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Feel free to change my user page for the better. Add what you want, but don't remove too much stuff. Thanks. --I-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named

What happens if a Wikipedian dies? He or she just doesn't show up to edit anymore. Does anybody notice? Does anybody really even care? To all those Wikipedians who may have died and been forgotten here, Thank you for your contributions and Rest in Peace.
My Quotes and Random Thoughts:
*Why is it that whenever you give someone a penny for their thoughts, they end up giving you their two cents? Sounds like a scam if I've ever heard one. Either that or a "Get-Rich Slow" program.
*Why do people always say, " the drop of a hat"? Honestly, who drops hats anymore?
*I wish I had a Wikipedia bot named Lord Voldebot."
*If I were a store, I would want to be called Lord WaldeMart."

"My real name is Tom Marvolo Riddle"

The Jimbo says: "Any given entry might be incomplete or inaccurate at any point in time. Critical analysis is a must!" Take it to heart!

I am an Administrator on the English Wikipedia, and a former Administrator on the English Wikibooks.

I'm gruntled... are you?

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