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Atanu Biswas

Atanu Biswas is a graduate from Film And Television Institute of India (Pune), specializing in Script writing and Film Direction. He comes with 19 years of film and television experience during which he was associated with Mr. Basu Chatterji.

He was the chief assistant cum associated director under filmmakers like Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Joy Augustine and Shashi Ranjan.

He has directed a travel show for Doordarshan produced by Anupam Kher, directed a daily show “Mr. Aur Mrs. Verma Ki Rasoi” for SAB TV, co-directed TV serial “Kasauti Zindagi Kii” for Star Plus produced by Balaji Telefilms and directed stories for an environmental program "Bhoomi" for Doordarshan produced by Siddharth Kak. He has also directed short films for Rajshri for their portal and worked with the programming division of In-Mumbai.

Atanu has the distinction of receiving the "RAJAT KAMAL" NATIONAL AWARD for his very first film in the category- Best First Non-Feature Film of a Director for "A Little War", 35mm, 32minutes, Hindi.

He has done his Masters from Ness Wadia College, Pune and diploma in Film Direction from Film and Television Institute of India.


Producer: FTII

Director / Screenplay Writer: Atanu Biswas

Cameraman: Nand Kumar

Audiographer: Anurag Gupta

Editor: Animitra Chakroborty


One Day, in anger, Sheila Basu leaves her home and goes to Mumbai in pursuit of her career. This leads to a temporary separation between Sheila and her husband Alok. But after a few months separation, both Sheila and Alok realize each other’s importance. They become more mature and reach an understanding, thus saving their family from breaking up.


The Award for the Best First Non-Feature Film of a Director of 1994 is given to Mr. ATANU BISWAS for the film A LITTLE WAR, for the restrained performances that its camera elicits.

MONttAGE Film & TV Academy:

MONttAGE Film & Television Academy

Atanu Biswas is the Founder and Dean of MONttAGE Film & TV Academy. He teaches Script writing, Film & TV Direction and Technical aspects of Film & TV acting. In 2016, he has published the novels ‘Antidote’ in English and ‘Nayika’ in Hindi. These novels are based on an original feature-length Screenplay written by him and currently he is working to make a feature film on the same.

Short Films

A Little LOVE STORY (2018) - A film by Atanu Biswas

“A Little LOVE STORY” is based on the Screenplay which I had written as a “Dialogue Exercise” during my 2nd year Film Direction course at FILM & TELEVISION INSTITUTE OF INDIA (FTII, Pune)

SHADOW SELF - Lonely Wolf in Crowded Bollywood (2018) - A film by Atanu Biswas

This Documentary Film is inspired by the characters of the novel Antidote (English) / Nayika (Hindi) ... based on an original Screenplay written by National Award Winning Film Director Atanu Biswas.

The Indian, International & Kindle Edition of the Novel “Antidote & NAYIKA” are available online at the following links:

Antidote Paperback

Nayika (Hindi) Paperback

Antidote (English, Paperback, Atanu Biswas)

Nayika (Hindi, Paperback, Atanu Biswas)

Links to the International Paperback Edition of “Antidote & NAYIKA” -

Antidote Kindle Edition (Foreign)

Antidote Paperback (Foreign)

Nayika Paperback (Foreign)

Links to the Kindle Edition (e-book) of “Antidote & NAYIKA” -

Antidote Kindle Edition (India)

Nayika Kindle Edition (India)