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I stopped contributing a few years ago despite my initial enthusiasm because of too many clueless power-mad bureaucratic administrators, nut-case contributors with idees-fixes out to push personal/political agendas, contributors who are simply not amenable to reason, and no respect for real expertise or good writing. Not that I was ever the subject of or involved in any disputes or so-called disciplinary action. I tried contributing to Citizendium for a while, but it was going nowhere so I gave up.

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I am an economist working in the Yukon since 1989. My web page is at Descended from at least four generations of cabinetmakers and carpenters, I am also an amateur woodworker (see my woodworking page) and have a long history of participating in the rec.woodworking usenet newsgroup group until Wikipedia diverted me. I helped start the Woodworking Wikiproject.

Other than working on woodworking articles, my main past personal project is to clean up and write articles relating to the Yukon. I still intend to write a section on history in the main Yukon article, finish creating articles for all Yukon Communities and Yukon First Nations, add articles on important Yukon historical figures, etc..

I am also considering tagging every category that does not use the article "the" before "Yukon" with a NPOV tag. I know the issue has been discussed in a number of pages, but I, along with many other Yukoners, strongly believe that referring to the territory as "Yukon" instead of "the Yukon" is just plain wrong despite it having recently been enshrined the 2002 "Yukon Act". ;-)

I, Fawcett5, hereby award you the "Exceptional newcomer award" for your diligent efforts and excellent detective work on the Dictionary of Canadian Biography Initiative. Thanks!

While researching some Yukon historical figures, I inadvertently got sidetracked into helping out on the Dictionary of Canadian Biography project. I noticed that many important historical figures whose names I remember from elementary school history classes in Montreal were not linked properly.

Other contributions include some work on Italian-Canadians and cleaning up the Salmonid-related articles.

Having lived in many parts of Canada, from Newfoundland to the Yukon, I am contemplating rewriting the article on Canadian cuisine. My qualifications include having sampled Poutine and Hot Chicken or Hot Turkey sandwiches (complete with cannned peas) all the way from St John's to Beaver Creek.

I have also contributed to the French Language Wikipedia under the same user name, but most of my efforts so far have been in the English one.

Luigi Zanasi

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