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Longstreet87 is a 19 year old American male of mostly Irish ancestry, but with some Polish and Scottish. He has lived in Virginia all his life. He is currently enrolled at the College of William and Mary, and previously attended Gonzaga College High School. He is an Eagle Scout, though unfortunately has not remained active in Scouting. He would like to think of himself as politically Moderate, though he's to the Left on most issues; he does his best, however, to keep that from affecting his interactions with others, regardless of their political affiliation. He is a member of the Episcopal Church, despite his ancestor's Catholic heritage and schooling. As he jokingly explains, his strongest conflict with Catholicism is its Popery, though he does strongly favor the room the Episcopal Church gives for personal beliefs on moral issues. Like his political views, however, he does not put enough importance in his spiritual beliefs to allow them to consciously influence him. He likes to think of himself as a Stoic, though appreciates the fact that an American teenager has no right to associate himself with something like Stoicism. Finally, his username comes from the Confederate general James Longstreet, who he would say is one of his heroes. Seeing as his heroes also include the likes of Captain America and Stephen Colbert, however, this may be more of an insult to the general than a tribute, but Longstreet87 would rather you didn't look at it that way.

Concerning Wikipedia policy, Longstreet87 plans to stick to simple grammar errors for now before working up the nerve to make factual corrections or something major like redoing a paragraph.