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Scott Miller of Game Theory, Loud Family.jpg Lwarrenwiki is a True Gamester, a loud-fan, and an admirer of Scott Miller (1960–2013)
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Your obd't servant, Lwarrenwiki, has the honor to be obsessed with the musical Hamilton.
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Projects and interests:

Lwarrenwiki is an editor with particular interests in American power pop music, American history of the Revolutionary War era, Hamilton (the musical), and 19th century literature.

About Lwarrenwiki[edit]

Lwarrenwiki often edits articles related to music or musicians in the genres of power pop and jangle pop, as well as Paisley Underground artists of the 1980s–1990s, and current successors to that tradition. Examples include significant expansions of pages such as The Both, Scott Miller, Game Theory, Mitch Easter, Doug Gillard, and newly created pages for albums such as Real Nighttime, Blaze of Glory, and Distortion, along with expansions of related album pages. Lwarrenwiki created pages on critic/musician Tris McCall and critic Brett Milano, on music magazines Bucketfull of Brains and The Pitchfork Review, and on record label Omnivore Recordings. Lwarrenwiki has also improved occasional articles that intersect those interests (like Cats Laughing) from stub-level to more like C-level, without committing further.

In addition to music, Lwarrenwiki's areas of interest include 19th-century British novelists (e.g., Jane Austen, Wilkie Collins), and even more so, a select few modern novelists writing in the style of 19th-century European novelists (e.g., Patrick O'Brian, Naomi Novik, Steven Brust's Khaavren Romances).

More recently, Lwarrenwiki has undertaken improvements (and patrolling against vandalism!) related to Alexander Hamilton and his descendants, including the creation of new articles on his youngest child Philip Hamilton (the second), a grandson named Alexander Hamilton, Jr. (remedying confusion with Hamilton's son Alexander Hamilton Jr.), and another grandson, Louis McLane Hamilton.

Lwarrenwiki created new userboxes, visible on the right side of this page, for interests in the musical Hamilton (userbox v1, userbox v2), 19th century novelists (userbox), and Scott Miller's musical legacy (userbox).

This editor also dabbles in dabs, and has entered the fray of curating new pages, reviewing or patrolling pending changes, reviewing recent changes, doing the odd peer review (tool, docs), and engaging in other administrivial activity (AfD, CfD, typo adoption, and the like).

If only Wikipedia paid as well as the day job!

Typo adoption[edit]

The Adopt-a-typo project aims to maintain the quality of Wikipedia by purging it of some of the most common typographical errors. It is an effort of the Wikipedia Typo Team. This editor has adopted the following typos:

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In the interest of preventing the busy reader from being burdened or overwhelmed with trivia, and to forestall ennui on the part of the jaded reader inclined to respond to long lists with "TL;DR", this wikiography and certain userbox categories are presented in the form of collapsed tables. Gluttons for punishment may feel free to expand these tables, as may be desired for any or all of the collapsed table headings, by clicking upon the bracketed word "show" where it appears in the right margin.

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All contributions by Lwarrenwiki are copyright © 2013–2018 by Lwarrenwiki (talk). All rights reserved. Licensed to Wikimedia Foundation under the CC BY-SA 3.0 License and the GFDL. Contact Lwarrenwiki (talk) if you wish to obtain a license under other license terms.

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