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The setting sun illuminates the top of a classic anvil-shaped thunderstorm cloud, eastern Nebraska

P1010331 (2).jpg
Bald eagle picture taken in Nebraska

Salamander Glacier.jpg
The Salamander Glacier in Glacier National Park, Montana

My username is from a character in the movie Blazing Saddles...though some here may disagree, I have little in common with this character...anyway, check out MONGO in action here...I actually have more in common with this critter. I am not from nor was Mongo, Indiana named after me, though that locale is likely quite incredible.

I have an essay about why linking to harassment is BAD...please read it only if you have plenty of free time available.

I was once an administrator...but was desysopped by the Arbitration Committee in 2006.

I have pages on Commons where I usually upload my images and release them to the public domain and Meta which I rarely use.

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I was born at 07:17 on January 18, 2005...before that, I did not exist. Since my birth I have made over 75,000 edits...and only one that was automated...for what that is worth... and have started over 1223 articles and have collaborated on 13 Featured Articles....I am one of the primary editors who reinitiated the effort to get semi-protection implemented...though earlier efforts had failed to get the featured adopted, by July 2005 the rate of "drive-by vandalism" had increased so much, the effort was December 2005, administrators had the new ability to semi-protect pages and the rate of vandalism dropped to almost zero in some cases where the semi-protection was applied.

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The Hairy Shakespeare of the Woods Award
Bigfoot MONGO hereby awarded unique Hairy Shakespeare of the Woods Barnstar for hrair Featured
and hairy and leafy National Park articles! bishzilla ROARR!! 16:13, 23 June 2013 (UTC).
Neotropical cormorant seen in DeSoto National Wildlife Refuge...image of an "accidental" or rare bird sighting for the Iowa/Nebraska region. By Accidental, that means that actual reports of sightings for this species are generally recorded only 1 to 4 times per decade for a region...though the species may be seen more often but people mistake it for something else, or don't bother to report the sighting.

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Featured article North Cascades National Park was promoted in July 2018 thanks to a well thought out peer review by MapReader and extensive review at FAC by GreenMeansGo (who also did substantive copyediting) and Jens Lallensack as well as an excellent copyedit by John. Many thanks as well to Nikkimaria for their image review, a reference check by Brianboulton and further assistance by Juliancolton, Casliber and Gerda Arendt. Its always a pleasure to see so many well regarded editors contribute their time and thoughts to this process. The article appeared as Todays Feature Article on October 2, 2018, the fiftieth anniversary of the establishment of the park.

Featured article William F. Raynolds was promoted in January 2015. My only FA biography, this heretofore overlooked person was "almost famous" so I decided to collate his many achievements in one place which was no easy endeavour due to his living at a time in U.S. history when there were many others of greater fame. Many thanks to so many Wikipedians for their collaboration on this effort....including Bishonen, Mike Cline, Nikkimaria, Dank, AustralianRupert, Ian Rose, DHeyward, BusterD and Laser brain. Appeared as Todays' featured article on March 17, 2020, the 200th anniversary of his birth.

Featured article Blackwater Fire of 1937 was promoted in September 2013 and examines the events of the deadly wildfire that killed 15 firefighters in Shoshone National Forest, Wyoming and the subsequent investigations that led to a better understanding of fire behavior and firefighter safety. Many thanks to Ugog Nizdast for a great peer review and Parutakupiu, Quadell and PumpkinSky for their wise suggestions and participation at the FAC. This article appeared as Today's Featured Article on November 6, 2013.

Featured article Fort Yellowstone is an article started and written by Mike Cline and though we are conominators, he deserves the credit. Mike was kind enough to let me nominate and do much of the copyediting and it was promoted in May 2013. Appeared as Today's Featured Article on February 16, 2016.

Featured article Grand Teton National Park was a collaboration between me and Frutti di Mare who did lots of copyediting during the peer review. Promoted on June 28, 2012, but only possible due to the wise reviews and suggestions of numerous other editors including Mav, Mike Cline, Nikkimaria, RJHall, PumpkinSky, GrahamColm and Casliber. Grand Teton National Park is my favorite place so I also created more than 100 supporting articles about canyons, lakes, mountains and significantly increased the image files at Commons using donated media from editors including Acroterion who also wrote numerous articles about historical structures in the park. Appeared as Today's Featured Article on February 26, 2013.

Featured article Pallid sturgeon Played with this article for over two years and finally with the help of others, was able to get it to featured level in December 2008. A relic of the dinosaur days, this incredible fish native to the Missouri River is nearly extinct, so I was pleased to see the article on this harmless critter get showcased as Today's Featured Article on December 11, 2015.

Featured article Yellowstone fires of 1988, promoted in September 2007, was written to document one of the most dramatic events in National Park Service history. Much thanks to numerous editors including Bishonen for all the fine copyediting, Wsiegmund for his assistance adapting a fire progression gif and other additions and Rlevse for his fine tuning. This article appeared as Today's Featured Article on September 8, 2008.

Rocky mountain bull Elk

Featured article Elk which was promoted in June 2007, was split off from the Red deer article after DNA evidence concluded it was a distinct species. I had lots of help here from a number of other editors. This article appeared as Today's Featured Article on December 14, 2010.

Featured article Banff National Park was written primarily by Aude but I nominated it. Promoted in September 2006 it was Today's Featured Article on October 15, 2006.

Featured article Redwood National and State the article looked before rewrite, main contributor, but had a lot of assistance from others, especially Bishonen. This article was promoted in June 2006 and appeared as Today's Featured Article on May 17, 2008.

Featured article Glacier National Park (U.S.) the article looked before rewrite, major contributor along with Elkman. This article promoted in May 2006 and appeared as Today's featured article on May 11, 2010...the 100th anniversary of the park's establishment. Article updated in 2010 for mainpage appearance.

Featured article Retreat of glaciers since 1850 was promoted in April 2006 and appeared as Today's Featured Article on April 18, 2006. This article is an excellent example of the collaborative spirit of Wikipedia. I might have started it, but without the excellent additions made by Wsiegmund, Peltoms and Lulu of the Lotus-Eaters as well as an exhaustive review by Doug Bell and never would have gotten to the level it is.

Featured article Shoshone National Forest was promoted in February 2006 and appeared as Today's Featured Article on January 14, 2007. Article was updated by January 2014, with the number of references tripled and improved information.

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Articles started


Yellowstone cutthroat trout, Wyoming Toad, Featured articlePallid sturgeon, Fender's blue butterfly, Eastern-tailed blue butterfly, Featured articleElk, Scaphirhynchinae


2011 Oklahoma earthquake, 2020 Central Idaho earthquake

Forest fires\Wildfires

Featured articleYellowstone fires of 1988, Featured articleBlackwater Fire of 1937, Rocky Mount Fire of 2016, Sprague Fire, Adair Peak Fire, Meyers Fire, Howe Ridge Fire, Boundary Fire, Roosevelt Fire

Geology and geography

Rock formations Great Divide Basin2.jpg
Bluffs in the Great Divide Basin, Wyoming

Great Divide Basin, Appekunny Formation, Quake Lake, Rocky Mountain Front, Gros Ventre landslide, Cirque of the Towers, Smith River National Recreation Area, Rising Sun (Montana), Two Medicine, St. Mary, Montana, Many Glacier, Garden Wall, Big Drift, Death Canyon, Granite Canyon, Cascade Canyon, Chalco Hills Recreation Area, Rogers Pass (Montana), Paintbrush Canyon, Platte River State Park, Golden Gate Canyon, Opal Pool, Turquoise Pool, Belgian Pool, Bulger Geyser, West Triplet Geyser, Canyons of the Teton Range, Webb Canyon, Colter Canyon, Waterfalls Canyon, Snowshoe Canyon, Leigh Canyon, Hanging Canyon, Valhalla Canyon, Open Canyon, Avalanche Canyon, Phillips Pass, Paintbrush Divide, Hurricane Pass, Moose Basin Divide, Mount Meek Pass, Fox Creek Pass, Static Peak Divide, Mount Hunt Divide, Jackass Pass (Teton County, Wyoming), Alaska Basin, Wilderness Falls (Teton County, Wyoming), Death Canyon Shelf, Nooksack Cirque, Blackwater Natural Bridge, Freestone stream, Prairie Queen Recreation Area, Wild Goose Island, Ear Spring, Semi-Centennial Geyser, Yellowstone Natural Bridge


Wisconsin glaciation (now a redirect), Featured articleRetreat of glaciers since 1850, Glacial lake outburst flood, Grasshopper Glacier (Montana), Gannett Glacier, Grinnell Glacier, Jackson Glacier, Blackfoot Glacier, Peyto Glacier, Bow Glacier, Crowfoot Glacier, Vulture Glacier (Alberta), Hector Glacier, Wapta Icefield, Waputik Icefield, Saskatchewan Glacier, Quelccaya Ice Cap, Schoolroom Glacier, Upper Fremont Glacier, Cloud Peak Glacier, Furtwängler Glacier, Rebmann Glacier, Gem Glacier, Middle Teton Glacier, Teton Glacier, Teepe Glacier, Mingyong Glacier, Skillet Glacier, Triple Glaciers, Falling Ice Glacier, Petersen Glacier, Lower Curtis Glacier, Dinwoody Glacier, Downs Glacier, Klondike Glacier, Grasshopper Glacier (Wyoming), Sourdough Glacier, J Glacier, Connie Glacier, Continental Glacier, East Torrey Glacier, Baby Glacier (Wyoming), Mammoth Glacier, Minor Glacier, Gooseneck Glacier, Stroud Glacier, Twins Glacier, Heap Steep Glacier, Helen Glacier, Sacagawea Glacier, Lower Fremont Glacier, Bull Lake Glacier, Knife Point Glacier, Harrower Glacier, Washakie Glacier, Swiftcurrent Glacier, Stanton Glacier, Grant Glacier, Chaney Glacier, Agassiz Glacier (Montana), Boulder Glacier (Montana), DuNoir Glacier, Fishhawk Glacier, Timpanogos Glacier, Wind River Glacier, Shepard Glacier, Miche Wabun Glacier, Logan Glacier, Red Eagle Glacier, Harrison Glacier, Ahern Glacier, Herbst Glacier, Harris Glacier, Dixon Glacier, Carter Glaciers, Baby Glacier, Hudson Glacier, Ipasha Glacier, Kintla Glacier, Lupfer Glacier, North Swiftcurrent Glacier, Old Sun Glacier, Piegan Glacier, Pumpelly Glacier, Pumpkin Glacier, Rainbow Glacier, Sexton Glacier, Siyeh Glacier, The Salamander Glacier, Thunderbird Glacier, Two Ocean Glacier, Vulture Glacier (Montana), Weasel Collar Glacier, Whitecrow Glacier, Beartooth Glacier, Blackwell Glacier, Castle Rock Glacier, Fissure Glacier, Swan Glaciers, Wolf Glacier, Sky Top Glacier, Hidden Glacier, Granite Glacier, Sunrise Glacier, Mountaineer Glacier, Gray Wolf Glacier, McDonald Glacier, Sundance Glacier, Snowbank Glacier, Phantom Glacier, Hopper Glacier, West Northwall Firn, East Northwall Firn, Carstensz Glacier, Crook Glacier, Bend Glacier, Clark Glacier, Lewis Glacier, Prouty Glacier, Lost Creek Glacier, Eugene Glacier, Skinner Glacier, Carver Glacier, Irving Glacier, Diller Glacier, Hayden Glacier, Thayer Glacier, Villard Glacier, Linn Glacier, Collier Glacier, Renfrew Glacier, Lathrop Glacier, Benson Glacier, Whitewater Glacier, Waldo Glacier, Russell Glacier, Jefferson Park Glacier, Milk Creek Glacier, Glisan Glacier, Ladd Glacier, Langille Glacier, Newton Clark Glacier, Arapaho Glacier, Arikaree Glacier, Fair Glacier, Isabelle Glacier, Mills Glacier, Moomaw Glacier, Navajo Glacier, Peck Glacier, Rowe Glacier, Saint Vrain Glaciers, Sprague Glacier, Taylor Glacier, The Dove, Sphinx Glacier, Tiny Glacier, Goethe Glacier, Mount Fiske Glacier, Mount Warlow Glacier, Powell Glacier, Humes Glacier, Bastile Glacier, Coleman Glacier, Deming Glacier, Hadley Glacier, Mazama Glacier, No Name Glacier, Park Glacier, Rainbow Glacier, Roosevelt Glacier, Sholes Glacier, Squak Glacier, Talum Glaciers, Thunder Glacier, Avalanche Glacier,

Jackson Glacier 7.2017.jpg
Jackson Glacier, Glacier National Park, Montana

Gotchen Glacier, Klickitat Glacier, Lava Glacier, Lyman Glacier, Mazama Glacier, Pinnacle Glacier, Wilson Glacier, McCall Glacier, Chocolate Glacier, Cool Glacier, North Guardian Glacier, Dusty Glacier, Ermine Glacier, Vista Glacier, Ptarmigan Glacier, Kennedy Glacier, Scimitar Glacier, Sitkum Glacier, Honeycomb Glacier, Milk Lake Glacier, Suiattle Glacier, White River Glacier, White Chuck Glacier, Banded Glacier, Douglas Glacier, Fremont Glacier, Boston Glacier, Thunder Glacier (Skagit County, Washington), Buckner Glacier, Davenport Glacier, Sahale Glacier, Quien Sabe Glacier, Forbidden Glacier, Inspiration Glacier, Eldorado Glacier, McAllister Glacier, Klawatti Glacier, North Klawatti Glacier, Lynch Glacier, Hinman Glacier, Stuart Glacier, Sherpa Glacier, Colchuck Glacier, Snow Creek Glacier, Overcoat Glacier, Blue Glacier, Chickamin Glacier, Dana Glacier, Spire Glacier, Dome Glacier, Garden Glacier, Borealis Glacier, Neve Glacier, Colonial Glacier, Diobsud Creek Glacier, Green Lake Glacier, Butterfly Glacier, Pilz Glacier, Richardson Glacier, Clark Glacier, Challenger Glacier, Company Glacier, Mary Green Glacier, Isella Glacier, Dark Glacier, Crystal Glacier, Sulphide Glacier, East Nooksack Glacier, Upper Curtis Glacier, Hanging Glacier (Mount Shuksan), Price Glacier (Mount Shuksan), White Salmon Glacier (Mount Shuksan), West Nooksack Glacier, Entiat Glacier, Goode Glacier, Wyeth Glacier, Grant Glacier (Washington), Ice Cliff Glacier, Jerry Glacier, Nohokomeen Glacier, Katsuk Glacier, Kimtah Glacier, Mesahchie Glacier, Whatcom Glacier, Lewis Glacier (Washington), Lyall Glacier, Lyman Glacier (North Cascades), Spider Glacier (Phelps Ridge, Washington), Spider Glacier (Spider Mountain, Washington), Middle Cascade Glacier, Hidden Creek Glacier, Daniel Glacier, Foss Glacier, Ladder Creek Glacier, Noisy Creek Glacier, Silver Glacier, Watson Glacier, Redoubt Glacier, Depot Glacier (Washington), West Depot Glacier, S Glacier, Yawning Glacier, Cache Col Glacier, Pinnacle Glacier (Lewis County, Washington), Unicorn Glacier, Sandalee Glacier, Table Mountain Glacier, Terror Glacier (Washington), So-Bahli-Alhi Glacier, Queest-alb Glacier‎, Dry Creek Glacier, Lizard Head Glacier, Hooker Glacier (Wyoming), Lander Glacier, American Legion Glacier, Marble Creek Glacier, Arrow Glacier, Balletto Glacier, Barranco Glacier, Credner Glacier, Drygalski Glacier (Tanzania), Great Penck Glacier, Little Penck Glacier, Northern Ice Field (Mount Kilimanjaro), Sulphur Glacier

Hiking trails and climbing routes

Teton Crest Trail, Berry Creek Trail, Owl Creek Trail, Webb Canyon Trail, Jenny Lake Trail, Alaska Basin Trail, Death Canyon Trail, Granite Canyon Trail, Rendezvous Mountain Trail, Middle Fork Cut Off Trail, Open Canyon Trail, List of hiking trails in Grand Teton National Park, Amphitheater Lake Trail, Hermitage Point Trail, Garnet Canyon Trail, Valley Trail, Paintbrush Canyon Trail, String Lake Trail, Leigh Lake Trail, Emma Matilda Lake Trail, Two Ocean Lake Trail, Bradley Lake Trail, Taggart Lake Trail, Owen-Spalding route, Heron Pond Swan Lake Trail, Colter Bay Lakeshore Trail, Signal Mountain Trail, Cascade Canyon Trail, Lake Solitude Trail, South Fork Cascade Canyon Trail


Washburn–Langford–Doane Expedition, Cook–Folsom–Peterson Expedition, Establishment of Grand Teton National Park, 2014 Oso mudslide


Two Medicine Lake July 2017.jpg
Two Medicine Lake with Never Laughs Mountain, Grizzly Mountain, Painted Tepee and Sinopah Mountain left to right, Glacier National Park, Montana

Saint Mary Lake, Swiftcurrent Lake, Jenny Lake, Lake Solitude, Leigh Lake, Emma Matilda Lake, Two Ocean Lake, String Lake, Phelps Lake (Wyoming), Bradley Lake, Taggart Lake, Lower Slide Lake, Isa Lake, Lena Lake, Two Medicine Lake, Pray Lake, No Name Lake, Upper Two Medicine Lake, Cobalt Lake, Lower Two Medicine Lake, Green Lake, Three Bears Lake, Lonely Lakes, Running Crane Lake, Morning Star Lake, Katoya Lake, Lake of the Seven Winds, Pitamakan Lake, Oldman Lake, Young Man Lake, Boy Lake, Medicine Grizzly Lake, Gunsight Lake, Kennedy Lake, Poia Lake, Upper Grinnell Lake, Lake Josephine (Montana), Upper Two Medicine Lake, Cracker Lake, Otokomi Lake, Goat Lake, Medicine Owl Lake, Red Eagle Lake, Twin Lakes, Windmaker Lake, Redrock Lake, Fishercap Lake, Iceberg Lake, Slide Lake, Otatso Lake, Elizabeth Lake, Natahki Lake, Ptarmigan Lake, Helen Lake, Ipasha Lake, Sue Lake, Margaret Lake, Mokowanis Lake, Atsina Lake, Miche Wabun Lake, Cosley Lake, Glenns Lake, Whitecrow Lake, Kaina Lake, Kootenai Lakes, Redhorn Lake, Bench Lake, Nahsukin Lake, Stoney Indian Lake, Snow Moon Lake, Falling Leaf Lake, Lake Nooney, Lake Wurdeman, Carcajou Lake, Wahseeja Lake, Lake Frances, Shaheeya Lake, Goat Haunt Lake, Lake Ellen Wilson, Lincoln Lake, Harrison Lake, Beaver Woman Lake, Buffalo Woman Lake, Aurice Lake, Lake Isabel, Jackstraw Lake, Striped Elk Lake, Hidden Lake, Feather Woman Lake, Akaiyan Lake, Gem Lake, Snyder Lake, Avalanche Lake, Upper Snyder Lake, Grace Lake, Logging Lake, Rogers Lake, Trout Lake, Ruger Lake, Lake Evangeline, Camas Lake, Arrow Lake, Cerulean Lake, Lower Quartz Lake, Middle Quartz Lake, Quartz Lake, Gyrfalcon Lake, Talus Lake, Dudley Lake, Cirque Lake, Trapper Lake, Bearpaw Lake, Cow Lake, Elk Ranch Reservoir, Mink Lake, Mica Lake, Holly Lake, Grizzly Bear Lake, Arrowhead Pool, Ramshead Lake, Lake of the Crags, Laurel Lake, Delta Lake, Surprise Lake, Amphitheater Lake, Icefloe Lake, Kit Lake, Snowdrift Lake, Lake Taminah, Timberline Lake, Rimrock Lake, Forget-me-not Lakes, Coyote Lake, Indian Lake, Marion Lake, Luna Lake (Washington), Dagger Lake, Green View Lake, Trapper Lake (Chelan County, Washington), Waddell Lake, Kettling Lake, Doubtful Lake, Hidden Lake (Skagit County, Washington), Klawatti Lake, Moraine Lake (Skagit County, Washington), Monogram Lake, Stout Lake, Wilcox Lakes, Thornton Lakes, Green Lake (North Cascades National Park), Ipsoot Lake, Berdeen Lake, Blum Lakes, Azure Lake (Whatcom County, Washington), Silver Lake (North Cascades National Park), Hanging Lake (Washington - British Columbia), Copper Lake (Whatcom County, Washington), Egg Lake (Whatcom County, Washington), Price Lake (Whatcom County, Washington), Sulphide Lake


Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act


Elliott Knob, Triple Divide Peak, Mount Cleveland, Mount Stimson, Heavens Peak, Going-to-the-Sun Mountain, Francs Peak, Wind River Peak, Crazy Peak, Mount Wilbur, Beartooth Mountains, Chief Mountain, Lewis Range, Livingston Range, Kintla Peak, Pik Talgar, Middle Teton, South Teton, Teewinot Mountain, Cathedral Group, Signal Mountain, Bivouac Peak, Eagles Rest Peak, Ranger Peak, Owl Peak, Rolling Thunder Mountain, Doane Peak, Traverse Peak, Raynolds Peak, Thor Peak, Mount Saint John, Mount Woodring, Rendezvous Mountain, Disappointment Peak, Rockchuck Peak, Symmetry Spire, Teepe Pillar, Nez Perce Peak, Cloudveil Dome, Buck Mountain (Wyoming), Mount Wister, Static Peak, Forellen Peak, Gallatin Range, Eagle Peak, Mount Warren, Mount Helen, Black Tooth Mountain, Mount Merritt, Rising Wolf Mountain, Doublet Peak, Turret Peak, Mount Sacagawea, Jackson Peak, Mount Woodrow Wilson, Bastion Peak, Madison Range, Hilgard Peak, Mount Febbas, Mount Fitzpatrick, Mount Wood, Kaiser Point, Ahern Peak, Allen Mountain, Almost-a-Dog Mountain, Amphitheater Mountain, Apikuni Mountain, Appistoki Peak, Bad Marriage Mountain, Bear Mountain, Bearhead Mountain, Bishops Cap, Blackfoot Mountain, Cathedral Peak, Citadel Mountain, Clements Mountain, Cracker Peak, Crowfeet Mountain, Curly Bear Mountain, Divide Mountain, Eagle Plume Mountain, East Flattop Mountain, Flinsch Peak, Fusillade Mountain, Gable Mountain, Goat Haunt Mountain, Goat Mountain, Grizzly Mountain, Gunsight Mountain, Iceberg Peak, Ipasha Peak, Kaina Mountain, Kootenai Peak, Kupunkamint Mountain, Little Chief Mountain, Little Dog Mountain, Lone Walker Mountain, Mad Wolf Mountain, Mahtotopa Mountain, Matahpi Peak, McClintock Peak, Medicine Owl Peak, Miche Wabun Peak, Mount Ellsworth, Mount Helen, Mount Henkel, Mount Henry, Mount James, Mount Kipp, Mount Logan, Mount Morgan, Mount Rockwell, Nahsukin Mountain, Natoas Peak, Norris Mountain, Piegan Mountain, Pollock Mountain, Pyramid Peak, Red Eagle Mountain, Red Mountain, Redhorn Peak, Reynolds Mountain, Salvage Mountain, Sarcee Mountain, Seward Mountain, Shaheeya Peak, Sherburne Peak, Sinopah Mountain, Split Mountain, Stoney Indian Peaks, Summit Mountain, Swiftcurrent Mountain, Wahcheechee Mountain, White Calf Mountain, Wynn Mountain, Yellow Mountain, Anaconda Peak, Battlement Mountain, Bearhat Mountain, Boulder Peak, Brave Dog Mountain, Campbell Mountain, Caper Peak, Chapman Peak, Church Butte, Cloudcroft Peaks, Eagle Ribs Mountain, Eaglehead Mountain, Edwards Mountain, Logging Mountain, Long Knife Peak, Longfellow Peak, McPartland Mountain, Medicine Grizzly Peak, Mount Brown, Mount Cannon, Mount Carter (Montana), Mount Custer, Mount Despair, Mount Doody, Mount Geduhn, Mount Oberlin, Mount Peabody, Mount Phillips, Mount Pinchot, Mount Thompson, Mount Vaught, Numa Peak, Parke Peak, Paul Bunyans Cabin, Peril Peak, Rainbow Peak, Razoredge Mountain, Reuter Peak, Sheep Mountain, Square Peak, The Guardhouse, Thunderbird Mountain, Tinkham Mountain, Vigil Peak, Vulture Peak, Walton Mountain, Wolftail Mountain, McDonald Peak, Missouri Buttes, Sheep Mountain, Elk Mountain, Doubletop Peak, Rendezvous Peak, National Park Mountain, Roaring Mountain, Survey Peak, Red Mountain (Wyoming), Moose Mountain, Rammell Mountain, Window Peak, Cleaver Peak, Littles Peak, Green Lakes Mountain, Dry Ridge Mountain, Maidenform Peak, Rock of Ages, The Jaw, Table Mountain, The Wall, Battleship Mountain, Shadow Peak, Veiled Peak, Mount Meek, Mount Jedediah Smith, Mount Bannon, Bordeaux Mountain, Mount Eagle, Prospectors Mountain, Mount Hunt (Wyoming), Spearhead Peak, Housetop Mountain, Mount Glory, Snake River Range, Albright Peak, Eagle Cap, Taylor Peak, Old Snowy Mountain, Ives Peak, Gilbert Peak (Washington), Mount Logan, Klawatti Peak, Primus Peak, Mount Hinman, Overcoat Peak, Gunsight Peak, Spire Point, Sinister Peak, Clark Mountain, Mount Challenger, Nooksack Tower, Cosho Peak, Kimtah Peak, Katsuk Peak, Mesahchie Peak, Flagstone Peak (Fremont County, Wyoming), Sunbeam Peak, Pinnacle Ridge, Downs Mountain, Mount Fury, Copper Mountain (Whatcom County, Washington), Mount Rahm, Custer Ridge, Mox Peaks, Phantom Peak, Crooked Thumb Peak, Mount Degenhardt, McMillan Spire, Snowfield Peak, Horsemans Pack, Neve Peak, Austera Peak, Clayton Mountain, Sheep Mesa (Park County, Wyoming), Fortress Mountain (Park County, Wyoming), Three Waters Mountain, Union Peak, Wyoming, Shale Mountain, Torrey Peak, Wyoming, Whiskey Mountain, ‎Rampart Peak, Desolation Peak (Wyoming), Klondike Peak, Knife Point Mountain, Mount Whitecap, Bow Mountain, American Legion Peak, Brown Cliffs North, Harrower Peak, South Downs Mountain, Mount Koven (Wyoming), Twin Peaks (Wyoming), Split Mountain (Wyoming), The Sphinx (Wyoming), Bastion Peak-Northeast Peak, Henderson Peak, Mount Lander, Mount Bonneville, Raid Peak, Mount Washakie, Bair Peak, Mount Hooker (Wyoming), Atlantic Peak, Roaring Fork Mountain (Wyoming), Mount Nystrom, Temple Peak, East Temple Peak, Big Sandy Mountain, Dog Tooth Peak, Mitchell Peak (Wyoming), War Bonnet Peak, Warrior Peaks, Pylon Peak (Wyoming), Watch Tower (mountain), Block Tower, Sharks Nose, Overhanging Tower, Wolfs Head, Payson Peak, Cathedral Peak (Wyoming), Mount Chauvenet, Bears Ears Mountain, Valentine Mountain, Valentine Peak, Boars Tusk, Sourdough Mountain (Whatcom County, Washington), Mount Woolsey, Hallelujah Peak, The Innominate, Bighorn Peak, Darton Peak, Mather Peaks, Washakie Needles, Dome Mountain (Hot Springs County, Wyoming), Thorny Flat, Mount Hubley (Alaska), Wyoming Peak, Lizard Head Peak, Mount Gabb, Mount Dubois, Mount Pinchot (California), Castle Mountain (Carbon County, Montana), Whitetail Peak, Silver Run Peak, Granite Peak-Northwest Peak, Castle Rock Spire, Tempest Mountain, Mount Peal, Castle Rock Mountain, Bowback Mountain, Beartooth Mountain, Mount Villard, Mount Hague, Glacier Peak (Park County, Montana), Spirit Mountain (Montana), Sundance Mountain, Salo Mountain, Mount Rearguard, Cairn Mountain, Pyramid Mountain (Montana), Snowbank Mountain (Montana), Mystic Mountain (Montana), Sky Pilot Mountain (Montana), Metcalf Mountain, Sylvan Peak, Mount Inabnit, Bears Tooth, Ghost Peak, Poltergeist Pinnacle, Carter Mountain, Bill Williams Peak, Mount Craig (Yukon), Tressider Peak, Dusty Star Mountain, Never Laughs Mountain, Grinnell Point, Pumpelly Pillar, Muchu Chhish, Labuche Kang III/East, Nevado El Fraile, B-7 Pillar, Heavy Runner Mountain, Singleshot Mountain, Napi Rock, Otokomi Mountain, Cataract Mountain, Kakitos Mountain, Altyn Peak, Sunlight Peak (Wyoming), Koch Peak, Echo Peak (Montana), Imp Peak, Lone Mountain (Montana), Mount Baird, Mount Macdonald (Yukon)

National Forests

Gallatin, Bridger-Teton, Custer, Beaverhead-Deerlodge, Bitterroot, Helena, Kootenai, Lewis and Clark, Lolo, Featured articleShoshone, Bighorn, Medicine Bow - Routt, Caribou-Targhee, Idaho Panhandle, Sawtooth, Samuel R. McKelvie, Black Hills

National Monuments

Upper Missouri River Breaks, Pompeys Pillar, Cascade-Siskiyou, Canyons of the Ancients, Agua Fria, Ironwood Forest, Vermilion Cliffs, Admiralty Island, Sonoran Desert, California Coastal, List of National Monuments of the United States

National Park Service

John D. Rockefeller, Jr. Memorial Parkway, Arlington House, The Robert E. Lee Memorial, Great Falls Park, Niobrara National Scenic River, Harpers Ferry National Historical Park, Big Hole National Battlefield, Fort Necessity National Battlefield, Nez Perce National Historic Trail

National Wildlife Refuges

Charles M. Russell, Boyer Chute, Benton Lake, Bowdoin, National Bison Range, National Bison Range Complex, Lost Trail, Ninepipe, Pablo, Swan River, Northwest Montana Wetland Management District, Lee Metcalf, Black Coulee, Creedman Coulee, Hewitt Lake, Lake Thibadeau, Hailstone, Halfbreed Lake, Lake Mason, Warhorse, Medicine Lake, Lamesteer, UL Bend, Red Rock Lakes, Seedskadee, Cokeville Meadows, Pathfinder, Bamforth, Hutton Lake, Mortenson Lake, John and Louise Seier, Crescent Lake, Fort Niobrara, North Platte, Valentine, Rainwater Basin Wetland Management District, Huron Wetland Management District, Lacreek, Lake Andes National Wildlife Refuge Complex, Lake Andes, Lake Andes Wetland Management District, Karl E. Mundt, Madison Wetland Management District, Sand Lake, Sand Lake Wetland Management District, Benton Lake Wetland Management District, Arrowwood National Wildlife Refuge Complex, Arrowwood, Arrowwood Wetland Management District, Chase Lake, Johnson Lake, Chase Lake Wetland Management District, Chase Lake Prairie Project, Tomahawk, Halfway Lake, Sibley Lake, Valley City Wetland Management District, Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge Complex, Audubon National Wildlife Refuge Complex, Audubon, Camp Lake, Lake Otis, Lake Nettie, Hiddenwood,Lost Lake, Lake Patricia, McLean, Pretty Rock, Stewart Lake, White Lake, Sheyenne Lake, Audubon Wetland Management District, Lake Ilo, Des Lacs, Lostwood, Lostwood Wetland Management District, Shell Lake, Crosby Wetland Management District, Lake Zahl


Ellis R. Kerley, Chief Blackbird, Yurok tribe, Ben Kuroki, Featured article William F. Raynolds, William O. Owen

Rivers and streams

Pacific Creek, Buffalo Fork, Cascade Creek, Thunder Creek (Washington)

Roads and buildings

Going to the Sun Falls.jpg
Unnamed waterfall in Glacier National Park

Wyoming Centennial Scenic Byway, Buffalo Bill Cody Scenic Byway, Chief Joseph Scenic Byway, Granite Park Chalet, Glacier Park Lodge, 2 World Trade Center, 3 World Trade Center, 4 World Trade Center, Humpback Covered Bridge, Wapiti Ranger Station, Jackson Lake Lodge, Cascade Canyon Barn, Leigh Lake Ranger Patrol Cabin, J. L. Brandeis and Sons Store Building, Sourdough Mountain Lookout, Backus-Marblemount Ranger Station House No. 1009, Backus-Marblemount Ranger Station House No. 1010, Beaver Pass Shelter, Gilbert's Cabin, International Boundary US-Canada Monuments, Perry Creek Shelter, Rock Cabin, Sulphide-Frisco Cabin, Swamp-Meadow Cabin (east), Swamp-Meadow Cabin (west), Mynard Road Bridge, Fort Edward Johnson, Marys Rock Tunnel


Yellowstone Falls, Bird Woman Falls, Tower Fall, Lewis Falls, Hidden Falls (Teton County, Wyoming), Ribbon Cascade (Teton County, Wyoming), Wilderness Falls (Teton County, Wyoming), Columbine Cascade (Teton County, Wyoming), Glacier Falls (Teton County, Wyoming), Spalding Falls (Teton County, Wyoming), Cleft Falls (Teton County, Wyoming), Bannock Falls (Teton County, Wyoming), Shoshoko Falls (Teton County, Wyoming), Roush Creek Falls, Morning Eagle Falls. Feather Plume Falls, Grinnell Falls, Piegan Falls, Ptarmigan Falls, Ipasha Falls, Monument Falls, Feather Woman Falls, Beaver Chief Falls, Twin Falls (Glacier County, Montana), Two Medicine Falls, Akaiyan Falls

Wilderness areas

Bob Marshall, Absaroka-Beartooth, Popo Agie, Bridger, Teton, Great Bear, Scapegoat, Gros Ventre, Fort Niobrara, Soldier Creek, Washakie, Fitzpatrick, North Absaroka, Jedediah Smith, Winegar Hole, Platte River, Cloud Peak, Huston Park, Encampment River, Savage Run, Gates of the Mountains, Anaconda-Pintler, Cabinet Mountains, Lee Metcalf, UL Bend, Red Rock Lakes, Medicine Lake, Rattlesnake, Mission Mountains, Welcome Creek, Chase Lake, Sawtooth, Craters of the Moon, Hells Canyon Wilderness (Oregon and Idaho), Black Elk, Badlands, Theodore Roosevelt, Lostwood, Black Fork Mountain, Upper Kiamichi River, Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex, National Wilderness Preservation System


A number of fellow Wikipedians have awarded me barnstars for which I am deeply appreciative.

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The Chrysler Building is my personal favorite and was the first building in the world taller than 1,000 feet. Image courtesy of RyanFreisling...thanks Ryan!



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