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Howdy! My name is Tom, and I am currently a student at Loyola University in Chicago. I have previously studied at Lumen Christi Catholic High School and the John Felice Rome Center in Rome, Italy. I was born in Jackson, Michigan and lived there until I was 18, which is when I moved to Chicago to study.

I began using Wikipedia on May 12, 2006, and have been active ever since. My main goal in this wonderful world of Wikipedia is the combat of vandalism. I think of vandalism as simply pointless, immature, and a waste of time. Worst of all, it seems to add a negative stigma to Wikipedia in the eyes of academics and others who are simply trying to find good, solid information on any topic. For that matter, I also try to find information in articles that are unsourced, the existence of which I have also found to be undermining Wikipedia's credibility, and correct them or point them out. I also try to correct English grammatical mistakes.