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Dear Wikipedia,

I have to confess that for a long time now I have struggled to retain my enthusiasm in editing and doing my daily routine here, but eventually I have come to the conclusion that our relationship was marred and ruined since at least last year, and it was merely a weird sense of obligation that kept me from turning my back on you. I thought starting a new project may revive my interest in you, but in the end all it did was the complete opposite, was to show me that I have enough of shoving countless hours of my life into your insatiable throat. Yes, you are a ravenous, eternally discontent leech of human vigor, and as for every other gutter whore taking pleasure in having a ride with all the mange-ridden dogs in the street, there is a point where you will be tossed into a roadside ditch and left fending for yourself. Don't take it too personally, all things have to end one day, and even though we've gone a long way together, the day to depart has come for the two of us.