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This is MLCamp's User Page[edit]

Hi, this is my user page! Welcome!

I'm pretending to be bright and positive!

OF course, I'm not really! I am a mean bitter person.

I just thought that you should know...[edit]

That I am attracted to, er... interested in many a bird of prey.

I would love a peregrine falcon or a snowy owl anyday. Hell, I'd even take a scavenger, like a raven. (Who are actually quite intelligent, even if they love shiny things!)

I am an owner of a parrot but also small birds like cockatiels. (NO! I don't do that! Ew!)

If I could I would own a kakapo because they are adorable, helpless little creatures. PLEASE HELP THEM!

I very much enjoy battle strategy games like Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, and Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. Hopefully when Fire Emblem: The Goddess of Dawn comes out it will be wonderful. I also play dungeons and dragons. Deal with it, boy.

I love survival horror games like Silent Hill and Biohazard is pretty cool for the more campy type. The RED DEVIL made me do it!

I also love stealth espionage action games like Metal Gear Solid and I need to know who are The Patriots?

I also like Harry Gregson-Williams and appreciate his composing talents just like Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima who made a lot of games YOU probably have never heard of. But, even though you might not play games like Snatcher or Penguin Adventure atleast Metal Gear might teach you about things like GRU or Spetsnaz. You might be interested in learning about them since they still exist unlike the late KGB.

I love history, the cold war era in particular. Learning about the past helps us realize what we still aren't doing right in the present. I realize the United States of America is a superpower, but we HAVE gone too far. Speaking of the US I also love geography because still today there are places I've never even heard of.

Anyway, I'm tired. I'll edit this page more later. Pah.