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Every little bit helps!
(emphasis on "little")

Hello world! I've been involved with Wikipedia since June, 2005, have yet to make any really major contributions, and am comfortable with that fact. More an avid reader than an editor per se, I do try to make a difference when I come across a typo, grammatical error or blatant inaccuracy. On occasion I have mustered the drive to do more, and the results have not been entirely unsatisfactory. I added the micrography section to Voynich Manuscript (though, alas, after it was featured) and was pleasantly surprised to find one of my Behenian fixed star images on the Astronomy Portal. I keep telling myself I'll start making even more substantial offerings, but during grad school my time was monopolized by classes, rendering my resolve moot. That's behind me now, but so is the convenience of study at a research library, so it's anyone's guess how active I'll be here!

On the subject of Me
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Indian Food
DP Drinks nothing but Dr Pepper
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塊魂 Na na-na na-na na na na na Katamari Damacy!