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The LymanSchool name[edit]

The Lyman School for Boys in Westborough, Massachusetts, is a famous reform school. Since Wikipedia had no entries referencing this now closed school, I decided to use its name and create the page. User LymanSchool is one of the thousands of successful graduates of this famous and sometimes infamous institution.

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Hello! I am Richard B. Johnson. I like to write stuff. My first book was Abominable Firebug ISBN 059-5386-679. In the meantime, I shouldn’t quit the day-job which involves both hardware and software engineering designing Computed tomography equipment.

Special Interests[edit]

  • Rivers and waterworks
  • Hydrology
  • Electronic hardware
  • Antennas
  • Strange geology
  • Strange history
  • Aviation
  • Making police angry by photographing INFRASTRUCTURE!

My sandbox[edit]