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MCB is Michael C. Berch, born October 10, 1956 in Los Angeles, California, presently residing in Pleasanton, California, in the San Francisco Bay Area.

I am an attorney, IT consultant, writer, longtime UNIX geek, longtime Internet geek, former magazine editor, food & travel enthusiast, California native.

My Wikipedia interests mostly involve food, cooking, restaurants, travel and tourism, hotels, transportation (especially airlines/airports/aircraft), geography, history, and legal topics. I am a member of WikiProject Aviation and a number of its sub-projects, WikiProject San Francisco Bay Area, and helped restart WikiProject Food and Drink.

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Admin requests[edit]

I am an administrator on the English-language Wikipedia. If you need assistance or information specifically from me, please post to my Talk page, or if it's more general, see Wikipedia:Requests for administrator attention for more information.


I do have Babel boxes and ISO 15924 boxes, but they're really not quite descriptive enough to be useful, especially at the lower ability levels (like mine). Basically, I'm a native English speaker, not fluent in any other language, but I can get along reasonably well in reading/writing French (and occasionally edit the fr Wikipedia); I can make fairly decent sense out of written Spanish; I have about a semester each of Russian, Japanese, and Hebrew, and am presently studying Mandarin Chinese at a beginning level, using simplified Chinese characters.

Articles I created[edit]

Aaron DurleyALM Flight 980Anaheim IceArthur Bryant'sCape Town TreatyChuck steakCourt of Historical ReviewCruz ReynosoDarius Ogden MillsDogpatch, San Francisco, CaliforniaErebus: The AftermathFinancier (pastry)Fresh ChoiceGougèreHamilton CampHôtel LutetiaKaren DiorKenny ButtreyLacey FosburghMailgramMussel RockNorth American Meat Processors AssociationORBIS InternationalOxtailPleasanton WeeklyPolidorRay KidderSwiss steakTomales Bay State ParkTombstone (advertising)Veeraswamy


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