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In a previous life... I was User:N12345n (First edit: Jan 23, 2004 21:42:07).

But how busy???



I live in the East End of London and have started to find an interest in local history.

The Dagenham Roundhouse is in Dagenham in London, UK

Where is Lawrence Hall?

I am LoopZilla in the Commons but I am not Loopzilla.

Wikipedia is just like the real world and eBay.

I often listen to BBC Radio 4

Laura Dekker
Laura Dekker (born 1995) is a New Zealand–born Dutch sailor who completed a solo circumnavigation of the globe in a 12.4-metre (41-foot) two-masted ketch from 2010 to 2012. Dekker was fourteen years old when she set off from Gibraltar rather than the Netherlands, because the Dutch shipping regulations did not permit anyone under the age of sixteen to skipper a boat of that size in Dutch waters. After crossing the Atlantic Ocean, she started her record-breaking attempt from Sint Maarten in the Caribbean, passing through the Panama Canal and traversing the Pacific, Indian and Atlantic Oceans before completing her circumnavigation back at Sint Maarten. This picture shows Dekker attending the 2011 Hiswa Boat Show in Amsterdam.Photograph credit: Savyasachi, retouched by ukexpat

First Course

Second Course



Some people the upstairs room in a pub....


Here are some instances of Mediawiki that I maintain....

End Notes[edit]

This is not the end!