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Arrived - New Year's day 2007

Much of my life I've been in a sort of wilderness like Moses. Like Einstein, Newton, and many from Silicon Valley I have Asperger Syndrome. But now, thanks to a strict gluten-free-casein-free diet, I'm free of the root condition - though I cannot undo, nor would I wish to undo a lifetime of valuable experiences and lessons I would never have otherwise had. I'm both artist and scientist by study and recreation, I inherit excellent editing skills, and I am trained in spiritual counselling and life coaching. I care about the planet and humankind. I'm widely read, specializing in holistic material. And I'm a strong supporter of Jesus though I have my reservations about the Churches.

I stand firmly on both sides of the Creationist/Evolutionist fence. I passionately believe we each need to find our own inner "story" that speaks to the trusting child in each of us, yet also satisfies the adult sceptical scientist in each of us. I am saddened by the current low level of debate where people take "sides" and cannot entertain a "win-win" vision, a "both-and" version.

In 2008 I did a U-turn from climate warmist to climate sceptic. I was so appalled at the disinformation I found everywhere that I wrote it all up on my own website, in the Science section.

Visions for my work here and elsewhere[edit]

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For years I have a worked to develop a methodology-proven, discernment-seeking, context-sensitive Spiritual Science, rooted in Steiner's methodology but reaching further. This needs high standards of truth, courtesy, openness, self-awareness, awareness of problem issues, and willingness to work with "both/and" in preference to "either/or". There is a separation between Steiner's Spiritual Science and the scientific community, and between Steiner's contributions to Christianity and the Christian Churches (who despite dogmatic intolerance, also know the power of prayer and miracles of healing). Two great schisms. A key element requires developing / rewriting Steiner's "Philosophy of Freedom".

At present there is a prevalent sceptical attitude which dismisses, often in a polemical and unscientific way, supernatural phenomena that do not fit current scientific paradigms. Yet scepticism is important - so long as it is practised fairly. It seems a contradiction in terms to ignore the reality of emotional responses, or to "believe" in a Scientific Method which can only be applicable to physical realities. Scientific Method itself, by its very nature, should be testable and developable, open to explore the methods appropriate to exploring inner realities with the exactitude of scientific method. But this requires a close examination of the history of Scientific Method, and the process of thinking whereby we each understand and accept Scientific Method as a methodology for testing "the true nature of Reality".


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