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Geology and space sciences are of my interest. This page is currently in development. For the time being, I haven’t done too many modifications on these articles. Some of them contain my drawings and moderate modifications. New articles and more modifications will be done as I get ahead with other articles.


This section is not ready yet.


This section is not ready yet.

Apollo Program[edit]

This subsection is not ready yet.

Space Shuttle[edit]

Space shuttle thermal protection system (more is due to be done).
This subsection is under construction.


Planetary geology[edit]

Geology of the Moon, Geology of Venus.

Geologic features and terms[edit]

Glacier, Volcano.



Articles related to Lobos (my hometown): Lobos Partido (Administrative Area), Lobos, Lobos Lagoon, Empalme Lobos Salvador María Las Chacras, Zapiola, Elvira, Carboni, List of Mayors of Lobos.

Biographies: Juan Moreira.

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