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Hey everyone,

So, uhh... it's been a long time since I've done anything on Wikipedia. I'm doing a lot of bike stuff for now, and so may end up contributing to those articles in the distant future. But I have no active projects.

I need this link: WP:IH/ELG

This link is helpful: Checklinks(wiki documentation)

I need this code:

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U.S. Routes and Interstate Highways in Illinois
Primary Interstate Highways
I-24.svg I-24 - I-39.svg I-39 - I-55.svg I-55 - I-57.svg I-57 - I-64.svg I-64 - I-70.svg I-70 - I-72.svg I-72 - I-74.svg I-74 - I-80.svg I-80 - I-88.svg I-88 - I-90.svg I-90 - I-94.svg I-94
U.S. Routes
US 6.svg US 6 - US 12.svg US 12 - US 14.svg US 14 - US 20.svg US 20 - US 24.svg US 24 - US 30.svg US 30 - US 34.svg US 34 - US 36.svg US 36 - US 40.svg US 40 - US 41.svg US 41 - US 45.svg US 45 - US 50.svg US 50 - US 51.svg US 51 - US 52.svg US 52 - US 54.svg US 54 - US 60.svgUS 62.svg US 60/62 - US 66.svg US 66 - US 67.svg US 67 - US 136.svg US 136 - US 150.svg US 150