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Scots Pine cone.jpg This user collects cones.
Smallarctern.jpg This user is a birder.
Crystal Clear app date.png Today is 18 October 2017
Windup alarm clock.jpg This user loathes, but is forced to observe, daylight saving time.
Be bold.png This user is bold, but not reckless, in updating pages.
Small scream.png This user wastes far too much time editing Wikipedia.
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Various grains.jpg This user is a cereal killer.
No smoking symbol.svg This user detests tobacco smoke.
Cannabis prohibited sign This user is drug-free.
1967-Alfa-Romeo-Duetto-Red-Front-Angle-st.jpg This user cannot drive.
World citizen badge.svg This user is a Citizen of the World (Terra, ).
Flag of Europe.svg This user supports the European Union.
This user is in favour of EU integration, including – but not limited to – the euro.
Flag of Northumberland.svg This user lives in Northumberland
I award this Barnstar to MPF for your accurate and much appreciated help on Wikiproject Tree of Life identifying my photos! --Fir0002 22:50, 29 December 2005 (UTC)

Interests: trees, particularly conifers (pines etc), birds

Where I've been:

Home: Flag of Northumberland.svg in Flag of the United Kingdom.svg in Flag of Europe.svg
Several months: Flag of Denmark.svg Flag of Germany.svg
4-5 weeks: Flag of Bulgaria.svg Flag of the United States.svg
2-3 weeks: Flag of Turkey.svg
1-2 weeks: Flag of Austria.svg Flag of the Canary Islands.svg Flag of France.svg Flag of Ireland.svg Flag of Mexico.svg Flag of Morocco.svg
Less than a week: Flag of Greece.svg Flag of Sweden.svg
Less than a day: Flag of the Netherlands.svg Flag of Switzerland.svg
Would like to go to: Flag of Chile.svg Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg Flag of Japan.svg Flag of FLNKS.svg Flag of the Republic of China.svg Flag of Spain.svg
Idea and layout filched from User:Guettarda