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This is where I do work, excuse the mess.

Virginia Route 7
0mi US 11.svgUS 50.svgUS 522.svg US 11/US 50/US 522End VA 7
0mi Winchester
1mi Winchester-Frederick County line
1mi I-81.svg I-81
4mi Opequon CreekFrederick County-Clarke County line
8mi Virginia 7.svg VA 7 Business east
10mi Berryville
10mi US 340.svg US 340
11mi CSX line
12mi Virginia 7.svg VA 7 Business west
16mi Shenandoah River
18mi Clarke County-Loudoun County line
19mi Snickersville Turnpike
19mi Bluemont
23mi Virginia 7.svg VA 7 Business east
23mi Round Hill
23mi Airmont Road
24mi Virginia 7.svg VA 7 Business
27mi Purcellville
27mi Circle sign 690.svg 21st Street/Hillsboro Rd
28mi Virginia 287.svg VA 287
30mi Hamilton
30mi Circle sign 704.svg Hamilton Station Rd
32mi Virginia 7.svgVirginia 9.svg VA 7 Business west/VA 9 west
34mi Virginia 7.svg VA 7 Business east
35mi W&OD Trail
36mi Leesburg
36mi US 15.svg US 15 south/Business
37mi Virginia 267.svg Dulles Greenway east
37.5mi Sycolin Rd/Plaza St
38mi Virginia 7.svgUS 15.svg VA 7 Business west/US 15 north
40mi Goose Creek
41mi Circle sign 659.svg Belmont Ridge Road
42mi Circle sign 901.svgCircle sign 2400.svg Claiborne Pkwy/Lansdowne Blvd
43mi Ashburn
43mi Ashburn Village Blvd
44mi Circle sign 607.svg Loudoun County Pkwy
45mi Broad Run
45mi Virginia 28.svg VA 28 south
45.5mi Circle sign 1582.svg Algonkian Pkwy/Atlantic Blvd
46mi Circle sign 904.svg Cascades Pkwy
47mi Sterling
47mi Circle sign 846.svg Sterling Blvd
48mi Fairfax County-Loudoun County line
49mi Circle sign 1582.svgCircle sign 7100.svg Algonkian Pkwy/Fairfax Co. Pkwy
51mi Virginia 193.svg VA 193
51mi Dranesville
57.5mi Virginia 267.svg Dulles Toll Road
58mi Tysons Corner
59mi Virginia 123.svg VA 123
60mi I-495.svg Capital Beltway
61.5mi I-66.svg I-66
62mi Falls Church-Fairfax County line
63.5mi Circle sign 705.svg West St
63mi Falls Church
63.5mi US 29.svgVirginia 237.svg US 29/VA 237
64.5mi Fairfax County-Falls Church line
64.5mi US 50.svg US 50
66.5mi Bailey's Crossroads
66.5mi Virginia 244.svg VA 244
67.5mi Alexandria-Fairfax County line
68.5mi I-395.svg I-395
69mi Braddock Rd
71mi Alexandria
71mi MetroYellow/Blue lines
71.5mi US 1.svg US 1
72mi Virginia 400.svg VA 400End VA 7

Junction table ideas

  • T-interchanges/trumpets
  • T-intersections
  • RR Xings and symbols
  • Extended water (standalone water)?
  • Divided highway (divided railroad, same idea) full interchanges
  • Make symbols 25px tall so shields fit? Or no shields?
  • Different colours for roads?
  • Maps often use red [1]. That common Map on the East Coast uses red for main roads (single line is non-divided, double-red line along the top is divided, but not necessarily limited-access), so red is fine. Blue could be used for Interstates/all limited access roads, green could be used for tolled roads, red for regular roads.
  • We'd just need transitions and juctions between all of them, including the "parallel railroad" (divided highway) ones.

Canada road notability

The Trans-Canada Highway is notable, and those routes that make up the TCH are notable.

Primary highways[edit]

All major highways and primary/trunk routes (e.g. The King's Highways in Ontario, Quebec's Autoroute system, and Nova Scotia's 100-Series Highways) are generally notable. All other highways built as a freeway/expressway/autoroute are generally notable as well, as are all primary highways in the western provinces and territories. Of course, the article should still make some claim of the highway's individual notability, such as historical significance, press coverage, etc.

Highways that have very little to say about them (i.e. those that are extremely short and have no historical significance) may be better suited to a list, such as list of minor state routes in Connecticut. By using redirects to anchors, a list like list of newly-formed bus routes in Brooklyn is essentially a number of short articles on one page. Alternately, a tabular list can have anchors inserted by using <div id="14A">14A</div> (making sure to align that cell to the top, so none of the row is off the top of the screen), and redirecting Route 14A (Connecticut) to List of minor state routes in Connecticut#14A. This can be seen in operation with Q79 (New York City bus) and list of bus routes in Queens.

Secondary/tertiary highways and county highways[edit]

Secondary highways and county highways are generally not notable enough for their own articles. These are better served by a list, specifically one in the form of a table listing the termini of each route. While for the most part, county highways should be in a list article, there may be a select few major county highways that are notable enough to have their own article. These include freeways/expressways, roads that are former primary highways, or roads with other special historical significance. When writing an article on such a highway, it is especially imperative that the article make a claim for the road's notability.

Named highways[edit]

Often an article can be written about a named highway that may be part of a longer numbered highway, like the Cross-Bronx Expressway (part of Interstate 95 in the United States), or that has no number, like Knight Street or Route de la Baie James. Here, the general sense of notability should be used: can an article be written? If the road is a freeway, there, without a doubt, will be enough information. Otherwise you should think about whether the information would fit better in the article about the place the road is in.

Virginia State Route 7 Loudoun County Route 7 enters Loudoun County as Harry F. Byrd (keeping its name from Clarke County) near Bluemont (formerly Snickersville), meets the Snickersville Turnpike and decends the Blue Ridge toward Purcelville.

Route 7 continues through rural western Loudoun before splitting into Business and Bypass Route 7. Business Route 7 serves the towns of Hamilton, Purcellville, and Round Hill. Business and Bypass 7 split on the western side of Purvellville, and Bypass 7 continues as a four-lane divided highway before its interchange with Route 9. After passing through Clarke's Gap in Catoctin Mountain, Route 7 has an interchange with State Route 9 in Paeonian Springs . The interchange is Route 9's southern terminus, as well as the eastern terminus of Business Route 7. The bypass maintains a 55 mph speed limit as a divided limited-access highway.

Route 7 oncec again splits into a business and bypass route for Leesburg, the county seat of Loudoun County.. The bypass merges with the U.S. Route 15 Bypass around the southern half of the town, while the business route passes through the town and intersects Business 15 in downtown Leesburg, at the county court house.

From there, Route 7 widens to six lanes for the remainder of Loudoun County and crosses Goose Creek, passes through Ashburn, and into Sterling. Route 7 passes by numerous subdivisions and strip malls before its interchange with State Route 28, and entering into Fairfax County.

NY 280[edit]

NY 280
< NY-279.svg
NY 279
NY-281.svg >
NY 281
NY-280.svg Length Southern terminus Northern terminus < NY-279.svg
NY 279
NY-281.svg >
NY 281
11.59 miles[1] PA-346.svg PA 346 in South Valley I-86.svgNY-17.svg I-86/NY 17 in Coldspring

New York State Route 280 is located entirely in Cattaraugus County. It runs from the Pennsylvania state line to NY 17 and Interstate 86, between Allegany State Park and Allegheny Reservoir.

The route begins at Exit 18 of Interstate 86, and heads southward outside the perimeter of Allegany State Park. The road splits off at the entrance to the park; the straight road becomes Allegany State Park Route 3 and Route 280 splits off to the West. Route 280 continues to follow the perimeter of the park until it reaches the Pennsylvania border.

Route 280 parallels West Bank Perimeter Road for its entire distance and thus is sometimes referred to as East Bank Perimeter Road.

Major intersections[edit]

County Location mi[1] km Destinations Notes
Cattaraugus South Valley 0.00 0.00 PA-346.svg PA 346
Red House Allegany State Park Route 3 Allegany State Park
Coldspring 11.59 18.65 I-86.svgNY-17.svg I-86/NY 17 Exit 18 (I-86/NY 17)
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

NY 329[edit]

NY 329
< NY-328.svg NY 328 NY 331 NY-331.svg >

New York State Route 329 is a state highway near Watkins Glen, New York. The western terminus is at Meads Hill Road in Dix. The eastern terminus is at NY 14/NY 414 in Watkins Glen.

NY 329[edit]

NY-329.svg Length Southern terminus Northern terminus < NY-328.svg
NY 328
NY-331.svg >
NY 331
11.59 miles[1] PA-346.svg PA 346 in South Valley I-86.svgNY-17.svg I-86/NY 17 in Coldspring

New York State Route 329 is a state highway near Watkins Glen, New York. The western terminus is at Meads Hill Road in Dix. The eastern terminus is at NY 14/NY 414 in Watkins Glen.