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Gary "Tralian" Ejen is the inventor of the unified two handed method of playing on a fret board of a string instrument. Method Patent #4,993,300 substaniates the method and the instrument in detail, which was won in the Patent Court of Appeals over the prior art of Chapman and Bunker. Awarded Feb. 19th 1991, the instrument publically known as the flutar was also awarded a design patent #281,700 on Dec.10th 1985 for having a counterbalancing body inherently adapted for the unified method, which shape is directly opposite of the ancient guitar. Publications and performances that include the flutar date back to 1982 when Ejen performed on a cable TV show, and in 1983 G.P.I. included Ejen's instrument in the June issue of Guitar Player Magazine under "Alternative Electrics" on page 42, edited by Jim Ferguson. "Showbusiness" newspaper in New York captioned Ejen and the flutar on Feb. 14th 1983. During that same year Ejen appeared as a guest on the Joe Franklin Show performing the first prototype of the instrument. In 1984 Ejen received an invitation for the flutar to be included in Quarto's book, The Guitar, The History, The Music, The Players, edited by Gene Santoro. The instrument can be found on page 196. Library Catalogue Card #83-62354. Ejen's flutar was again included in G.P.I.'s book, Guitar Gear in 1985 where the instrument is captioned on page 251, edited by John Brosh. Library Catalogue Card #84-62774. Ejen copyrighted music of the flutar on Sept. 2nd 1986; PAU 880-935. From 1990-94 Ejen appeared as "Tralian" with the Walt Disney Co. in Tommorrowland, in an on going intermittently televised show that highlighted his patented method of playing and the flutar instrument.