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This is a test page. Ignore whatever you see here :)

Polar polygon: sec(asin(sin(t*n/2))*2/n)

Fourier transform time and frequency domains.gif Hail anti-aliasing!

Ҡiff 02:58, 9 February 2006 (UTC)

Radial line

Trapezoid functions

asin(sin(x))*3/pi * ((sgn(sin(x))*sgn(sin(3*x))) + 1)/2 + (1-(sgn(sin(x))*sgn(sin(3*x))))/2 * sgn(sin(x));

HSV trapezoid function: ((sgn(1-((x-floor(x/3)*3)-3/2)^2)+1)/2 - (sgn(1-(2*((x-floor(x/3)*3)-3/2))^2)+1)/2 ) * (abs(2*(x-floor(x/3)*3)-3)-1) + (1-(sgn(1-((x-floor(x/3)*3)-3/2)^2)+1)/2) HSV-RGB-comparison.svg

Fourier series integral identities.gif

Newtons proof of Keplers second law.gif