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This is the Userpage of Lommes.
Please contact me via the talk page.

Hello, i am Lommes. I am a long-time (though only occasional) Wikipedia editor, starting in late 2002, and utilising a number of usernames since then. This current account is from November 2013.

What i do[edit]

I read Wikipedia daily. I usually correct any problems i find immediately. And then I create things, mostly maps on the Map workshop. There I do stuff like this:

I also hang out at the related Illustration workshop, where I do stuff like this:

Here is a list of my uploads to commons: [1] Perhaps i can help you with your article. Just ask.


I am currently working on adding the owners of the World's largest companies to the appropriate articles.

See Apple Inc.#Ownership for an example.

Long-term task: Top 200 logo images that should use vector graphics (see my progress so far), and once I am done with this, there is Top 200 jPG images that should use vector graphics waiting for me.... :-D

I am really angry about


I like Adler's Law of Wikipedia.


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