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I am a Catholic religious priest with the Legion of Christ living in the community in the Washington metropolitan area. I edit a few Wikipedia pages in my spare time: not in any official capacity but I love the Catholic Church and the Legion.

If you want to read my reflections on seminary life, check them out at Regnum Christi Live; which are mine should be obvious from my user name. You can also see my reflections on youth ministry and Catholicism in general at my blog: #22Catholic.

Put something on my talk page if you want to find out more.

I figured out that I can get cool graphs of my edit counts here.

With this edit I will hit 96 for October 14, 2012. Only 4 were significant, the rest were pretty basic. I think that will probably stand as my personal record.

To Do List[edit]

So I don't need to remember, here is my list of the things I hope to do soon - when I get time to edit.

Create / find and copy navboxes:

  • Various religious communities
  • Canon Law
  • Secular institutes (list)
  • Societies of Apostolic Life
  • Specific Communities (Dominicans, etc.)

Navbox revision:

Create articles:

Major revisions:

Free images to find / take:


This shows things that I have been a major contributor towards:



These pages are listed in no real particular order.

The Legion and Regnum Christi[edit]


Catholic Religious Communities / Lay Spriritualities[edit]

Other Catholic Pages[edit]

Other Pages[edit]

Original Userboxes[edit]

I made the following userboxes (there is 1, User:MPSchneiderLC/Catholic, in my user space which I copied from another).

Pope Francis South Korea 2014.png
This user follows His Holiness, Pope Francis as the Bishop of Rome, Holy Father, Supreme Pontiff, and Vicar of Christ.
This user is a religious in the Legion of Christ.

Photos I took[edit]

Photos I took
Mass otyokwah.jpg 

I also uploaded several logos but fair use doesn't apply here.