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Template:FBStats Navbar

{{{Season}}} {{{type}}}


This template is the main entry for a table containing the yearly stats for a single player or team. It is to be used in conjunction with the other templates associated with this table (under See also).


This should be identical to the Start template.

  • Position: (not to be blindly used by their position they play, but the stats they record, as a RB will record WR stats and WR will record RB stats)
    • QB=(anything to trigger)
    • RB=(anything to trigger)
    • WR=(anything to trigger)
    • K=(anything to trigger)
    • P=(anything to trigger)
    • D=(anything to trigger)
  • Scoring=(anything to trigger) (optional), this field is forced on for QB, WR, RB and K, but if P or D need this, it can be turned on.
  • returner=(anything to trigger) (optional), the field should be turned on if the player earns receiving stats (punting or kicking return stats)

The stat fields to be entered depend on which of the above is used. Some fields are calculated based on other fields, so the number of fields may differ from the number displayed.

  • The scoring fields should be the number of points, not the quantity.
    • |TDRUSH=
    • |TDREC=
    • |TDRET=
    • |2PT=
    • |FG=
    • |PAT=

Basic usage[edit]

{{FBStats Entry|QB=|RB=|WR=|K=|P=|D=|Scoring=|returner=|type=}}
{{FBStats Entry|QB=y

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