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Lynde Washington (born July 2, 1977) Washington D.C.

As a child he had two things in his hands, a paintbrush in one and a football in the other. Washington was introduced to the world of art and football from two of the most influential people in his life, his great- grandfather and his father. His great-grandfather, Lynnwood "Lynde" Jordan was a well respected artist, jeweler, and teacher who introduced the young Lynde into various forms of art. At the same time his father Joseph Washington was teaching Lynde the art of football. Throughout most of his life, Washington was torn between his love of art and his passion for football.

Lynde attended the University of Maryland on a full athletic scholarship where he received a bachelor's degree in Fine Art and Art History. While attending graduate school on another full scholarship at Hofstra University on Long Island, New York, he was picked up by the NFL's Baltimore Ravens as a free agent and his artistic career was put on hold once again. After playing in the NFL, Lynde played in minor football leagues such as XFL and Arena Football. It was at this time that Lynde made the decision to pursue his art career full-time.

What differentiates Lynde from other African American artists is his focus on the diverse aspects of Black culture from his memories of growing up in the 80's and 90's. It is his passion to capture his generation, his people and his culture in the works of Black American art he creates. Lynde's artwork is exciting, bold and expressive. Not only is he fascinated by the human form, but emotions, body language and movement inspire him as well. Lynde brings his subjects up close and personal, spontaneous yet intimate. His style, sense of color, and attention to the moment is eye catching and being noticed by many. Lynde's work dock the walls of many current and former pro athletes and professionals across the country. He values his collector and only prints small numbered limited editions. Lynde will be showing his original African American art prints in a town near you, check him out....

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