discovered that MacMonnies' Liberty in Distress, which they felt they'd bought and paid for, was a close reinterpretation of another MacMonnies work, France Aroused. No word on whether MacMonnies offered any discounts after he'd been found out.

According to the 1939 Federal Writers' Project New Jersey, a Guide to Its Present and Past:

Liberty, naked but for knotted garments hanging from her elbows, her feet mired in writhen corpses, supports an inert male figure across her right thigh. Her distress is the one matter about which there is no question whatever.