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Kamilo Kratc
Kamilo Kratc
Kamilo Kratc
Background information
Also known as Kamilo Kratc
Born October 14, 1976
Genres Any genre
Occupation(s) Audio Engineer
Instruments Bass, Guitar, Piano
Years active 1998 – Present

Kamilo Kratc (born 14 October, 1976) in Medellín, Colombia is a sound recording, mixing, mastering engineer. Kamilo's studio engineering work includes recording for Latin Grammy nominated Alejandro Sanz "La Música No Se Toca" (2013), Grammy Award Winner Lila Downs for Best Regional Mexican or Tejano Album "Pecados y Milagros" (2012), Edmar Castañeda, mixing and mastering for Kerry Politzer, George Colligan, live recording for El Trono de Mexico "En Vivo en Nueva York" (2010).

Currently, Kamilo is the lead engineer at Soundworks Recording Studio (Astoria, NY), where he does most of his engineer work (2006-present).

Work as audio engineer[edit]


  • 1993 NEUS “Retroceso” (Bass, Keyboards)
  • 2002 Myiam Rose and The Presence “RAGE” (Assistant Recording)
  • 2003 Heritage O.P. "When I start to play" (Assistan Engineer)
  • 2003 Cascadú “Caribbean Odyssey” (Engineer, Mixing)


  • 2004 Topping Haggerty “Depends on how you look at it” (Engineer, Mixing)
  • 2004 Luba Mason “Collage” (Engineer)
  • 2004 Eric Milano “Eric Milano” (Engineer, Mixing)
  • 2004 The Minors “Not so Shy” (Engineer, Mixing)
  • 2004 Mathew Joseph “Firefly” (Engineer, Mixing, Mastering)
  • 2004 Saycon “Southern Pin-Up” (Engineer)
  • 2005 George Colligan “Realization” (Mixing, Mastering)
  • 2005 Shelly Bushan “Shelly Show” (Engineer)
  • 2006 Mala Waldron “Always There” (Assistant Engineer)
  • 2006 Ileana Santamaria “What I Want” (Engineer, Mixing)
  • 2006 Mathew Joseph “Eclectia” (Engineer, Mixing, Mastering)
  • 2006 Ty Stephens “Aquarian Mind” (Engineer, Mixing)
  • 2006 Kamal Ahmed“Raptorius” (Engineer)
  • 2006 Grupo Nikis “Grupo Nikis” (Engineer, credited as Camilo Crats Credits)
  • 2006 The Veltz Family “This” (Recording)


  • 2007 Pajtasi “Devil’s Craft” (Engineer, Mixing, Mastering)
  • 2007 Lonnie Plaxico “Lonnie Plaxico Group Live At the Zinc Bar NYC” (Mixing)
  • 2007 Kerry Politzer “You Took Me In” (Mixing, Mastering)
  • 2007 Howard Britz “Here I Stand” (Mixing, Mastering)
  • 2007 Andrea Tierra “Melodía Verde” (Engineer, Mixing, Mastering)
  • 2007 Bliminal “Soundworks Sessions” (Recording, Mixing, Mastering)
  • 2008 Jose Carbajal “El Chapin Ranchero” (Voice overdub Engineer, credited as Kamilo)
  • 2008 Grupo Nikis “Lo Nuevo y Lo Mejor” (Engineer, Mixing)
  • 2008 Chiemi Nakai and Manu Bizeau “Bridges” (Mixing, Mastering)
  • 2008 Jose Luis “Unforgettable” (Engineer, Mixing, Mastering)
  • 2008 The Sounds of Taraab “Nights of Zanzibar” (Engineer, Mixing, Mastering)
  • 2008 Grupo Irék “Yo Se Que Te Gusta” (Engineer, Mixing)
  • 2008 Decembers Fall “Awakening” (Mixing, Mastering)
  • 2008 George Colligan “Runaway” (Mixing, Mastering)
  • 2008 Jim Mercado, Rick Kasper, Donn S. Ehlrich and Tim Krol Lullabies (Re-mastering)
  • 2008 Berta Jottar “Rumbos de la Rumba” (Engineer, Mixing, Mastering)
  • 2008 Son de Brooklyn “Los Hipsters No Bailan” (Engineer, Mixing, Mastering)
  • 2008 Kerry Politzer “Blue in Blue” (Mastering)
  • 2008 MysterE of Untouchable Records “OBAMA-RAMA” (Recording, Mixing, Mastering)
  • 2008 Quimbombó “Conga Eléctrica” (Recording, Mixing)
  • 2009 La Excelencia “Mi Tumbao Social” (Engineer, Mixing)
  • 2009 Alonzo Levister “Jazzanova” (Engineer, Mixing, Mastering)
  • 2009 Sonnet (Recording, Mixing)
  • 2009 Lara Bello "Niña Pez" (Voice, Sax Overdub Recording)


  • 2010 Rafi Malkiel “Water” (Overdub Recording)
  • 2010 Oscar Dows “Para Siempre” (Recording, Mixing, Mastering)
  • 2010 Revelación De Fuego “Sueños” (Recording, Mixing, Mastering)
  • 2010 Colt “EP 2010” (Recording, Mixing, Mastering)
  • 2010 El Trono de Mexico “En Vivo Desde Nueva York” Live Recorded at La Boom July 18, 2010. (Live Audio Recording)
  • 2010 Kerry Politzer “Blue In Blue” (Mixing, Mastering)
  • 2010 E.J. Antonio “Rituals in The Marrow” (Mixing, Mastering)
  • 2011 Chia Dance Party “La Miel” (Recording, Mixing, Mastering)
  • 2010 Don Salvador Sextet “The Art of Samba Jazz” (Recording all tracks, except track 5)
  • 2011 Bridges and Powerlines “Eve” Recording of Drums
  • 2011 Gotham City Mashers (single) “Glory or Death” (Recording, Mixing)
  • 2011 Gotham City Mashers (album) “Gotham City Mashers” (Recording, Mixing & Mastering)
  • 2011 Nu D’Lux “Funky Guajiro” (Recording)
  • 2011 Graveshift “Live It Up” for LiveItUpTVShow (single) (Recording)
  • 2011 Josh Levine “Chromachord Dream” (Recording, Mixing, Mastering)
  • 2011 Rajdulari Barnes “HoneyWine” (Recording, Mixing, Mastering AKA “Bus Driver”)
  • 2011 “Pecados y Milagros” (Recording)
  • 2011 Lila Downs (single) “Palomo del Comalito” (Recording)
  • 2011 Laura Dreyer “Free Flying Bird” (Recording) - Nov. 11
  • 2011 Bio Ritmo “Bio Ritmo Live At SOB’s” (Recording, Mixing, Mastering) - Dec 10
  • 2011 La Excelencia (single) “La Economia” (Lead Engineer) - Dec 23
  • 2012 Lara Bello “Primero amarillo Después malva” - Mar 31
  • 2012 Sofia Rei “De Tierra y Oro” (tracking of additional percussion on track 1 “La Gallera”) - Oct 29
  • 2012 Arcano “Desde El Otro Lado Del East River” (Engineer, Mastering, Mixing)

Movie Collaborations[edit]

1. Well Kept Secrets - Athanassia (Sound Engineer)

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