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Hello, and welcome to my user page. Please feel free to leave comments on my talk page, as I enjoy getting them.

About me[edit]

The Name[edit]

The name Lyellin is actually a modification of the name of a forest from the book "The Deed of Paksnarrion". I used to play GURPs, a role-playing game, and needed a character name quickly for some scenario, so I made up this. It has since stuck.

Wiki Interests[edit]

  • University of Pittsburgh
  • Dance related articles
  • Wikinews
  • Wikibooks/Wikireaders - which, since I came back, seem to have both changed and exploded, which is great.

Useful Links[edit]

My Contributions- The Brag Page
My Sandbox
My ToDo list, the evergrowing entity
Pittsburgh Organizing list

Useful Pages- For me Mostly[edit]

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the University of Pittsburgh.
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