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I have a generalized interest in
  • American cities and their articles
  • The public image of various American Presidents, Dem and Republican

I have worked on the public image aspect of the following politicians:

  1. Gerald Ford - seen as clumsy because of Chevy Chase's famous SNL parody.
  2. Jimmy Carter - seen as honest, well-intending Southerner, but had message issues and was a poor team player with Congress
  3. Ronald Reagan - the soft-spoken grandfatherly figure
  4. George H. W. Bush - the safe handler of the country who suffered from vision issues, assassinated by an incident with a supermarket scanner
  5. Bill Clinton - charismatic Southerner and MTV president, defined by poor morals and a good economy
  6. George W. Bush - seen as a common man cowboy for his accent, even though he was Ivy-League educated
  7. Sarah Palin - Alaskan accent makes her seem folksy
  8. Barack Obama - Mr. Cool and polished orator
  • Public transportation articles
  • The accents of celebrities and politicians
I have contributed to the FA status of the following articles

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