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Elephant Trunks ...

Elephant trunks are gigantic columns made of dense gas and dust that are found in space.


Elephant trunks are created when newly formed O type and B type stars emit ultraviolet (UV) radiation. The UV radiation ionizes with the surrounding clouds of hydrogen gas, forming an expanding bubble known as the H II region. The elephant trunks form on the walls of the H II region starting when the most dense and compact clumps in the molecular cloud. The dense clumps resist the erosion caused by the radiation and stellar winds and act like a shield for the gas behind it, which causes the pillars to form. The dense clumps are known as evaporating gaseous globules (EGGs) and they are located at the tip of the columns.

H II Regions[edit]


The columns are made of ionized hydrogen gas


Pillars of Creation[edit]

The most famous example of an elephant trunk is the Pillars of Creation. It is located in the Eagle Nebula and the NASA HubbleSpace Telescope was able to capture its image by compiling multiple images together. The trunks stretch towards the center of the void in the SH2-284 and one of the columns is about seven light years long.

Rosetta Nebula[edit]

Elephant's Trunk Nebula[edit]


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