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SkyWave Mobile Communications[edit]

SkyWave Mobile Communications
Industry Sattelite Communications
Founded Canada Ottawa,Ontario, Canada (1997 (1997))
Headquarters Ottawa, Canada
Area served
Number of employees
84 (2009)


SkyWave Mobile Communications (“SkyWave”) is a satellite telematics company that designs and manufactures Inmarsat D+ and IsatM2M satellite transceivers, dual-mode satellite/GPRS terminals, satellite network services and Web-based data delivery services for global tracking, monitoring, and control of mobile and stationary assets. SkyWave’s products communicate over land and at sea via Inmarsat's global satellite service. [1] [2]


SkyWave Mobile Communications was founded in Ottawa, Canada in 1997. In its initial stages, SkyWave relied on the research and technical expertise provided by the Communications Research Centre Canada (CRC) and local government funding services to develop the first product. [3]

By 2007, SkyWave achieved 40% growth and was named one of the Deloitte Wireless Fast 50 companies along with other Ottawa companies such as BTI Systems Inc, BridgewaterSystems, and EION Inc.[4]

Some examples of SkyWave products in use include government vehicles in Canada[5] , tuna buoys in the Pacific, truck tracking in the jungles of Brazil, the oil & gas industry in North America, and drinking water control in the UK.[6] In addition, SkyWave’s satellite terminals have been used to track races such as the Dubai-Muscat Offshore Sailing Race in 2008[7] and the China Sea Race from Hong Kong to Subic Bay in 2006.[8]

Today, SkyWave is located in Ottawa’s technology district, west of the town of Kanata, Ontario and employs 82 people. Since it’s foundation, the company has sold 150,000 units around the world, with particularly strong business in South America and Asia. [1]


SkyWave has received a 15 year FCC license in 2004 to expand business in the United States.[9] Some other certifications include Inmarsat Type Approval DCC009 (Satellite), PTCRB (GPRS), RoHS (Europe), Anatel (Brazil), CE0470 (R&TTE)(Terminal).[10]


SkyWave partners with a network of global Solution Providers who integrate the D+ and IsatM2M products and services into industry-specific applications for their end-user customers. The following are four primary areas of application for this technology:

Land mobile Applications:[1]

  • Vehicle and container monitoring
  • Security and anti-theft monitoring
  • Voyage tracking and fleet management

Marine Applications:[1]

Fixed Asset and SCADA Applications:[10]

  • Oil & Gas pipeline and critical parameters monitoring and control
  • Fluids monitoring
  • Electric power valves monitoring and control
  • Environmental monitoring

Defence and Security Applications: [10]

  • Personnel tracking
  • Perimeter control
  • Homeland and border security
  • Blue Force Tracking, protection, monitoring, and security


The following are the satellite terminals manufactured by SkyWave Mobile Communications:[10]

SureLinx 8100- A dual-mode satellite/GPRS transceiver that switches between cellular (GPRS) frequencies and IsatM2M satellite service when cellular service is not available.

SureLinx 8100c - A SureLinx 8100 transceiver with an on-board computer designed specifically for vehicle telemetry applications .

DMR-800D - A satellite-only transceiver with two-way communication capabilities and low-power mode that allows use in remote unmanned locations.

DMR-800L - This transceiver is designed with a low look angle to be used in harsh conditions and marine environments.

DMR-800 OEM- A DMR-800 transceiver that comes unpackaged, allowing for customization and addition of sensors according to application needs.

DMR-800D C1D2 - A Class 1 Division 2 certified satellite transceiver that allows monitoring of assets, processes and environments in hazardous locations. The product includes a RS-485 serial interface for connection to SCADA devices, Modbus protocol interfaces for implementing reporting and telemetry capabilities of remote equipment and discrete input/output feeds for monitoring and control of local devices not using Modbus.

DMR-800LRIT - The DMR-800LRIT is designed specifically for the strict LRIT standards set by the International Maritime Organization (IMO).


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