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Who is Loggie?[edit]

"Who is Loggie?" one may ask. Well...

I am a person, contrary to the first impression I tend to give of being a rubber duck. I love to read and can most often be found with my nose in a book.

Because I happen to be very boring, one may prefer to read who I am not. I am not a happily married 29 year-old woman with a kind, loving, handsome husband and 3 lovely, happy, sweet playful children, the youngest of which has just turned 5 months and the oldest who it currently six and about to turn seven. Neither am I a little boy, constantly interested in playing, and very shy, wishing I could disappear when one of those girls who likes me appears. I am also not some teenager who is currently burdened down by a sweet baby that just causes so many problems! I mean, having a baby when one is a teen can cause so many problems! You have to feed it, most likely its father walks out on you, you have to deal with your parents, etc. Luckily, I have too many brain cells for this to be my problem. I am not some computer geek who has no life and always is working with different gadgets and has no social skills with the ladies. Though I enjoy crafts such as spinning, I am not some old granny who totters around wearing half spectacles, a red shawl, and long skirt, while tying her hair tightly up into a bun. I am also not a gangling teen, always interested in sports, joining the baseball team, the football team, the soccer team and the golf team. I am not some man going through Mid-life crisis, with a wife who has just left me, and who has a dying dog. I am not a fireman, nor am I a postal worker. I am not a serial killer nor a playwright. I am not yet 100 years old, nor am I still 5 (though often I act like I'm three). My head is not bald, and my eyes are not green. I do not have three arms, though I often think a third hand would be extremely useful. My hat is not old, my teeth are not gold. I do not have a bird I like to hold. My shoe may be off, but my foot is not cold. My shoe may be off, but my foot is not cold. I do not have a bird I like to hold. My hat is not old, my teeth are not gold. And now my story is not all told.

Rubber duckies So many ducks.jpg

Based on the above information, one can easily discern that my interests include arts and crafts, math and engineering, learning new things, reading good books, traveling and visiting fun places (like good museums), playing and listening to music and a full, deep night's sleep. One will also see that above all else, I value common sense (which is all too uncommon), kindness, and a sound sense of humor.

On Wikipedia[edit]

I will edit heavily one month, and then not edit again for another 3 months or so, but have been editing now since April 12, 2005. So there. My 1000th edit was on October 28, 2007, 1500th on May 6th, 2008, and my 2000th on May 22nd, 2008. And this section really only exists so that the picture isn't left with its bottom half floating. 'Cause I liked the picture, and had no other place to store it.

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