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Manual of Style:


  • 3RR - Three-revert rule
  • BLP - Biographies of living persons
  • CIV - Civility
  • CON - Consensus
  • DR - Resolving disputes
  • IAR - Ignore all rules
  • IUP - Image use policy
  • NLT - No legal threats
  • NOR - No original research
  • NOT - What Wikipedia is not
  • NPA - No personal attacks
  • NPOV - Neutral point of view
  • OWN - Ownership of articles
  • PRESERVE - Preserve information
  • SOCK - Sock puppetry
  • U - Username policy
  • V - Verifiability
  • VAN - Vandalism


  • AGF - Assume good faith
  • BITE - Don't bite the newcomers
  • BOLD - Be bold
  • BUILD - Build the web
  • CAT - Categorization
  • CLN - Categories, lists, templates
  • COI - Conflict of interest
  • DAB - Disambiguation
  • EQ - Etiquette
  • GAME - Gaming the system
  • HOAX - Don't create hoaxes
  • LIST - Lists
  • N - Notability
  • NPS - No primary sources
  • PN - Patent nonsense
  • POINT - Don't disrupt for point
  • RS - Reliable sources
  • SIG - Signatures
  • SP - Subpages
  • TALK - Talk page guidelines
  • TOPIC - Stay on topic
  • UP - User page


  • VP - Village pump
  • AN - Administrators' noticeboard
  • 3RR - Admin noticeboard 3RR
  • AE - Admin enforcement
  • AIAV - Admin vandalism help
  • ANI - Admin noticeboard incidents
  • Adm - List of administrators
  • Bot - List of bots
  • Brd - list of trustees
  • Bur - list of bureaucrats
  • Chk - list of checkusers
  • Ovr - list of oversighters
  • Ste - list of stewards


  • Blk - Block log
  • Lst - IP block list
  • RB - Range blocks
  • Aut - Autoblocks


  • RFA - Requests for adminship
  • RFAR - Requests for arbitration
  • RCU - Requests for checkuser
  • RFC - Requests for comment
  • RFM - Requests for mediation
  • RFPP - Requests for page protect


  • Afd - Articles for deletion
  • Cfd - Categories for deletion
  • Ifd - Images for deletion
  • Rrd - Redirects for discussion
  • SD - Speedy deletions
  • Tfd - Templates for deletion


  • Anon - Anon edits
  • Fallacies - List of fallacies
  • H-wtch - Hawaii watch
  • Jud - Judaism deletion sorting
  • NAC - Non-admin closure
  • TM - Template messages
  • UW - User template messages
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According to E. D. Hirsch, Jr., knowledge promotes social justice. I find that a hopeful thought. I wonder whether if all human beings amassed all possible knowledge, we would act more civilly toward one another. Observing the interaction between people at Wikipedia probably fascinates me as much if not more than article contents. The struggle to collaborate together is just so ... hmmm, exhilaratingly splendid, yes?

The etymology of "encyclopedia" indicates that this compendium of knowledge we are creating is to be well-rounded. With the global nature of our Wikipedia project, we have the perfect opportunity to exceed mere "well-roundedness" and strive for "multidimensionality". Our guiding principle of neutral point of view compels us to responsibly present the many faces of our topics in a tone that is without bias. Is the world flat, black and white? Or is it a multidimensional manifold, topographically diverse, and filled with innumerable shades of colors and hues? As the Broadway show, Wicked, so aptly portrays, there are many ways of looking at things, and there is more to Oz than what initially meets the eye.

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Random and eclectic beautiful things that particularly appeal to my mystical inclination:

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the infinite iteration and ever-imminent edge of a fractal • the haunting, peculiar hills along the Li River in GuilinAmerican Beauty's movie portrayal of isolation and beautifully flawed human beings • the first grass of spring in a graveyard • the mysterious flight of fuzzy bees on lustrous pellucid wings • the intense deep blueness of Crater Laketrue pure desire's unyielding pursuitBaraka's stunning visual and rhythmic expression of universal human interconnectedness • the radiant light going out from my grandfather's eyes as he transitioned to the next world • the climactic interplay between the sky, the sea, and the sun at the close of the day • the eerie sound of eucalyptus trees creaking in the wind • the magnificent and glorious human body • the dancing shadow of a candle flame • the way space rolls through time • the exquisite pleasure of intimate love• the magical misty Horseshoe Falls • the delectable aroma of bread baking • the webbed feet of a Catahoula leopard dog • the lullaby of rain pattering the roof • the absolute darkness of a cave • the warm breath of a whisper blowing across skin • the sense of the unfathomable Divine Presence • the apprehension of hidden secrets • the soft descent of fragile crystal flakes of snowfantasticly absurd dreams of the night • a blazing orange fire on a frozen riversweet reminiscences with a dear longtime friend • the luminous afterimage of a beautiful soul here now then suddenly gone • the elusiveness of knowing one's Self ...

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