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Wikipedia is a little broken right now, so I won't be around (as) much. Let me know if/when that changes?

Willkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome...

  • It just might be time to start thinking about deploying a template in the article space, for articles about people with the same (or very simillar) names on here; no?  :p & i mean a box/menu something, not just the dinky little hatnote template we use now. It might be time to think about something simillar for all dabs, actually.
  • This user is "de-prioritizing" work @ Wikipedia, until things get less broken here.
  • BLP IS BROKEN: this user thinks the whole wiki-community really needs to review BLP

BLP on wikipedia is a dead loss; wikipedia is neither an RS, nor a source-of-record when it comes to "biographies of living persons". if you want to find a good, factually complete bio, "objective" or otherwise, either look elsewhere or wait until the person has been dead for a while. because when it comes to "living persons", wikipedia is useless. it's not that there will be nothing there, or that the facts that are show will be untrue; it's WHAT IS LEFT OUT, that makes it crap.

basically, unless a person is famous for being a criminal, saying anything negative about them is "controversial", & may be subject to arbitrary elimination REGARDLESS OF FACT. It doesn't matter if it is true, or even verifiable; saying too much about it "isn't nice".

that is the FAIL

RS is not the reason, RS is the excuse.

A simple recitation of fact is not "wp:undue".

when it comes to living people, search for their biographies elsewhere. we may or may not have an article about the person, depending on their "wp:notability" & whether they are "wp:blp1e" or not, but if we do, their bio won't be complete, or comprehensive, or even "encyclopedic". on wikipedia we have some nice biographies of dead people, & a few good articles about other things.


User:Lx_121/Key problems @ Wikipedia/EN

Hi; I'm Lx.

I write, copyedit, sort things, create inter-wiki links, & also work with artists; recruiting them to join WikiMedia & placing their work, as merited:

These days, I spend most of my WikiMedia working-time @ wmc (commons).

Artist's Working Group

Other things I'm working on:

User:Lx 121/WikiMediaWatch

User:Lx 121/newpagemaker&newcategorymaker


User:Lx_121/fuq (frequently-used quotes)

"anytime a wikipedia article does not come up in the top ten results on a google search, (it means that) we haven't done our jobs right" - quotations from me :P

Rule of Thumb (for wikiprojects in general)-- If you are spending more time working on user comments/discussions, than you are in actually doing work on the project itself, then you are probably doing it wrong...

Suggestion -- If you have just spent a great deal of time in "discussions", then go & do some useful work proof/copy editing, or etc.; you'll feel much better & FAR more productive afterwards.

Suggestion -- If you become involved in a "discussion" on-wiki, say your piece, say everything that you have to say about the subject under discussion, & then walk away for AT LEAST 24 hours, before responding to anything. Unless the wiki is on fire, it's not that urgent to get in your next "round".

Don't expect to convince people with your case, but if you space things out, at least you'll spend/waste less time being frustrated by people who don't read/don't understand/don't want to understand it.

THEN go & do some useful work on the project...

Things I have not uploaded at Wikimedia Commons[edit]

(usually because they do not meet WMC's "dual jurisdiction"-PD rule)

At the present time, most of this is going to be postcard art; mostly original, handmade works & focussed around WWI. When I have enough material, I'll do a separate gallery-page for the WWI-related stuff; hopefully I'll have it up in time for the centennial.

It's here instead of at Commons because while it is all free & clear under U.S. law, as PD pre-1923, it's not necessarily PD in its "country of origin" (if that concept has any meaning given all of the accumulated changes of states & borders in Europe since the time of these works' creation).

For things I have uploaded @ WMC, go here [1]

  • Update: I don't upload content at wikimedia commons anymore. I don't do much of anything else at wmc anymore. Barring unexpected developments, that won't be changing in the near-to-foreseeable future. I shall continue to "curate" the items that i have already uploaded @ commons. i will continue to use, organise, & cross-link with wmc content for my activities @ wp & possibly @ wikidata. but otherwise, i am done with wikimedia commons; i do not expect to return to my activities there for some time, if ever. (let me know if anything @ commons changes; i won't be watching the place very closely & might miss it "when the revolution comes" :p)
Until further notice ALL of my new uploads will be posted here. I may have to re-think this page's layout, accordingly. IF you want to move an item of mine over to wmc, PLEASE make sure that the copyrights are in accordance with common's "dual-jurisdiction" rule. AND that the file WILL get transferred back here, if it ends up being deleted @ commons. AND please consult with me if & before changing filenames? My naming-system isn't pretty, & i am open to improvements, but it is a SYSTEM; i've got craploads of material to upload & catalogue, & i need naming-formats to help keep track.

Things I HAVE uploaded @ Wikimedia Commons, that relate to stuff I've uploaded here[edit]

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