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M.Felicity Biggans- Designer and Owner of Mane Goal-A world wide known Creator- Designer and Owner Of Mane Goal Clothing Line.Being a Polo Player became her interest and passion for designing a clothing line for women at an early age . The empowerment for women and for woman polo player on women's clothes as a logo was finally her passion .M.Felicity Biggans was an actress at the London Academy and several other drama schools in England ,also she attended the high school of Performing arts in Philadelphia ,an accomplished stage and tv actress and polo player in the U.S as a young child . Family means everything to M.Felicity Biggans,Her sister Kelli Biggans and Brother Ron are her Mane Goal clothing line models along with their other established careers .M.Felicity Biggans major support and inspiration came from her Mom Paddi Biggans. She will continue her journey in design and support empowering women in every situation and sport. Felicity resides in Manhatten .