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This user is no longer active on Wikipedia.

The time has come for me to retire from Wikipedia. In the recent months leading up to this, breaks became more frequent, and now I’m ready to come to a complete stop. I have been a member of this project for nearly two years, and I have been an administrator for 11 months. I don’t want to seem like I’m feeling sorry for myself, but I put such a lot of effort into this project, which I never feel was truly appreciated. There is too much conflict here, too many arguments - no one can agree - we all seem determined to prove each other wrong…and things like that will be fatal for this project.

I have my family, I have my friends and I have my career/training. All of these must take priority over Wikipedia. At one stage, there were times when I put Wikipedia over my friends…I chose to spend time on this dratted thing rather than be with them. That is an utter disgrace, and it will not happen again. I love my family and friends with all my heart; they mean such a lot to me, and I cannot dedicate any more time to Wikipedia.

I am at drama school, training to be an actor…you may see me on your TV screens one day…but you probably won’t know, as I am not thinking of changing my stage name to Lradrama!

Goodbye everybody; and to those who continue to dedicate a large amount of their time to Wikipedia…a word of caution…don’t forget to live.

Goodbye everyone xxx

A few names[edit]

These are some people I wish to mention for the reasons given;

  • Ryan Postlethwaite; for offering to nominate me for adminship
  • Xenocidic; for being an absolute pleasure to work with
  • 4u1e; for being such a great mentor when I first started out here
  • Phaedriel; for being a pleasure to work with, and for creating “Lradrama’s Day’’
  • Wimt for being a true Wiki-friend
  • J.delanoy; for being a true Wiki-friend
  • WBOSITG; for being a very pleasant workmate
  • Gurch; he sometimes portrayed himself as irritable and rash, but he had a heart of gold, and did a huge amount for this project
  • Balloonman & Tanthalas39; a strange couple of users…I never knew whether they liked me or not, but I still admired their work here
  • Keeper76; I awarded this user a barnstar in recognition of his work. He then went on to attack me for praising Kurt Weber…and then he did this
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