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My useful links[edit]

example: {{geolinks-US-cityscale|YourLattitude|YourLongitude}}
  • Speedy delete code = {{deletebecause|reason}}
  • Proposed Deletion = {{subst:Prod|REASON}}
  • {{ category redirect|New Category Name}} this should be used rarely but comes in handy if you ever HAVE to redirect a category.
  • the following code is good for locking down a picture within a table Notice the | - adds a line break

{| class="wikitable" |[[Image:Richmond-Petersburg TIGER MAP.gif|thumb|left|500px|Caption]]
| [[Image:Tri-Cities TIGER.gif|left|thumb|500px|second picture caption]]
| -
| [[Image:Tri-Cities TIGER.gif|left|thumb|500px|second picture caption]]

  • This is cool code for timelines

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Thanks for your efforts to improve Wikipedia's coverage of historical topics with your edits to the Timeline of Richmond, Virginia article. M2545 (talk) 16:14, 5 June 2015 (UTC)

This Barnstar is awarded to User:MPS for continuing improvements to articles about Richmond, Virginia and notable people from the Commonwealth of Virginia. User:Vaoverland October, 2005
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I edit:[edit]

Richmond VA related materials[edit]

Other significant editors of Richmond-region articles[edit]

My RVA contribs[edit]

Richmond Latitute|Longitude = 37.538346|-77.461507

37°32′18″N 77°27′41″W / 37.538346°N 77.461507°W / 37.538346; -77.461507

Yeah I created this
Yeah I created this, too
New articles I created include:

Miscellaneous interests[edit]

I had a brief obsession with the US gov't reaction to the 2008 financial crisis...

During the Fall of 2011, after an editorial hiatus, I participated in discussions over how to keep the Occupy Wall Street article within the WP:NPOV guideline.

Orphaned Content[edit]

I am really sad that editors feel the need to delete content such as this. We need to figure out where to put rapidly emerging WP:RECENT information on the zeitgeist.


I have been around wikipedia for a while and like to share knowledge about Wikipedia:policies and guidelines. I am a believer in using WP:TLA and I have mixed feelings about WP:WTF. I think asking questions at the Village pump... for policy is a good way to air your grievances and quandries, and I think WP:ESSAYs are a useful way to reach consensus on editing dilemmas of wikipedia where there is a systematic problem with no apparent solution. Some essays I have contributed to are:

Iraq stuff[edit]

Regardless of your feelings on the Iraq war, Iraq is an important country to understand and wikipedia has a lot of good stuff on the country of Iraq. I pay attention to and edit the following articles:

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WikiProject Iraq.

Same sex marriage related materials[edit]

Ever since the United Church of Christ passed their controversial "Equal marriage rights" resolution, I have found myself sucked into editing articles related to the same sex marriage debate. Wikipedia's same sex marriage article seems to be pretty NPOV and I think other articles on this subject should live up to that standard. A lot of NPOV debates on wikipedia hinge on people not being able to acknowledge that, right or wrong, there is at least one alternate understanding of the world besides your own. I have heard people say that wikipedia doesn't allow POVs. My stance is always that of course wikipedia includes POVs as long as they are attributed to the people that hold them. I have friends on both sides of this particular issue. I lament the fact that the US culture is so divided that we can't respectfully disagree during conversations. l

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