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Dr. Lois Wilcken (Ph.D., Ethnomusicology), a native New Yorker, has had the pleasure of researching the traditional music and dance of Haiti in Port-au-Prince and in the Haitian diaspora in New York City. She shares her experiences with academic and general audiences, and administers and develops programs with La Troupe Makandal, particularly around the life and work of the last Haitian Master Drummer Frisner Augustin. She has published essays and reviews, and presented at seminars and meetings in the United States and abroad. White Cliffs Media Company published her book, The Drums of Vodou, in 1992. In 1998, the University of Illinois Press published Island Sounds in the Global City, which she co-edited with Dr. Ray Allen. Dr. Wilcken created the exhibit, Musique Vodou en Haïti, for La Médiatèque Caraïbes of Basse-Terre in Guadeloupe, and one may view it online in French or English at She is currently annotating a collection from her field videos for publication online in the Ethnographic Video for Instruction and Analysis Digital Archive (EVIADA) based at Indiana University; and she is organizing an online annotated archive about Haitian Vodou drumming focusing on the legacy of Mr. Augustin.