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World War I[edit]

World War I
Causes of World War I
Pig War (Serbia)
Bosnian crisis
First Balkan War
Second Balkan War
Historiography of the causes of World War I
Triple Entente
Central Powers
July Crisis
African theatre of World War I
Serbian Campaign (World War I)
Western Front (World War I)
Asian and Pacific theatre of World War I
Naval warfare of World War I
Balkans Campaign (World War I)
Macedonian front
Middle Eastern theatre of World War I
Sinai and Palestine Campaign
Italian Front (World War I)
Romania during World War I
Third Anglo-Afghan War
Hindu–German Conspiracy
Eastern Front (World War I)
Russian Revolution
American entry into World War I
Spring Offensive
Treaty of Brest-Litovsk
Hundred Days Offensive
Ottoman casualties of World War I
Armenian Genocide
Assyrian genocide
Greek genocide
Genocide denial
Russian occupation of Eastern Galicia, 1914–15
Rape of Belgium
World War I prisoners of war in Germany
Military attachés and war correspondents in the First World War
Opposition to World War I
French Army Mutinies
Aftermath of World War I
Blockade of Germany
Paris Peace Conference, 1919
Treaty of Versailles
Revolutions of 1917–23
Treaty of Trianon
Treaty of Saint-Germain-en-Laye (1919)
Partitioning of the Ottoman Empire
Turkish War of Independence