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Loukinho(contribs) is yet another internet user who lives in Utah, a state in the Intermountain West region of the United States of America. The user enjoys Rock Climbing, sociology and foreign languages.

Userboxes without Boxes[edit]

  • This user agrees with the Fastily Manifesto while it lasted [1].
  • This user has academic degrees in Sociology, History, Political Science and International Relations.
  • This user keeps a low edit-count and prefers to make single improvements than press the button save several times in a single day. This user contributes for a low server load and will rarely waste time commenting on articles to inflate edit-count.
  • This user rarely makes 2 edits in a row in the same article, giving opportunity for other editors to evaluate edits.
  • This user has been using wikipedia since 2002 but was against registering an account until 2006. This user still remains strong to the core philosophy of the site. This user is not The Last of the Mohicans, but could very well be one of the few left. This user is politically biased towards WP:5P.
  • This user is still against registering accounts on Facebook, Linkedin or any other social network.
  • This user verifies information when available and believe that non-historians and humans in general are prone to misinterpretation of primary sources (and even secondary).
  • This user influences wikipedia by keeping it strong to the core.
  • This user smells shady articles from a mile's distance but won't always interfere with them.
  • This user knows that even well formatted articles can hide unencyclopedic content which most people can't see.
  • This user believes the world is better without wars of any kind.
  • This user has thought about stopping contributing to wikipedia for good, several times.
  • This user has seen undeserving people take positions of power, several times.
  • This user ran a Marathon in less than 4 hours.
  • This user does not use glasses.
  • This user loves Las Vegas.
  • This user wants to live Elsewhere.
  • This user actually can interpret texts.

Places I've been[edit]

The user has been to the following countries and states/provinces including:


Past user focus:

Current user focus:

  • Cleaning up Category:Companies of Brazil. There are many shady articles in there.

Feel free to help, since the user has little or no time available to dedicate entirely to such pages.

Task Force (You can help!)[edit]

(Totemo Muzukashii desu) Please keep in mind that if you are a "tagger" (a wikipedian that exclusively adds tags to articles without significantly improving it or caring about its improvement) just to accumulate edits, you could be contributing much more by either actually improving articles or helping with the task force below.




Ask for help![edit]