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Problems with Wikipedia[edit]

  1. Maths presentation is poor. TeX fonts are too big for in-line work. Matrices in particular display very badly. Many of the attached pages are geared towards finding the best way to present maths.
  2. In general Editors should be encouraged to make one large edit instead of a lot of small ones. Perhaps each Editor should be limited to one edit every two days?
  3. Anonymous edits (particularly reversions) should be banned altogether.

Main Wikipedia edits[edit]

  1. Fermat Point - this article was rewritten (date) to clear up any confusion between the Fermat Point and the First Isogonic Center.
  2. Triangle Center - this article was difficult to understand (see Michael Hardy's remarks in the discussion) and it was unclear whether or not the Fermat Point was a center. Having confirmed with Clark Kimberling that it was (because Boolean functions are permitted) the article was simplified and rewritten.
  3. Napoleon's Theorem - the first time I came across this result it intrigued me. My first proof was just awful, my second was far shorter and simpler than any others I could find. It now appears here, also on the cut-the-knot website, and in the Bulletin of the Irish Maths Society. There was one moronic attempt to remove it, describing it as "pure sophistry", hence my suggestion to ban all anonymous editing.
  4. Morley's Trisector Theorem - as this article was lacking a proof I decided to supply one that in my view is shorter and simpler than any of those on the cut-the-knot website. Whilst fairly similar to Bankoff's proof it avoids a nasty little gap where Bankoff effectively claims that if α+β=θ+ψ and sin(α)/sin(β)=sin(θ)/sin(ψ) then α=θ and β=ψ. Although it isn't hard to see why this is the case it's just a little messy. My proof derives from the pure geometry version in the IMS Bulletin.
  5. Perron-Frobenius Theorem
  6. Spectral Projections (in Holomorphic Functional Calculus)


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