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I'm quite new to Wikipedia, having started only in April of 2006. But I have found it inordinately useful for casual research on random topics, and learning about things that I might not otherwise have the time or the motivation to find out about. I found myself turning to Wikipedia so often that I thought it would be only polite to add to these pages whatever trivia I happen to know, in case anyone might find it useful.

My feeling about Wikipedia is that it is an anonymous, communal public service, no different from, say, picking up stray litter and tossing it into a garbage can, or stopping to help a stranger with a flat tire: It is not a necessary chore, but it certainly adds to the general agreeableness of our lives.

If I am unwilling to tell you anything about myself, it's because I feel the work people do for Wikipedia ought to be as anonymous and devoid of personality as any other communal public task we do on a daily basis. It is important, writing here.