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NOTE:Only the "Current Votes" section should be archived. The rest of the article should be ignored by archivers. Once in an archive, it's name should be changed to "Previous Votes".

Example Archive

This is where you request the vandalism of an article, to be carried out by an appropriate beaurocrat (only beuracrats get the privilege of being able to spell baereaucrat). This can also be considered to be the 7th pillar of the wikipedia request system (The other 6 are, in no particular order:

List Of Major Request Systems[edit]

  • Editors for deletion (EfD):
    This is where you go to remove or at least put a negative social stigma on people you don't particularly like.
  • Articles for Deletion (AfD):
    This is where badly written, unencyclopedic, unsourced, nonsense, or vandalite prose meets it's end, the best part of Wikipedia!!
  • Articles for Creation (AfC):
    This is where people who don't know how to make articles get them made by somebody else. There is a ridiculous backlog here, but mostly because a relatively small amount of the accounts on Wikipedia are active. Still, this isn't so much a pillar of the request system any more as an example of excessive beaurocracy gone wrong.
  • The help desk (wikier than thou):
    Wikipedia has lots of articles, so many in fact that it can be hard to find what you are looking for. Some people also simply don't know what they are looking for. Yes, as awesome as Wikipedia is, it can be intimidating to casual browsers at times. There is also some information that cannot be put in an encyclopedia, such as News, business addresses, unsourcable common sense anecdotes, instructions (this is an encyclopedia, not ehow), etc. This is where all those questions get answered, the true knowledge pool of Wikipedia, essentially the magic 8-ball of the internet.
  • Requests for adminship (RfA):
    This is where you go to become an admin. They are the cornerstone of the Wikipedia community, able to block, delete, protect, edit the main page, find out where you live, see the deleted garbage and vandalism you put on this wiki even though you thought your edit history was clean, the list goes on. How do you get these magical powers, you ask? Do it like this! As general rules, you should have a clean record (no vandalism), a static IP, thousands of edits, and no sock puppets accounts! Actually, on second thought, have as many socks as possible and a proxy so you can sway the vote and not get caught. And as for a clean record, who cares as long as they think so many people want you to be an admin?!
  • The arbitration committee, otherwise known as ArbCom:
    This is not the most important Wikipedia community, but probably the most active and busiest. Consisting mostly of Beaureaucrats who have the power to carry out the decisions made by this committee, they do just about everything. Ending arguments and edit wars, reaching consensii, demoting and promoting people outside of a popular vote, handling the appeals of blocked accounts, auditing Wikipedia policy and themselves, and most importantly, creating special edit sanctions on articles and editors. This is the final appeal, the supreme court of Wikipedia. This is where votes come to this system from. These people are usually too busy arguing amongst themselves and investigating spammed recent changes logs to actually do anything useful, that's what The Administrator's Noticeboard is for :).


The purpose of this system is an emergency consensus creator. On subjects that are so hotly contested that the combatants may resort to vandalism or refuse to find/follow a consensus, this is the final decision maker. Remember, this is only for emergency, potential of wiki collapsing, last resort dispute resolution, when even ArbCom cannot make a decision or people refuse to respect it. Decisions made here CANNOT BE REVERSED! If there is no consensus here, we will get an admin (preferably corrupt) to decide whatever they want and hopefully save the wiki. YOU WILL BE BLOCKED FOR DISSENT!


This system is called request for vandalism because sometimes the sorts of extreme disputes it solves may only be breakable through a POV compromise edit, a vandalism-like edit, or the complete surrender to one side and indefinite blocking of the other editor. Hopefully another Willy, Crack Vandal, or Total Rune can be averted here. In other words, disputes that can only be resolved through content that is not encyclopedic (vandalism).


How It Works:
Despite it's last resort, unruly nature, this is meant to be somewhat organized.

  • Step 1: A request is put through every available outlet, AfD, ANI, ArbCom, etc. If you can't find an available outlet for your concern, search for one or make one. Once you get here, your gone forever.
  • Step 2:The request fails or is ignored, you are left unsatisfied with the verdict, you are blocked (this should be made editable to blocked users), or the verdict is not respected and the problem continues. You or the Wikipedia community have exhausted every possible outlet and want to appeal.
  • Step 3:

A subsection of the section below is made. this is done with level 3 headers, like this:===Example Request Title Text===. You will title the section with your request name (30 characters or less), and type the following: '''Comment:'''(What you would like to say about the topic here to sway people and/or state your opinion)--~~~~<br>'''Support as Nominator:'''(A short comment on your support is optional, but you don't have to comment)--~~~~. Your vote will probably be drowned out by all the others and closed before it can ever be posted to, but a no consensus vote is GOOD. This means your vandalism will be executed by you yourself, and you can't get blocked for it! How great is that?

  • Step 4:

Begin the vote. Votes work like this:
1. Others will type below Support or No Support. None of the "Weak Support", "Neutral", or "Weak No Support" votes will be allowed, as votes are only yes or no here. Other votes will be nullified.
2. At least 10 people must vote, with at least 5 in agreement or disagreement. This is to ensure that there are enough people to create a stalemate, so the admin in question can say the consensus was whatever they want and have it look legitimate.
3. The votes have 1 week to be completed, after that the result is final. If there is a very clear prevalence of an admin preferring a certain side of the debate, they can do whatever they want and block anybody who disagrees.
4. after 2 weeks, all votes will be sent to an archive, regardless of status. If you would like to continue an unfinished vote or retry a voided vote, don't bother,nobody cares.
5. A beauroecrat will do whatever the hell they want regardless of what the vote is. There are nice beaurocrats, but most have gone mad with power :(.
6. Wiki activity should continue as normal. If THIS consensus is ignored or violated, the consequences are much more severe. The offending editor will be blocked along with a small portion of their local IP range, no questions asked, no chance of appeal, talk-page privileges automatically revoked. They may also be eaten, slapped with a wet noodle, banished to Uncyclopedia, have their eyes held open as they are forced to stare at Goatse, or whatever other sadistic punishment someone thinks is suitable. This applies regardless of rank, editor, IP, Admin, Beaurocrat, or Jimbo himself.



Current Votes[edit]

Please do not actually vote here, as this entire page is a joke. This is not a fake noticeboard, but if you feel you must create one, I see no reason not to. Even thinking about putting a vote here is a blockable offense. Since I put the page here, my example vote stands, no more insertion of gratuitous obscene vandalism into articles. DO NOT VOTE HERE!!!!1111</big</big</big</big</big

Example Vote[edit]

Comment: This is an example of a vote. Do what you will. --██████ 01:29, 5 October 2012 (UTC)
Support As Nominator: Vandalism is bad, therefore I oppose random IPs placing the words "Fuck", "Shit", "I was here", and "My teacher is gay" in important articles.--██████ 01:29, 5 October 2012 (UTC)