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A.F.K. - doing other things. call me when the revolution comes?

Until then, do not expect any further contributions by me, to this project; unless i feel like it. & if i ever do, it'll be some uploads or other fun & easy crap; no more "working" on here. i no longer feel the need to contribute &, more importantly, i no longer "believe" in the project & the community-process as it "functions" in this place. i am not going to "try" anymore, & i do not care. good-bye. Lx 121 (talk) 03:16, 17 December 2017 (UTC)

2018-01-01 Public Domain Day *(but not in the USA; not until at least 2019-01-01),_therefore_now_in_the_Public_Domain

*This user is AFK

Wikipedia is a little broken right now, so I won't be around (as) much. Let me know if/when that changes?

Willkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome...

  • It just might be time to start thinking about deploying a template in the article space, for articles about people with the same (or very simillar) names on here; no? :p & i mean a box/menu something, not just the dinky little hatnote template we use now. It might be time to think about something simillar for all dabs, actually.
  • This user is "de-prioritizing" work @ Wikipedia, until things get less broken here.
  • BLP IS BROKEN: this user thinks the whole wiki-community really needs to review WP:BLP
  • The quality standards applied to wikipedia articles (such as "weasel words", "citation needed", etc.) BADLY need to be applied to all the "WP" (rules/policy/guidelines) pages... '


User:Lx_121/Key problems @ Wikipedia/EN

Hi; I'm Lx.

I write, copyedit, sort things, create inter-wiki links, & also work with artists; recruiting them to join WikiMedia & placing their work, as merited:

Artist's Working Group

Other things I'm working on:

User:Lx 121/WikiMediaWatch

User:Lx 121/newpagemaker&newcategorymaker


User:Lx_121/fuq (frequently-used quotes)

"anytime a wikipedia article does not come up in the top ten results on a google search, (it means that) we haven't done our jobs right" - quotations from me :P

Things I have not uploaded at Wikimedia Commons[edit]

(usually because they do not meet WMC's "dual jurisdiction"-PD rule)

At the present time, most of this is going to be postcard art; mostly original, handmade works & focussed around WWI. When I have enough material, I'll do a separate gallery-page for the WWI-related stuff; hopefully I'll have it up in time for the centennial.

It's here instead of at Commons because while it is all free & clear under U.S. law, as PD pre-1923, it's not necessarily PD in its "country of origin" (if that concept has any meaning given all of the accumulated changes of states & borders in Europe since the time of these works' creation).

For things I have uploaded @ WMC, go here [1]

Things I HAVE uploaded @ Wikimedia Commons, that relate to stuff I've uploaded here[edit]

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